MGCH Chapter 1267

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Reality (14)

The rose mark on his chest was clearly burning.

But there was no other person in the circle.

He was married, so the array’s tracking magic should have been effective.

Whether it was in the past or now, the array would truthfully reveal the location of his partner.

Unless the array had failed.

But the pain in his bloodline told him that it didn’t fail.

Unless… when the partner he had forgotten had disappeared, there was a power greater than the array, erasing her traces.

That power was so great that even the Holy Tomb’s array could not compare.

He will never find her.

Arthur knelt on one knee for a long time as the light of the array gradually weakened.

Until finally, it petered out and disappeared.

He still couldn’t see the person he wanted to see.

With his back straight, he knelt blankly on one knee, looking extremely desolate.

Arthur looked at the white roses growing beside the tombstone.

He reached out to touch, and the flower crumbled to powder.

Suddenly, an image flowed into his mind.

Her kiss fell on his lips, with a bloody tang and soft sweetness, and then she turned around and walked into the center of the array without any hesitation.

Her body, like this rose flower, gradually disappeared and turned into ashes under the power of the array.

And he desperately reached out to stop it, but in the end he was sucked into a massive, dark vortex.

This desperation ripped apart his entire being.

He suddenly whispered, “Weiwei?”

Who was Weiwei?

Arthur paused, and he reached out to touch his lips, a little bewildered.

It wasn’t like a memory stored in the brain, but rather a name branded into his body.

Easily coming from his lips, just like this.

Arthur murmured again, “Weiwei?”

The name made him tremble.

All kinds of emotions suddenly flooded into his heart, causing him to even consider escaping.

Arthur stood up abruptly and turned away from the Holy Tomb, as though fleeing.

He felt that he had become too strange, to fear such a simple name.

Arthur suddenly changed greatly. He liked beds, he liked waking up during the day and falling asleep at night.

He loved making the room pink.

He also loved those roses.

He was simply crazy.

And the strangest thing was that he often suffered from hallucinations.

These hallucinations made him even more certain that Weiwei really existed.

But he couldn’t see her face. Only her back, her long hair, or the occasional glimpse of her profile.

He chased after her every time.

He exhausted himself chasing, but ended up catching nothing.

Arthur’s body became more and more worn out, and that terrible heavy feeling dragged him down into the deepest darkness.

He knew his state wasn’t right.

This is a state of falling into a slumber.

Moore felt that something was wrong with him, and he came to see Arthur.

Seeing Arthur’s exhausted face, he finally couldn’t help but say, “Why are you still like this even after forgetting?”

In fact, Blood Kin rarely found marriage partners.

Because Blood Kin were a passionate and fickle race.

However, once they determined their partner and got married, they would remain a couple for life.

If one party died first, the other party may die soon after.

Even if they don’t die, they will fall into slumber.

This was the affliction that came from losing one’s partner.

He thought that Arthur had forgotten, so there would be no affliction.

But it seemed to be even worse after he forgot. His mind couldn’t remember, but his body reacted truthfully.

There was a thick black shadow under Arthur’s eyes, and his blood-red eyes stared gloomily at Moore, “I saw her.”

Moore: “Who? Bai Weiwei?”


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