MGCH Chapter 1265

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Reality (12)

Except for those tenacious roses1, everything else was rebuilt.

The activated magic circle was terrible. He even remembered the ugly faces of those long-lived elders who sacrificed themselves to kill him.

But he forgot how he had escaped from the circle.

It seems that he stimulated the power of his bloodline, pulled out a huge blood blade, and stopped the magic circle’s effect, but…

How did he escape from the magic circle later, why the magic circle was inexplicably silent and did not explode–

He had forgotten all these things.

Elizabeth came over and saw Arthur wandering around the castle like a ghost.

She immediately stepped forward and saluted, “Your Highness, are you unable to sleep?”

Arthur paused and didn’t answer.

Elizabeth advised, “Have you tried sleeping in a bed? It may help you..”

A Blood Kin suggesting to another Blood Kin to sleep in a bed?

Arthur was also stunned, because he actually listened to this suggestion and lay on a bed.

On the white bed, he lay there rigidly when suddenly, a few strands of long brown hair were wrapped around his fingertips.

The hair was beautiful and felt warm.

Arthur stared blankly at his fingertips, then followed down along the long hair.

He saw a young girl curled up in his arms.

All he saw was her hair curls and her white, rounded shoulders exposed outside her pajamas.

Her breath rubbing against his chest brought with it a warm sensation.

Arthur was stunned, but he didn’t dare to move. He clearly hated having someone else beside him when he was sleeping.

But he profoundly felt that it was right for her to be lying in his arms.

He moved his lips, as though calling out a name.

A familiar name. Very familiar, to the point he felt extremely uncomfortable.

But he couldn’t call it out.

The long hair on his fingers suddenly disappeared. He paused and suddenly opened his eyes.

Only then did he realize that he had actually fallen asleep on the bed. That apparition just now had only been a dream.

Arthur sat up and suddenly covered his face with one hand, his face twisting.

What on earth had he forgotten?

Arthur pulled on a coat with a blank expression, draping it directly over his shoulders, and walked out the door.

Moore was still sleeping in the coffin.

Then he was dragged out of the coffin in broad daylight.

He slumped on the ground, eyes heavy with sleep: “I say, young Arthur, why aren’t you resolving the disputes between the human race and the Blood Kin with your energy? It’s not even dark out.” 

Blood Kin and humans were still constantly in conflict.

If it weren’t for Arthur’s pressure as a deterrent, no one could be sure what the mess would have looked like.

After all, Blood Kin didn’t need to recognize the status of human beings.

It would take many years for this view to change.

The human side knew that their status couldn’t be changed overnight, so they still focused on evasion and did not dare to provoke war easily.

Arthur’s stern brows and eyes were covered with frost.

“What have I forgotten?”

Moore was immediately invigorated, “What’s the matter, don’t you know your own memories? How can you forget anything?”

To tell the truth, when he rushed to Arthur’s ruined castle that day, everyone was frightened silly.

The ten elders died as shriveled corpses, and Arthur was lying next to the ruins all by himself.

And Bai Weiwei… died without even a body to bury.

There was only a handful of ashes left, and it was blown away by the wind before he had the chance to retrieve them.

And Arthur slept for ten days.

He was afraid that Arthur would not wake up.

When he woke up, he was conscious, but he had forgotten about Bai Weiwei.

Considering how Arthur had fallen in love with someone for the first time ever and had gotten married, but their fate ended in this manner, Moore surmised that the amnesia was caused by the huge psychological blow and an unwillingness to face reality.

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1: Roses (玫瑰) and multiflora roses (蔷薇).


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