MGCH Chapter 212

Translator: Kanku

Proofreader/editor: Cheese

Reality (1)

Ye Yuxuan struggled to get up from the bed, his whole body sticky and sweaty. 

He was trembling and his face was pale. 

Suddenly he couldn’t stand it and hugged himself. He had the urge to call out someone’s name. 

He silently whispered many times. 

But he couldn’t remember the name of the woman in his dream. 

His heart was beating rapidly, and when he closed his eyes, he could still see the sea of ​​fire in the dream spreading, about to swallow him up at any time. 

He looked down at his hands as if he was holding her. 

Those joys and sorrows were slowly fading away, but the kind of love that ran deep into the bones was being transmitted to him from the man named Mu Yanjun. 

Ye Yuxuan knew that he had been particularly strange recently. 

And this kind of mismatch already caused his mood to fluctuate. 

For example, now he would feel… sad? 

Was it sadness? 

His chest was painful as though there were a hole in it. Yet, everything checked out and there were no problems with his body. 

Ye Yuxuan was lost in thought for a while before he started to get out of bed. 

Just as he got out of bed, a servant came over and informed him, “Doctor Qin is coming.” 

Ye Yuxuan nodded faintly. He had the servant to pour him a glass of water, and brought the water downstairs. 

His home’s door was open. Qin Qiu commanded the medical staff to move some medical instruments in. 

Ye Yuxuan looked quietly, and there was no trace of trepidation in the dark eyes. 

Qin Qiu looked up and saw Ye Yuxuan. He had become accustomed to his dead face. He quickly greeted him and said, “I’m preparing my room.” 

Ye Yuxuan nodded. “Don’t you have other rooms to live in?”

There were many rooms where he lived. Qin Qiu often came, and Ye Yuxuan would reserve his room for him. 

Qin Qiu: “I know, so I will use it for the time being.” 

Ye Yuxuan didn’t say anything more. 

Qin Qiu really did not need him to ask to know what he was thinking, “You think I’m going to live here? You’re wrong, I have a lot of things to do at the hospital, how could I live here?” 

Ye Yuxuan was too lazy to respond.

Qin Qiu spontaneously continued: “So I will give my room to your fiancée.” 

Ye Yuxuan thought for a moment and said calmly: “Bai Weiwei?” 

Qin Qiu: “Yes, I have sent her to the room already. Bai’s father suspects that there are things going on in his family he is unaware of, especially after Bai Weiwei was kidnapped from the hospital two days ago. He felt that people around him could not be trusted, so he would entrust Bai Weiwei to you for now. Aren’t you her fiancé anyway?” 

Ye Yuxuan thought for a while. “I don’t have time to take care of a patient.” 

Qin Qiu: “This is your fiancée.” 

Ye Yuxuan nodded, “Then I don’t want a fiancée.” 

Qin Qiu looked shocked, “What?” 

Ye Yuxuan: “Anyway, you can move her in. But you’ll take care of her yourself.” 

Qin Qiu growled, “She is not my fiancée.” 

Ye Yuxuan didn’t care, “I give her to you.” 

Qin Qiu coughed up old blood1. He lost. 

Ye Yuxuan should not have a fiancée, he should just live with robots for the rest of his life. 

Qin Qiu decided not to talk to this stupid emotionless child. He needed to calm down. No, he needed to get the surroundings ready for Bai Weiwei. 

After all, she was now in poor health and had been sleeping, requiring special care and medical equipment to sustain her life.

Qin Qiu’s hands and feet were very fast, and the equipment was arranged. Seeing that Bai Weiwei was in stable condition, he ordered the nurses to guard during the night. 

After he walked out of the room, he saw Ye Yuxuan sitting on the sofa in the living room with his drinking cup. He seemed to be thinking about something.

1: Coughing up old blood is common in a lot of Chinese novels (that I’ve read) and is usually a consequence of being agitated, frustrated, or stimulated to an extreme lol yyx really be pushing uncle qin’s buttons.


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