MGCH Chapter 200

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The Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (54)

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Bai Weiwei’s gentle whisper was more formidable than the medicine in his body, easily making him shudder.

Mu Yanjun suddenly didn’t want to hear his false name.

He kissed her little ear, “Call me Jun.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was blushing, she called him a little bashfully: “Jun.”

Mu Yanjun only thought this sound was in his dream.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 90.】

He suddenly lifted his body, reached out to untie his clothes, and they fell to the ground. He pulled out the jade pin bundling his hair, causing his inky locks hair poured down.

His strong body rarely saw the sun all year round. This matchless fairness under the backdrop of jet black hair created a thrilling beauty.

But it didn’t seem feminine at all, instead containing a powerful savagery.

Mu Yanjun licked his lips, and his face became more beautiful by a few points.

Bai Weiwei gazed at him at a little bewildered. For a moment, she was dazzled by him.

He smiled softly, his voice low, “No matter what happens in the future, I must be with you.”

If he could get her, even deceptive methods were very good.

Even if she regretted, he wouldn’t let go.

He knew he couldn’t bear it much longer, but he was afraid he would hurt her, and was almost too eager to start searching for the sensitive spots on her.

He didn’t want her first time to be taken away brutally by him.

When his slender fingers touched a special place of hers, Bai Weiwei’s whole body tensed, even her toes curled up.

Mu Yanjun’s eyes grew brighter, as though there was a fire burning inside.

He did not let go of her, letting her tremble and twist.

Bai Weiwei suddenly couldn’t help but arch her back. Her voice was fragmented, her eyes gazed at him, entranced. The skin of her whole body was flushed.

Mu Yanjun only thought he was going insane, was being driven mad by her charm.

He kissed her again, rough and hard, and his reason began to disappear.

Bai Weiwei also reached out to hug him. Her fingers touched his lower back region, she could not help but grasp.

Suddenly Mu Yanjun’s whole body tightened, even his pupils were shaking.

The fire of an explosion rushed down below, causing his throat to tighten.

“Weiwei…” His voice quivered from calling her name.

Bai Weiwei eyes were red appearing mesmerized. She voiced out a dense, soft, syrupy, moan.

This sound nestled sweetly into his heart.

Mu Yanjun finally couldn’t endure it. His body sank, he had not really entered, yet the fire in his body had vanished.

Bai Weiwei had a lost look on her face, was it over?

So, was it finished?

It seemed like…… And there was nothing like a tearing, ah. Why wasn’t there any sort of pain?

【Ding, Mu Yanjun’s jj big manly extension exhibition, branch task completed. Congratulations to the host.】

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were wet, tears flowing down. It was finally finished.

She knocked on the system, “Mu Yanjun prematurely ejaculated, can it be considered done?”

The system with a long term focus, “Counts as done, ah. Virgin man, plus the aphrodisiac’s urge, how could it last? This isn’t one of those small yellow books on the internet, where a virgin can perform dozens of times a night. If such a man existed in reality, the hairs below would be bald.”1

Mu Yanjun also sobered up, the medicine having worked itself out.

He found that Bai Weiwei was overflowing with tears, and only just realized that he had acted as a beast would.

Originally he would have continued, but her tears dispelled that idea.

Mu Yanjun reached out to wipe her tears, “Don’t cry, we’ll get married.”

Bai Weiwei also reached out, eyes reflecting the candlelight with some watery confusion, and then she gently touched his face. Touched the unnatural protrusion on his temple.

Suddenly torn.

Revealing his original appearance.

1: In traditional Chinese medicine virility is believed to be linked to the kidneys, hair growth is also believed to be linked to the kidneys. The implication being: the smut male leads overwork their kidneys to the point of balding their pelvises. Also little yellow book= Chinese slang for smut.

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