MGCH Chapter 355

Translator: TheWhiteBook Proofreader/editor: Dodo  The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (8) Bai Weiwei’s face held no expression, eyes terribly indifferent. “Not going to your grandpa’s birthday party? It’s almost time.” Su Shian countenance slightly changed. His mind was a bit muddled. It really was her? “Why are you dressed like this?” Bai Weiwei lifted … Continue reading MGCH Chapter 355

MGCH Chapter 352

Translator: TheWhiteBook Proofreader/editor: Dodo  The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (5) (NSFW content, read away from prying eyes!) Seeing him about to wake up, she hurriedly screamed dully, “Yamete1!“ Su Shian: “……” System: “……” This kind of bed talk, really had no emotion. Su Shian suddenly mocked, “This conservative-looking woman secretly watches Japanese films2. … Continue reading MGCH Chapter 352

MGCH Chapter 348

Translator: TheWhiteBook Proofreader/editor: Dodo The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife1 (1)  Headache, heart ached, soul ached. She gazed at the ceiling, emotionless. The system waved a small flag to cheer her up, “Host, hold strong, you still have many chances.” Bai Weiwei’s face was mournful, “No, I’m still going to die. What’s the use … Continue reading MGCH Chapter 348