MGCH Chapter 1268

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Reality (15)

Arthur raised his eyes and looked at him coldly.

Moore smiled awkwardly, “I thought it might be better for you to forget, so I didn’t dare to remind you.”

Arthur was indifferent, his voice was calm and depressed, “She is everywhere. When I sit, she will be walking in front of me, and when I sleep, she will snuggle up in my arms. When I go out, she will sit in a chair and tell me to come back early. When I can’t sleep and wander around the castle, she will suddenly appear, pull my cuff, and softly call me Arthur…”

Isn’t this a ghost?

Of course, Moore dared not say that.

Arthur only needed to talk. He gestured with his fingers, “She’s only this tall, delicate and weak, I can still smell the sweet smell on her body that drives me crazy, and the temperature of her skin, the softness of her lips, and the feeling that her fingers are weak on my shoulders, I know it all.”

Moore coughed twice, teasingly saying, “It sounds pretty good.”

Arthur immediately threw him an eye knife.

Moore didn’t dare to speak.

Only then did Arthur whisper to himself, “But she wouldn’t let me see her face. I’ve never seen her face.”

Seeing him like this, Moore finally couldn’t help reminding him, “She is very cute, her hair is brown and very long, her eyes are very round, like a cat, and she is very energetic. She makes you half-dead from anger every time, but she also makes you more powerful.”

Arthur was stunned. For a moment, his brain went blank.

He couldn’t remember anything.

But his brain told him the truth. Yes, what Moore said was right.

She was very cute.

The cutest creature he had encountered in the past century.

Moore: “Arthur, what’s lost is lost, don’t force yourself anymore.”

As it was, he was not far from falling into eternal slumber.

Because of his state, he was terribly tired.

Arthur waved his hand, “Leave, I’ll think about it myself.”

Moore felt that he tried his best, and sometimes it was useless to persuade a Blood Kin who had lost his partner.

Arthur could still see her.

During the meeting, he saw her sitting outside waiting for him.

The halo of yellow light around her made everything about her look beautiful.

Arthur was suddenly reluctant to sleep, for fear that he would fall into an eternal sleep and would not see her.

He wore a black suit, leaning against the door, watching her sitting in the chair by the door.

She had her back turned to him, her long curly brown hair tied up high and her ponytail hanging down her back.

Arthur whispered suddenly, “Weiwei.”

She didn’t answer.

He couldn’t help reaching out to touch her.

But his hand only touched the air.

She was gone.

Arthur’s gentle expression fell, and there was only a deathly stillness.

The rest of the noble Blood Kin who finished the meeting carefully called from behind him, “My Lord?”

Arthur found that he was blocking the door, standing at the exit for a long time.

A bunch of Blood Kin in the conference room were blocked by him.

Arthur didn’t speak, but with a cold face, he walked away neatly.

When drinking the replacement blood pack, the taste was still unbearable.

But the taste of human blood was even more unbearable.

He complained, a little uncomfortable, “It’s too unpalatable.”

A sweet and charming voice spoke by his ear, “Arthur, my blood tastes good, how about I give you some blood?”

Arthur couldn’t help showing a soft smile, “You’re not in good health, why would I be willing to bite you.”

After speaking, he paused before looking carefully to the side.

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