MGCH Chapter 198

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (52)

Mu Yanjun rushed back to the palace, the little Emperor was making trouble again.

If it were not for the sake of giving Bai Weiwei face, he would have poisoned him. Finding a new puppet was not difficult.

Little fatty waved his hands, running around, “You tell me, where are you hiding my mother?”

Mu Yanjun just barely arrived, and a little fatty rolled into his arms.

Mu Yanjun made a gesture, pushed him into a chair, and stormily asked: “Why, does the Emperor have too much to eat? I’ll give you a few days of reduced meals, lest the Emperor’s body accumulates too much meat, and crushes the dragon chair.”

At the first sight of him, little fatty was all over the place.

But he still plucked up some courage, “WWWWW… What about my mother? “

Mu Yanjun eyes were murky, even a child wanted to rob him of his woman, hmm.

“She went out of the palace to recuperate from her ailment. The palace people have many chores, and too many people are not clean, not suitable for recovering from illness.”

Little fatty tried to retort, “Nonsense, my mother will not leave me behind.”

Mu Yanjun stared down at him condescendingly. The corner of his mouth corner raised into a cold smirk, “Oh, the Emperor thought he was very important to her? However, she was a remnant of the Bai house, I will support a child, it is not difficult. For your mother, after seeing you were of no great use, throwing you away was easy.”

The little fatty was frightened and his face paled.

He burst into tears, “Would not! She wouldn’t abandon me1.”

Mu Yanjun unconcernedly humphed, turned around and left.

When he walked to the door, suddenly heard the little fatty ask: “Mu Yanjun, did you kill her?”

Mu Yanjun footsteps paused, he looked back to see the little fatty’s eyes glared especially hatefully at him.

Mu Yanjun was detached and sarcastic, “I killed her? She nearly killed me.”

Done talking, he left.

Little fatty couldn’t understand his words. Bai Weiwei suddenly disappeared, he certainly suspected that dead imperial eunuch Mu Yanjun did it.

Little fatty glanced over to the incense burner, there was a lit incense stick.

This fragrance was from his grandfather, in order to prevent the imperial eunuchs from seizing power.

His grandfather said that as long as it was lit, the scent would not be easy to detect. Most people who smelled it wouldn’t experience anything, but any imperial eunuch who was exposed to it would die.

Little fatty pinched his fingers, “Traitor, you killed my whole family and hurt my mother, I will not let you live.”

But that incense, why did others experience nothing, while it did something bad to imperial eunuchs?

Mu Yanjun rushed back, he wanted to hurry to accompany Bai Weiwei before dark.

He thought it through, he’d use Jun Buyan’s identity to live the rest of his life to be with her.

In this way he could get her love.

The master of disguise was waiting for him, and then began to craft him his disguise.

Half way through the process, Mu Yanjun suddenly realized that his body wasn’t right.

He stood up right then. The master of disguise was surprised, “Du Zhu, it’s not finished yet.”

Mu Yanjun’s eyes began to turn red, but he persevered, “Hurry up.”

Disguises were already an artisan craft, it could not be rushed.

The master of disguise sped up his hands and feet, but there were still many flaws.

Mu Yanjun squeezed his fist until the back of his hand was bruised black and blue.

The master of disguise finally had to say, “Okay, Du Zhu, but…”

Mu Yanjun did not hear, he had already quickly disappeared from that place.

The master of disguise just finished, “it’s only effective for one night, remember to come again tomorrow.”

Mu Yanjun ran so fast because he suddenly realized what his symptoms were.

He was tricked.

Some people in the Bai family specifically studied poisons, one of which was aimed at the imperial eunuchs.

An imperial eunuch has no root, so lust could not be vented normally, and this drug was made to stimulate an outbreak of lust. If normal people were exposed, as long as they simply vented, even if just by their own hand they could return to normal.

But the imperial eunuch could not, and could only suffer and die.

He was not a genuine imperial eunuch, so having encountered this medicine, his previously accumulated lust actually broke out.

In particular, his lust for Bai Weiwei.

1: … She absolutely did though? Kinda dropped the ball on that aspect of the white lotus angle there Bai Weiwei.


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