MGCH Chapter 136

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (44)

He Poan could hear the despair in her voice. 

He reached out and tried to comfort her, but his hand did not reach out. 

Bai Weiwei turned and lie down. “You should go, I need to calm down.” 

At this time, he was driven away, and He Poan was at a loss of what to do. 

But seeing her thin back and how she looked so weak, as if she was about to disappear. His nose was sour, and there was something falling from his eyes. 

He Poan endured the sorrow in his heart and said, “Then I’ll go outside. If you need anything you can just call me.” 

He Poan finished, and looked at her deeply. 

Then he went out and just closed the room’s door. Next door there was a doctor and nurse pushing a medical emergency bed. The person lying on it was covered with a white cloth. 

The doctor lamented, “How sad their family must be that the patient had to die this young.” 

Nurse: “There is no other way, we have tried our best. People who can’t stay, we can’t save them.” 

The doctor walked away with the nurse. 

He Poan stayed close to the door, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore. A huge tide of sorrow overcame him, and he couldn’t hold back. 

He bent down and wiped his face with his hands, but the tears could not be controlled. They ran down between the gaps of his fingers. 

Why did he fall in love with her now? 

She had just gotten sick and had not given up on treatment before, but what did he do?

It was he who broke her hopes with his own hands when he didn’t want her. 

It was he who pushed her to suffer in this hell. 

He Poan, you are an idiot. 

Xiao Mu rushed to the hospital and saw He Poan in tears. 

“An Ge.” Xiao Mu looked at him with surprise. 

He Poan looked up and suddenly said, “Give me a punch.”

Xiao Mu’s face became sullen. “How can I hit you?” 

He Poan said, “I let you hit me, why are you full of so much nonsense? If you don’t then I’ll deduct all your salary next month.” 

He just finished when Xiao Mu did not hesitate at all and punched him. 

He Poan was beaten, although it hurts, but it let him sober up. 

Xiao Mu was worried: “An Ge, are you are fine? Do you want me to punch you again?” 

He Poan gnashed his teeth, “No.” 

Then he turned and left. 

Xiao Mu asked: “An Ge, where are you going?” 

He Poan didn’t hesitate one bit. “I’m going to check if my bone marrow matches.” 

If his bone marrow matches, then she would be fine. 

At the moment, Bai Weiwei lay on the hospital bed and knocked on the system. 

“Can I leave the hospital? I hate staying in hospitals.” 

It is really annoying. She has been staying in hospitals for her whole life, so whenever she sees the all white room she feels upset. 

The system sounded bored. “You just stay here, anyway, the mission is almost completed, and the side task is nearly finished.” 

Bai Weiwei noticed that the system’s voice was not right. “Did you cry?” 

The system was ripping and pulling something, “Wuwu, how miserable, how can it be so miserable?” 

Bai Weiwei didn’t get the clue. “What are you doing?” 

The system snorted and wiped it’s nose and said: “Reciting Tang poems, then you can’t help but tear a few pages of paper to wipe your tears.” 

Bai Weiwei: “You want to recite Tang poetry?” 

The system was afraid that she would not believe it. Immediately spread the paper that it wiped it’s nose with and read aloud. “For ten years, the living and the dead are both ignorant of each other. Even though I refrain from thinking of you, however, I cannot forget you. Your lonely tomb lies a thousand miles away… Wuwu, oh, more miserable1.” 

Bai Weiwei: … Is this a Tang poem? Isn’t that a song?

– – – – – – – – – – 

The bone marrow pairing was unsuccessful. 

Although, it was expected, He Poan could hardly stand. 

The doctor has already had an ultimatum. The rate of the illness has deteriorated so rapidly that Bai Weiwei may die at any time.

1: Vannie found the English translation of the poem! Here

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