Low IQ Supporting Female, Waiting for Death Online (Dropped)

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Every novel has a low IQ supporting female that serves as a foil to the female lead’s good and beautiful sides. She’s the stepping stone on the path of love between the male and female leads, destined to live her life doing stupid things until her tragic end.

One day, all of the villainous supporting females came to their senses. They began to rebel! And quit! For the sake of world order, the System found a human to take their place.

World 1: The female lead risks her life to shield the male lead while the supporting female quakes in a corner (and watches the show)

Male Lead: ?? So you never loved me.

Supporting Female: He finally found out, looks like my job was a success. The end of the year bonus is mine!

Male Lead: ?!

A fun and breezy quick-transmigration story~


ARC 1: The Craven Woman Afraid of Death:

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ARC 2: The Villainous Woman Crazy in Love: