MGCH Chapter 213

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Reality (2)

Qin Qiu was also thirsty. After the servant brought the water, he drank a big mouthful and asked, “Insomnia?” 

Ye Yuxuan faintly nodded, “I think there is something I need to think about for a while.” 

Qin Qiu went over to him. On the opposite sofa, he took another gulp of his water and replied: “Is there any problem to think about?” 

Was the company going out of business? 

Ye Yuxuan calmly said: “I was thinking, can you feel desire for a dead body1?” 

Qin Qiu spat out the water in his mouth, “Dead body?!” 

Ye Yuxuan calmly elaborated, “I had a dream, I dreamed of that man, always lusting after a dead body.” 

Qin Qiu: “Stop stop stop, what strange dreams have you had?” 

Ye Yuxuan looked very puzzled, “I dreamed that she was dead, but she looked like she was just sleeping, very cute.” 

Qin Qiu’s tone turned strange, “Cute?” 

Ye Yuxuan described a person as cute. The sky must be falling. 

Ye Yuxuan seriously repeated the word, “Yes, cute.” 

Then he continued, “And that man in the dream, many times couldn’t help but want that corpse.” 

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“Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters” follow-up:

(Warning! Necrophilia thoughts)

The hot spring water was misty, and in this space where the steam was rising, there was a low-pitched sound. 

A petite and feminine figure quietly squatted in the hot spring, black long hair hanging in the water, floating like seaweed. 

And on top of her body, a tall, fit body clung to her. 

Mu Yanjun’s face was a little flushed, his eyes were hot, and he struggled for a long time before he gently letting go of her body, of course he wasn’t doing anything beastly. 

But when did it start?

Day after day he watched her sleeping body without any response. 

Was he starting to be crazy, sick, or even twisted? 

He did everything he could to stop himself, but in the end he couldn’t help but take off her clothes. 

He felt alive by sticking to her cold skin 

Killing people was no longer able to provoke any reaction. 

She was dead. 

He knew that. He had always known. 

He even knew how dark and horrible he was by not burying her. 

When the little Emperor was six years old, he chose to burn her body, rather than to leave it to him. 

Maybe from the beginning, he knew that he would do such blasphemous things to her. 

Many times he really wanted to do that kind of thing, but often at the last step, he looked at her quiet face and couldn’t do it. 

He was afraid that, down below, she would be angry and would ignore him. 

Although they were already married, it was the last step. 

He still dared not take risks. 

Mu Yanjun endured for a long time, only to suppress the hot feeling in his body. He did not break through the line of defense, to enter her. 

He carefully cleaned her body and dressed her in comfortable and gorgeous clothes before he brought her out. 

The empty palace, no servants running around. 

When he learned that the little Emperor was starting to train his forces and contact all sorts of parties in order to be able to rule independently, he did not stop his actions. 

From time to time he would even help him. 

The little Emperor also grew up, and Mu Yanjun counted, he was sixteen years old this year. 

It had been ten years since he started guarding the cold body of Bai Weiwei.

It was so fast, but also so slow. 

Mu Yanjun held Bai Weiwei and walked slowly to the palace entrance. He saw a young man with a long slender figure, wearing armor and holding a long sword, leading the forbidden army around the palace. 

The young face was handsome and cold, and his sword was pointed at Mu Yanjun. He yelled, “Thief, return to me my mother, and I’ll leave your body intact!”

1: The raws said J尸吗 which when input into google cropped up a wikipedia article about zombies?? Based on the rest of the follow up that didn’t sound right so after a night of reflection decided that maybe it was a typo or some sort of slang.

(8/30/19) baidu links me to Jiang shi, which is loosely similar to the english/american interpretation of a reanimated corpse but again, i think dead body/corpse fits the best (can someone help me w dis plz)

Cheese’s corner: BRUH im currently pr-ing this without reading the arc (147-211 thats a lot of chapters to skip) and i have NO idea what’s going on??? Is zombies the right word??????? Is this a zombie world or?????????? (written 8/28/2019)

(edited 8/30) omg after pr-ing the entire arc i finally get what’s going on bless :’) changes will be made accordingly for consistency and a more accurate translation


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  1. Ahhhh; this is so wrong on so many levels… Feels more like him keeping a doll by his side instead of the love of his life :O Too bad, the emperor didn’t manage to burn her corpse 10 years ago…

  2. Holy sheit! That was super creepy. Fortunately, I always imagined a cute little voice for the emperor. So when he said the last line, my mind thought a cute little dumpling wearing an armour costume shouting with a cute voice waving a sword. It somehow healed me.

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