MGCH Chapter 1266

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Reality (13)

Moore had his own selfish motives. He hoped for Arthur to be a qualified leader.

And Bai Weiwei was clearly his stumbling block.

It’s better to forget her, was what Moore thought.

Arthur gave him a look of suspicion. “Really? I really didn’t forget anything?”

Moore yawned, “Really, don’t you remember everything? How could you forget a woman.”


Moore’s mind suddenly became clear, and he looked up.

Sure enough, he saw Arthur looking down at him indifferently.

“A woman?”

Although he said that he had forgotten something, he never revealed that what he had forgotten was a woman.

Moore gave a nervous chuckle, “I suddenly remembered I still have work to do. There have been many conflicts between humans and Blood Kin recently.”

After speaking, he quickly got up and tried to run.

But instead, a hand heavily clasped his shoulders.

“What woman?” Arthur’s tone seemed a little urgent.

Moore grimaced. “Arthur, consider our friendship and let what you’ve forgotten remain forgotten. It’s for your own good.”

Arthur lowered his eyes, which glowed like bright specks of blood.

“What have I forgotten?”

Moore said helplessly: “It’s useless to ask me. I know your character. If you don’t confirm it yourself, you won’t believe me.”

When Arthur lost his memory, he was so vigilant that it scared people to death.

So he knew that he had lost his memory and forgotten Bai Weiwei, but he didn’t say anything.

He simply kept his doubts to himself and searched for the answer on his own.

He was afraid that someone would deceive him.

After all, people with amnesia are the easiest to deceive.

Blood Kin were no exception.

Arthur suddenly asked: “Can the Rose Array in the Holy Tomb still be activated?”

Moore was stunned. He couldn’t help but dissuade him, “That array hasn’t been activated in a thousand years, and if activated, your bloodline will be damaged. Yours has already been damaged once. If it’s damaged again this time, then you risk losing your life.”

The life source of Blood Kin was the power of their bloodline.

Generally speaking, as long as there is nothing wrong with the bloodline, immortality isn’t just wishful thinking.

But once the bloodline is severely damaged, the Blood Kin will fall into a deep sleep.

If they do not wake from their slumber, their condition will worsen, and they will fall into an eternal slumber.

Arthur was undoubtedly betting with his bloodline.

He bet, again and again, for a woman.

Arthur asked insistently, “Can it be activated?”

Moore was silent, before replying, “If I said no, would you believe it?”

There was no response from behind him. Moore turned back and saw that Arthur was nowhere to be seen.

Moore sighed helplessly, “Really, if you’ve forgotten, then you’ve forgotten, so why be in such a rush to remember? Isn’t it better to forget sometimes?”

The Rose Array was a spell used to find traces of one’s married partner.

Arthur arrived at the tomb of the progenitor, whose tombstone was inlaid with a beautiful rose pattern…

He knelt down on one knee, his back solitary and straight.

The array was very small, not as big as the slaughtering array.

Arthur placed his five fingers on the pattern and whispered a difficult and profound incantation.

The tombstone emitted a faint light, and the red rose next to the tombstone slowly turned white and wrinkled. The flower faded and withered, like a bright object vanishing from existence.

Arthur’s expression became even more unsightly.

The bloodline in his body trembled in pain..

But the doubts that had plagued him for a long time prevented him from giving up on activating this array.

Gradually, the light of the array began to grow larger, and finally it turned into an oval array, emitting a cool white light under Arthur’s feet.

But he was the only one in the center of the circle.


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