MGCH Chapter 1269

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Chapter 1269: Reality (16)

As he expected, he saw her sitting sideways among the rose bushes not far from him.

Walls of roses stood between them.

Her profile, through the pink petals, was touched by rays of sunshine, looking very ethereal.

Arthur froze. He called out cautiously, “Weiwei?”

She smiled, “Mn.”

Arthur suddenly reached out, tearing away the flowers with lightning speed, trying to catch her.

But his fingers caught nothing. His palms overflowed with petals, but she had vanished.

Arthur was suddenly overwhelmed by exhaustion, and he lay down among the roses.

He stared blankly at the sky.

Then he curled up into a ball and shivered.

Why couldn’t he catch her?

Before going to sleep, he decided to lay quietly on the bed, and in his daze, he saw her lying in his chest again.

He hugged her. He didn’t dare to open his eyes, so he held her without moving and didn’t sleep.

The night passed, and when he woke up, she was also gone.

Lost again. His body had seemed to be hollowed out by something, like a shriveled scarecrow that could be scattered by the wind at any time.

He’d clearly forgotten.

She clearly wasn’t there.

But there were shadows of her presence everywhere in his life.

He was living in a hallucination, and he still thought it was very warm and beautiful.

He was really crazy.

Arthur felt suffocated and held another peace meeting between Blood Kin and humans.

Almost all those Blood Kin who rebelled against him were dead.

The meeting went smoothly.

In the end, the conference room suddenly shook violently.

Arthur’s gaze grew sharp, and he slowly rose from his seat.

The window glass shattered, and human weapons and huge artillery fired inside.

Arthur raised his hand, and thousands of blood blades spread out into a circle.

All attacks were neutralized.

“You leave first.”

Arthur ordered coldly behind him to the humans in the conference room.

Lewis suddenly drew his sword, frowning. “Be careful, there are psychedelic drugs targeted at Blood Kin in the air. They have no effect on humans but affect Blood Kin. It should have been stolen from our laboratory by traitors on the human side.”

Arthur snorted coldly, “You guys should learn to control your subordinates, don’t leave a big mess for me.”

Lewis couldn’t refute it.

Arthur was reacting quite mildly.

After all, even the ten elders had been killed by him.

Whichever Blood Kin dared to resist him was scared to the point their legs went soft when they saw Arthur.

On the human side, there are still some people who can’t think straight and want to continue to fight against Blood Kin.

They betrayed them and attacked Blood Kin.

Lewis: “Human strength is weak, but our cunning and schemes are not inferior to you all. This drug is very powerful. You should be careful.”

Arthur was too lazy to talk nonsense with this group of humans.

He suddenly looked out the window and saw the traitor humans outside, holding human weapons and forming a large row.

The castle where the meeting was being held was being bombed.

Arthur knew that human beings were weak, and all kinds of their technology were well developed.

If there was a very powerful technological innovation, the Blood Kin would also pay attention and collect it.

But aside from that, they were completely useless weapons.

A circular attack array appeared in Arthur’s palm, directly striking the soldiers.

The human casualties were heavy.

He floated in the air, staring coldly at the humans below.

Like a god looking down at ants.

Idiots, wasn’t it good to accept his negotiation obediently and maintain the pitifully fragile peace between Blood Kin and humans?

Why break the contract?

She will be angry.


Her voice suddenly whispered in Arthur’s ear.

“Wait until the day humans and Blood Kin can coexist, and I can give my everything to love you…”

Arthur turned around sharply, but saw nothing.

Then he heard his own voice.

“If I let humans live in peace with Blood Kin… will you love me?”

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