MGCH Chapter 199

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (53)

The system had recently been rather worried about its host.

“There’s not much time left.” It tried to hurry her.

Bai Weiwei picked up the drawings: “That is a trivial matter, Ah’Four, ah1. Look around, this place’s feng shui is good, my grave can be built here.”

The system encouraged, “Look, he’s at 85 favorability points. Was it easy for you to come from -50 to this point today? You should finish this task in a single stroke.”

Bai Weiwei: “That is a trivial matter, Ah’Four, ah. Once I am cut down, you can go find a new next host.”

The system urged anxiously, “It’s not a trivial matter, host what happened to you, cheer up, ah.”

Bai Weiwei stared up at the sky with a sigh, “People don’t want to rise, what I can do? After I brush up that favorability, lightning will split me. It’s better to die even a day later.”

She went all out to that extent, but the result was, Mu Yanjun let her down.

What could she do? She was distraught too, ah.

Even if she went to force Jun Buyan to ****, the person did not have that function, and could not be forced.

The system was also desperate, “Aren’t you going to go back and teach your cheap sister a lesson? Don’t wilt like Mu Yanjun, ah.”

The withered and pale Bai Weiwei, “Gave up, gave up. Nothing but an old grievance, to send away with the wind.”

The system helplessly reached out, “Don’t, ah. Try hard, host.”

Bai Weiwei looked to the flowers in the garden, “You look at that flower, feel more comfortable and tranquil. You look at that cloud, feel more leisurely and content. What should people feel so tired for? What hatred, ah? Resentment, ah? Love, ah? It’s all dust, whisk it away.”

System: It seems my host is intending to become a nun?

Bai Weiwei decadently tossed and turned, she just wanted to go back to bed to lie around until she was struck dead by lightning.

But the consequence of turning over was that she saw Mu Yanjun standing in front of her, no, it was Jun Buyan.

Bai Weiwei faced this wilted man. She really could not smile at all, just as she was trying to find an excuse to send him off.

In view of this, Mu Yanjun grabbed her hand hard, and his eyes were intensely bloodshot.

“Weiwei, I think, we’d better decorate the bridal chamber with flowers and candles2 early.”

That kind of medicine was especially overbearing. If not resolved quickly, he could burst to death within three quarters of an hour.

Bai Weiwei was shocked by him. He couldn’t rise up, how could they decorate the bridal chamber with flowers and candles?

Did he still want to use his candle and not a whip?

It was too late to think about it. Mu Yanjun had already pinned her onto the bed and ripped open her clothes.

Bai Weiwei was stunned: This incident was man made. Otherwise, Jun Buyan would not be so urgent.

The next moment, she suddenly realized how hot the temperature below was.

What was going on?

Bai Weiwei meticulously studied his condition, hot sweat beaded on his forehead, his eyes were red and bloodshot, the muscle lines of the body were abnormally tight.

It was about the same as being on an aphrodisiac.

Mu Yanjun saw that she could not return from her daze, as if she were frightened.

“I’ll take responsibility, please forgive me.”

Mu Yanjun bowed his head, and tenderly spoke to her. However, his hands were unusually rough as they casually fondled her.

Bai Weiwei was extremely frightened by his actions, although she went all out for the sake of life, she was still apprehensive in the face of a man’s passionate onslaught.

The system screamed: “He raised it. It’s up, ah. Bai Weiwei, don’t worry!”

Bai Weiwei was startled, then her mind sobered up.

Her dispirited complexion was swept away, her eyes became worried, “What’s happened to you?”

Mu Yanjun gazed at her without answering, and leaned forward to kiss her.

He was so excited that he was going insane, he couldn’t wait to crush her in his arms.

The effect of the medicine pushed him into the hell molten fire, and the aroma of Bai Weiwei, as well as the cool touch of her skin were the best antidote.

There was no room for resistance, she was pressed too tightly by him. Her body was entangled with his.

1: The first ‘ah’ is a pet name prefix, like saying ‘little four’ etc. The second ‘ah’ is an exclamatory sound.

2: 洞房花烛=The wedding night. But as Bai Weiwei insisted on making it crass with her comments about Mu Yanjun’s… ahem, candle, I had to translate it a touch more literally.


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