MGCH Chapter 1263

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Reality (10)

《The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave》 Epilogue:

Gorgeous roses bloomed within crystal jars.

Under the bright crystalline lights, a lively Blood Kin banquet was being held.

A human girl and a Blood Kin boy were… on a blind date.

Arthur was expressionlessly drinking a pack of blood substitute..

Opposite was a serious-faced Lewis.

“This is the most recent success from our human researchers. There are many flavors of blood packs, and they taste better than human blood. For example, this strawberry flavor is liked by female Blood Kin, but this kind of blood flavor cannot be found in humans. .”

Since Lewis and Arthur signed a treaty of peaceful coexistence between humans and Blood Kin, he knows very well that if they were to make Blood Kin follow the treaty, then he could only have humans develop food that could replace them.

Otherwise, sooner or later, the Blood Kin would continue to use humans as food.

At that time, the contract would be broken, and it would still be the humans on the losing end.

Therefore, while Arthur was still here to deter the other Blood Kin, he must make all the Blood Kin like the taste of their blood substitute packs.

Only by making the blood packs delicious enough to surpass human blood could they get all Blood Kin to get used to the smell of blood packs and start to dislike the taste of human blood.

Only then could human beings be safe.

Arthur swirled his glass of red liquid. He sniffed it and took a sip.

Suddenly, he paused.

Ross looked at him calmly, “This is the blood pact with the best taste. Only a small amount is available, and it can’t be mass-produced. This blood flavor profile comes from the blood of a certain human girl.”

However, the blood pack could only imitate 30-40% of the taste of human blood.

It was impossible to imitate the taste completely.

Some of Bai Weiwei’s blood was left with him, and he used it for research.

It was only then that he discovered that Bai Weiwei’s blood was as terrible as a drug to vampires.

It was too delicious and could also cause symptoms of addiction.

Arthur should have been the most addicted, but he didn’t even touch Bai Weiwei’s imitation blood in the later stage.

Instead, he had been drinking the first generation of unpalatable alternative foods.

Sure enough, he deeply loved her.

Arthur drank the liquid from the glass in one gulp before tossing the empty glass away.

“It’s unpalatable.”

Lewis looked at him indifferently.

“This is already the best it can be. You can’t be picky.”

Bai Weiwei was the only one whose blood could be drunk, and then she died.

No one could replace her.

Arthur frowned. “The human girl you mentioned, bring her to me.”

Lewis: “She died. Her body was turned to ashes. You can’t see her.”

Arthur heard this, and suddenly felt a sharp pain from within his hollow body.

He frowned in confusion and asked suddenly, “Why did I sign the treaty with you?”

He could remember every step of the signing process.

But he couldn’t remember why he signed such an unequal contract between humans and Blood Kin.

Such a hassle, it wasn’t a good thing.

Did he do it because his brain was rattled?

Tearing up the treaty would be a simple matter for him.

But he didn’t know why, when he thought about tearing up the contract, something seemed to stop him.

As though if he tore up the contract, someone would be unhappy.


Lewis stood up expressionlessly and cleaned up the documents on the table.

Then he said, “No one can help you remember what you’ve forgotten. I’m leaving.”

After speaking, Lewis turned around and left.

When he knew that Bai Weiwei died during the Blood Kin civil war, he was immediately overwhelmed by hatred.

He hated that he had no ability to protect her.

He hated that Arthur was so strong, yet he still let her die.


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