MGCH Chapter 20

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (18)

Hello everyone, I’m Piper Panda, and I help Kleep MTL translate a Bl novel called Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented MC Novel which can be found here. But I have been keeping my eye on this novel for how good it is and the small chapters (PUP chapters are 4 times the size Orz) Seeing that it has not been updated for over 2 months, I have tried contacting the previous translator, Lazysenpai, to make sure that she has dropped the novel. So far I haven’t gotten a reply, and until I do I plan to translate this on my free time. Like the other 2 translators thus far, I am also a student with a pretty full scheduled, and I have yet to have a solid release scheduled, but I would like to be doing regular updates within a month. And I haven’t got a grasp on wordpress yet, so please be patient!

Without further adieu to the chapter XD

Bai Weiwei was shocked and seemed to be at a loss.

Han Zhengyu took deep breaths, to suppress the different kinds of emotions running through him, with some anger he pushed away Bai Weiwei, “What are you doing? Bai Weiwei, sometimes I doubt whether you are really suffering from amnesia?”

If it was not faked, then why, why every time can she just appear in front of him at the perfect moment – just in time to shake his heart.

Bai Weiwei fell out of the closet, a pain shot up her foot causing uncontrollable tears to form in her eyes, she was very wronged.

Can she not be wronged like this? Sh*t! In order to please Han Zhengyu she put all her effort into acting mentally ill, and this difficult man actually suspected that she was faking it!

If this acting doesn’t work, then isn’t that a slap to her face1?

Suddenly the white light flashed out of the window, Han Zhengyu’s face went white immediately again, and at the same time Bai Weiwei instantly jumped on him, holding on to him she burst into tears as the thunder roared, “Gege, I am scared. Thunder!”

Han Zhengyu: “…”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei’s pale face, with tears flying, and a horrified expression, “Gege, Weiwei is scared of thunder, so scared, so scared.”

Another thunder boom.

Han Zhengyu also immediately hugged Bai Weiwei, his face was even more pale. He was also extremely afraid of thunder.

The thunderstorm, wind and rain2, and the sound of the rain hitting against the window.

Two people were huddled in the closet, trembling. It was unbearable to look straight at for the system.

Finally the thunder stopped, and the two people slowly finished shaking.

However, Bai Weiwei was still shrinking into Han Zhengyu’s arms. She twitched and said, “After I woke up, I couldn’t see gege. There was scary thunder outside and it was dark everywhere. Everything was scary.”

Han Zhengyu’s complexion was not good, but because the thunder and lightning had stopped, he was not so frightened now. When he heard Bai Weiwei’s words and thought of her performance earlier, his eyes flashed with a trace of darkness, “Aren’t you afraid of thunder? Why did you cover my ears?”

People who are afraid of thunder, shouldn’t they hold their own ears?

Bai Weiwei didn’t think too much, her voice was crisp and cute, “That’s because gege was afraid of thunder. How could I leave gege, so I held gege‘s ears first, then waited until gege was not afraid, then Weiwei would hold her own ears again.”

Han Zhengyu: “…” He wanted to say that this idea was really truly stupid.

But thinking that Bai Weiwei was really silly, and it seemed natural to make such a silly solution.

The suspicion in Han Zhengyu’s eyes vanished, but the confusion on his face did not disappear. He held Bai Weiwei slyly and didn’t know how to feel.

To be honest, when he first learned that his mother was in a car accident, he almost collapsed. At that time, he could not wait to kill Bai Weiwei.

However, now that Bai Weiwei was stupid, and he could no longer get rid of her, and his feelings for her were getting different each day.

This was not the same as before, not disgusting, nor hateful.

It was a kind of feeling that Han Zhengyu almost wanted to escape from.

He did not dare to admit that he had a different feeling for Bai Weiwei. She has been chasing him for so many years, and his heart didn’t even ripple for her.

But now after she was mentally ill, he found that he had started to gain feelings for her.

Suddenly, a pair of gentle palms covered his ears, Han Zhengyu looked up and saw Bai Weiwei with pursed lips, her face growing paler, she said, “Gege, more thunder.”

Face in Chinese also means pride

Also means trials and hardships

If you see any mistakes please tell me in the comments. Thank you for reading! – Piper


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