MGCH Chapter 237

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Nigaria

The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (17)

(Warning minimal torture scenes)

Her body was in pain and twitching, her face drained of blood.

This was the body’s response when the pain reached its limits.

Song Yunuan watched her with cold eyes. She was immune to the zombie virus, so he wanted to study her to see if he could make a vaccine.

Maybe even turn a conscious zombie back into a human.

In fact, Song Yunhuan had no confidence in Bai Weiwei’s endurance.

She couldn’t bear the pain.

Once or twice, he thought that she would cry and beg for mercy.

But then time passed.

Even though she was cold and sweaty and started moaning inaudibly in pain, she didn’t ask to stop.

Since when was this woman so stubborn?

Even the system couldn’t stand to see it. “Host, I think you’re going about this the wrong way. This man doesn’t seem to like a green tea b*tch pretending to be delicate, ah.”

Bai Weiwei, who looked like she was in pain but in fact didn’t feel it at all, turned her eyes towards the system. “What do you want me to do? Song Yunhuan, someone with super high IQ, is like a Nobel Prize-winning scientist1. This kind of guy, if I’m even a little different from before, he’ll be able to tell in minutes.”

Of course she knew that the old Bai Weiwei’s character was vain, greedy for life and afraid of death, and was also vicious.

Except for her face, there was nothing pleasing about her.

But what could she do? She was desperate, ah.

Although the system didn’t have rigid rules, she had to follow the character of the original owner.

But Song Yunhuan wasn’t a low IQ person. Her personality changed as soon as she came, was she trying to fool him?

She wanted to be kind and beautiful right away, understanding and very pleasant.

But Song Yunhuan would easily see through Bai Weiwei’s character.

Her change in character would undoubtedly raise questions.

She could only do her best to cleanse her heart and soul, and she might have a chance of survival if she stuck to him.

System: “I get it now, but because of your painful-to-watch teenage comic confession, I’ve been busy washing my eyes out.”

Bai Weiwei was shocked: “You’re not going to use my life points to buy eye drops, are you2?”

System: “…”

Song Yunhuan glanced at the time. The time Bai Weiwi endured far exceeded his expectations.

He heard Bai Weiwei, who was in so much pain she was delirious, whisper.

Song Yunhuan hesitated before lowering his head to listen.

He heard her voice, trembling with pain, muttering over and over again, “Song Yunhuan, Song Yunhuan, Song Yunhuan…”

Like the name was her only salvation.

It was her faith to endure this hellish pain.

How could someone put up with the pain, just because they liked another person.

The tip of Song Yunhuan’s pen shook a few times. The calm expression on his face cracked.

He didn’t understand her anymore.

Before it was the same old, cowardly, useless thing.

Why did she often do things outside his calculations?

Suddenly Bai Weiwei looked up, seeming to be looking for something. She was lost, in too much pain to be rational.

When she saw the person she wanted to see, her eyes lit up.

“Song Yunhuan.”

Her voice was hoarse, like she was dying.

Song Yunhuan looked at her as though unmoved, but unconsciously gripped his pen even tighter.

“Song Yunhuan…”

Her voice was weak, even panicked.

When she didn’t hear him answer, she was scared.

Song Yunhuan didn’t know what he was thinking. He wanted to ignore her, but couldn’t stop himself from responding. “En.”

1: (太平盛世)就是个诺奖科学家 lit. peaceful prosperity. A Chinese idiom/metaphor for a very prosperous and stable society. I wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into the sentence without making it clunky so I thought it’d be best to take it out, but it’s a cool idiom.

2: LOL tbh if i was in BWW’s shoes i’d be worried about the same thing.

Nigaria’s corner: “She was immune to the zombie virus, so he wanted to study her, to see if he could make a vaccine.” yeah right and that surely means inject her weird things and make her suffer hell in earth right?

On another note, earlier on when BWW heard the notification of the side quest, she already knew she was screwed up even before knowing the contents 😂 I wonder who is the one issuing those side quests.


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  1. The updates on this series are putting my sleep schedule through the paces throwback to Mystic Messenger

  2. Dang smart ML’s forcing her not to play little white lotus/brain damaged characters and do something new and interesting for once. ^-^

  3. I wonder if one of the tasks after this will involve lowering the ML’s favourability to 0 lol because starting from the negatives is so cruel…

  4. On another note, earlier on when BWW heard the notification of the side quest, she already knew she was screwed up even before knowing the contents 😂 I wonder who is the one issuing those side quests.

    Me too. I want to know who is it🤣.

  5. I bet, she’s the sacrifice for him being a human. At the end, he doesn’t want to but Weiwei still insists thus causing her death. “I love you,” or “I promise to make you a human. I made you into a zombie so please, at least make me do this.” Something along those lines.

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