MGCH Chapter 424

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The Cultivation1 Master’s Blackened Disciple (1)

Bai Changyan: Tired? This was too much information. Wasn’t his daughter sleeping all the time? How could she be tired? Was it because Ye Yuxuan did that to her just now?

Ye Yuxuan wasn’t in the mood to care about others. His fingers gently brushed away the hair touching her face.

Then, nonchalantly, as if learning a new skill, he bowed his head and kissed her lips.

This action came very naturally.

He couldn’t help but kiss her once more. And once more again.

Qin Qiu’s entire body felt unwell. He rushed over and restrained Bai Changyan, who wanted to beat Ye Yuxuan to death.

He desperately explained, “Nothing happened, he didn’t do anything, ah. Uncle, please listen to me, it was your daughter who kissed first! Really!”

Bai Changyan raged and beat Qin Qiu on the back. “Cancel the engagement. Cancel! Let me go, you’re in cahoots2 with this wolf bastard.”

Qin Qiu’s face was full of tears. Other people were in love, while he was beaten. It was really difficult to be a single dog in this world.

Also, go to hell, Ye Yuxuan. Don’t continue to kiss!

He was going to be killed. Help, ah!

– – – – – – – – – –

【Successfully entered the mission. The goal of this mission is to win the love of Ning Yishu. Target: Ning Yishu. Completion rate: 0. Time: 16 months.】

Bai Weiwei heard the prompt.

Then she noticed the smell of blood.

She looked up and was shocked.

On the wooden rack in front of her hung a badly mutilated man.

His body was tall and thin, but one could make out the immaturity of youth.

She was unable to see his original appearance because his face was beaten black and blue3.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Based on this “powerful and fierce4” system, this man who was beaten half-dead should be… Ning Yishu?

Suddenly the man lifted his head. His eyes were extremely dark, shining with the glow of a thousand stars.

Even in this condition, it didn’t affect the spirit in his eyes.

It was the bearing of a protagonist.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at 3.】

Favorability of 3. Not -3, 3!

Bai Weiwei felt as though she’d saved the galaxy. To actually enter a plane where the male 

lead’s favorability wasn’t negative.

She should calm down before she died of happiness.

This was the first time in history, ah.

Then she looked down and noticed the whip in her hand.

Clearly, the original host had been torturing the mission target until just now.

He’d been suffering to this degree, and there were still 3 favorability points. It really was true love, ah.

Before Bai Weiwei could receive the memories from the system.

The mangled man slightly parted his thin lips, “Shifu, your disciple5 knows his wrongs.”


Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but tremble. As soon as she arrived, she was given a great fright by the original host. 

If the torture went on like this, all of Ning Yishu’s favorability would turn negative.

She had to quickly bring him down. His favorability was 3; she could use the influence of love to raise the favorability to 100.

Bai Weiwei tossed aside the whip in her hand and was just about to untie the rope.

The system suddenly said: “Side task forcefully accepted. Unable to reject.”

【Side quest: please keep the plane’s plot intact. The host is not allowed to change the original host’s personality. Failure will result in the Nine Heavens Xuan Lei6 cutting down your entire family. You, the system, your father, your sister, and the graves of your ancestors will all be hacked to pieces.】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

What’s the meaning of this?

Her IQ was too low to understand.

The penalty actually repeated. Hack your sister, hack your father. Wasn’t this being Bilian7?

Then she finally had time to see the memories the system gave her.

1: 修真: part of Taoist/Daoist thought, meaning to practice and learn the way of the truth/to remove the false and leave only the truth. As best as I can tell, it means something along the lines of “cultivation of qi” or “studying to attain spiritual enlightenment” and it is part of the process to ascend/become immortal?? So… cultivation it is.

2: 狼狈为奸: to collude in doing evil; overall a very negative connotation.

3: 被揍得鼻: with a bloody nose and swollen face.

4: 尿性: urine + sex/gender LOLOL. A playful/derogatory way to describe someone who has a distinct personality and temper, someone who’s very “fierce”

5: Ning Yishu refers to himself using 徒儿, a diminutive of the official word for disciple. It’s supposed to convey a closer relationship. While “small disciple” would probably be a more literal translation, I don’t think it conveys that level of closeness as intended, so I’ve opted for “your disciple” instead. Might consider making it “dear disciple” where appropriate.

6: 九天玄雷: I think I keep translating this as nine days of lightning? Or nine strikes of heavenly lightning? Apparently Xuan Lei is a sword spirit character from a game with the power of lightning. There’s also an online novel that goes by the name 《九天玄雷劈下来》(Ninth Heaven Xuan Lei Cuts Down)

7: 要不要点碧莲?: to be shameless; according to one answer it’s derived from an animated series called《一人之下》 but I can’t confirm or deny this claim.

Cheese: OH BOY I really am just asking to be abused (just like the ML COUGH COUGH) *lies down and cries* I’ve enjoyed my fair share of cultivation stories, but this is my first time mtl-ing one so if I don’t do it justice I hope that you never find out just how badly I fucked up bc you either haven’t read the raws or don’t know any chinese just like me.

DISCLAIMER: I myself don’t follow daoism so all information about their theories and such may be incorrect or unintentionally taken out of context. my bad in advance, but I’ll do my best.


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