MGCH Chapter 211

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (65) End

Rotten old man: “You are no fool, you know she’s dead.”

Mu Yanjun shook violently, the needle inserted in his acupoint could not hold him anymore.

The rotten old man observed it. There were only a few more needles tying him down.

“She is a special case. You weren’t fast enough, the drug was too late to come into effect so she died. Therefore, all the medicinal properties of the drug have been devoted to protecting the body. Meaning that her corpse will be unable to decay for many years. Unless you burn her with fire, she will appear no different from an ordinary sleeping person, with the exception of being cold.”

The rotten old man bemoaned, “So when the little Emperor heard, he had people take her body to have it burned.”

Mu Yanjun listened, how did he not know what was on the little Emperor’s mind?

“Good, good, good.”

After his series of goods, he sneered, “Whoever dares to take her away should not even think of surviving.”

Having said that, the needle embedded in his body burst out of him and blood poured out of the wounds.

As the rotten old man watched, he also knew that it was his time to go to heaven.

Since ancient times what hurt men most, down to their very bones, was only the character for love.

Mu Yanjun got rid of the divine doctor’s needles and flew straight at him.

The rotten old man also thought that he was dead. However, Mu Yanjun didn’t have time to kill him, he merely rushed out from that room.

The rotten old man took out another heart protecting pill to eat, “I also will not live long. Mu Yanjun, this guy, is truly very poisonous. If he did not beat me to death, was it to keep me alive to slowly torture?”

A huge pile of wood had been erected in front of the palace.

Bai Weiwei was laid in the firewood, quiet and tranquil as if resting.

Little fatty had swollen eyes, hatefully clenching his teeth until his mouth bled.

He cried as he gave the order, “Send my mother on her journey1.”

Everyone in the palace, excluding Mu Yanjun, was outside to silently witness Bai Weiwei’s sending.

The people on Mu Yanjun’s side were afraid their own Du Zhu was bewitched, and so they borrowed the little Emperor’s hand to burn Bai Weiwei.

The fire was ignited.

Little fatty couldn’t stand it and knelt down to weep.

The result was, without having waited for the fire to reach Bai Weiwei’s body, an individual flew out from the shadows and plunged into the flames as though they didn’t want to live. Picking up Bai Weiwei’s figure, and jumped out of the bonfire.

Once little fatty clearly saw the person, he let loose an incomparably resentful roar, “Mu Yanjun, you won’t have a good death. My mother was killed by you, but you even want to defile her corpse? You aren’t human.”

Mu Yanjun held Bai Weiwei, the flame burned his hair and clothing, but Bai Weiwei wasn’t harmed.

He did not answer, but instead lightly whispered: “What miscellaneous detritus dares to step on my head, in the Qingqing palace.”

Starting from that sentence, Mu Yanjun reverted back to evil and cruelty, one hand to cover the heavens for nine thousand years.

The Emperor was placed under house arrest.

As for the people in the Qingqing palace, they were slaughtered then slaughtered some more, cleaned up then cleaned up again.

In particular, the people who were silent witnesses that sent Bai Weiwei out to be burned. Whether or not it was Mu Yanjun’s confidant, they were all killed without error.

Mu Yanjun was no longer willing to be better, he would use the Emperor as a puppet and the world as a slaughterhouse.

Killing became his only hobby.

Mu Yanjun languidly looked out through the door, blood stained the ground red.

He tenderly caressed Bai Weiwei, who was laying in his arms, “Weiwei, you see, I killed again today. If you beg me to forgive them, wouldn’t I not kill?”

Bai Weiwei was silent.

Mu Yanjun smiled clearly, “If you don’t talk, then I will continue to kill.”

He once said that as long as she dared to die, he would pull the people of this world down to hell to be buried with her.

While Mu Yanjun embraced her cool body, said temptingly: “I am such a bad person, but if you will teach me, I may be able to get better.”

Talking and touching, Mu Yanjun suddenly couldn’t bear it and nestled his head into the crook of her cold neck. He silently shed tears.

“Why aren’t you willing? Not willing to give me a chance to change for the better.”

1: To the underworld.↩


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