Support System: Leading Two Souls Together

Author: Vannie


When a 22 years old unemployed, single, fresh from college, and fujoshi reacts when she suddenly died and called “Mama” by a childish voice, who calls himself as her system. What will she do?

A Certain Fujoshi: Who are you?

Little System: I am a Support System. A Support System is different from other systems, who have the main missions of changing the world’s faith, stopping a world’s destruction, reversing a cannon fodder’s life or changing the blackened heart of the protagonist or the villain. Support System doesn’t have these missions. They are meant to support the Main Systems. Their Hosts do not need to show themselves in the plot. They usually stay in the shadows. Their goal is to help the Main System in their task without being discovered by the other. Supporting the Ex-Female-Protagonist System on taking back the Female Lead’s Halo and faith. Supporting the Villian System on destroying the Male Lead’s Halo to save the world. Supporting the Cannon-Fodder System to reverse the Cannon Fodder’s faith. Name it, and the Support System would support you, as long as you are a Legal System.

A Certain Fujoshi: *Claps* Nice sales speech!


Chapter 1: Nill World part 1
Chapter 2: Nill World part 2
Chapter 3: Ancient China part 1
Chapter 4: Ancient China part 2
Chapter 5: Ancient China part 3
Chapter 6: Ancient China part 4
Chapter 7: Ancient China part 5
Chapter 8: Ancient China part 6