MGCH Chapter 1264

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Reality (11)

But seeing Arthur’s dazed face, he realized once again–

Arthur suffered a huge blow due to Bai Weiwei’s death.

Then he chose to forget her, which was even more pitiful.

Lewis himself could at least recall the days when he and Bai Weiwei were together.

But Arthur, he lived like an empty husk.

After Lewis left, Arthur gazed at the wine glass, and a strong sense of weariness struck him again.

He can’t remember. Clearly he has done laughable things these days, and he can remember it all.

But strangely, he was too energetic during this period of time.

And when he received the position of leader, halfway through the baptism, he seemed to need to run away for some reason.

The ancient formation of baptism was completely destroyed.

The traces of destruction were his doing.

But for what?

And he discovered that he was married.

The crown of roses remained etched on his chest.

He had gotten married, but he couldn’t remember exactly when he had gotten married.

No, he remembered going to the cemetery.

And he remembered weaving the flower crown. The rose thorns had been sharp, rendering the Blood Kin’s thick skin completely useless.

So his fingers had been pricked bloody by those thorns.

Even more strangely, he was unable to recall for whom he had woven this flower crown.

And, he should have bestowed the First Embrace on a human.

Because Blood Kin who had bestowed a First Embrace were different from Blood Kin who had not.

His physical condition indicated that he had given a human their First Embrace.

That human’s mark was in his blood.

So he could control everything about that human being.

However, he couldn’t remember any of it.

Arthur surveyed the room full of humans and vampires.

In a trance, he seemed to see a slender and thin figure in the crowd.

With long brown curly hair waving behind her, she walked lightly past him.

Arthur was startled and stood up immediately, but there was no such figure in front of him.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. Did he sleep too little?

Why was he hallucinating?

Arthur got up and headed into the corridor.

The flowers outside the corridor were brightly colored.

Strange, his castle was now full of pink roses.

Climbing roses.

These dreamy colors were not what he liked.

But he remembered the scene where people were getting rid of trees and planting these pink roses. 

But why?

How could he suddenly have the idea of planting these flowers?

Suddenly, he saw a young girl sitting in the hallway, glowing under the moonlight.

She had her back to him, looking up as though gazing at the moon.

Another hallucination.

But Arthur felt a huge emptiness in his body, howling–

Stop her, stop her.

He suddenly stretched out his hand, but his pale, boneless fingers grasped at nothing.

There was only moonlight and air.

Arthur stared at his fingers in a trance.

Strange, what was he trying to hold on to?

Arthur returned to his room.

Centered in the empty room lay a wide coffin.

It looked like a coffin for two people.

Arthur lay in the coffin. Just as before, he was unable to sleep.

He touched the space beside him.

There was nothing. Clearly, he’d slept alone for hundreds of years.

Why did he suddenly feel that he should be hugging someone to sleep?

He was sleepless both night and day.

Arthur gave up sleeping and walked out.

The castle was newly built. The magic circle that was activated before had completely destroyed the previous castle.

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