MGCH Chapter 465

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (42)

Ning Yishu walked forward two steps, his heart clenched.

Then he looked back and saw the disgusting monster rearing on its hind legs, its two mouths open wide. It stretched out its long claws…

Beneath those claws, partly hidden in the mist, was a bloodied flying celestial skirt.


Ning Yishu’s mind went blank, and all those hesitations in his heart vanished.

At this moment, his mind flashed back to the deepest impression.

It was the scene where she opened the door, turning back with a smile.

“Idiot, next time you have to come earlier.”


Ning Yishu abruptly turned around and sprinted forward without any hesitation.

The monster let out a delighted laugh, as though it had spotted a delicious meal and was in high spirits.

Just when its paw fell on Bai Weiwei.

A red light, mixed with gold, pierced through the mist and into its palm.

The monster let out a wailing cry as it growled.

Ning Yishu attacked the beast as he lunged to Bai Weiwei’s side.

He looked up and saw Bai Weiwei quietly lying beside the stone, looking worse for wear and covered in blood.

For a moment, he couldn’t tell if she was dead or alive.

Suddenly, the guardian beast opened its mouths full of fangs and charged towards Bai Weiwei. It shoved aside Ning Yishu to grab her with its mouth.

Even if its paw was chopped off, it still wanted to eat women’s flesh.

Ning Yishu saw that she was about to be carried away by the guardian beast and desperately tried to snatch her back from its jaws.

But it was too late. The guardian beast’s movements were cunning and too fast to see clearly. Gripping Bai Weiwei’s clothes in its mouth, it prepared to leave quickly.

He only had time to grab her skirt. The skirt was fragile, and a corner of it was torn off.

Ning Yishu stared at the cloth in his hand, so angry his eyes seemed ready to pop out of their sockets. She was going to die.

She had to be saved and brought back.

Ning Yishu used all his strength to pursue, but in an instant, the guardian beast disappeared into the mist.

For the first time, he felt fear and dread. He was going to lose her.

As Ning Yishu’s mind was in a state of shock, a strange power poured out of his dantian.

This mighty power was so terrifyingly strong that the entire Scarlet Moon Mountain shuddered.

The six enormous eyes in the sky began to split open.

The golden, pure yang energy slowly crushed the entire hidden realm.

The first level of the Qi Refining stage, the second, third… the entire Qi Refining stage!

The golden qi in his dantian overflowed and burst out.

A huge vortex of qi formed around his head. He broke through the Foundation Establishment stage.

The system was in the middle of putting on a facemask, but when it spotted this scene…

It stared blankly.

Ning Yishu had already lost his sanity. The enormous volume of qi flowed in reverse, leaving him on the border of self-destruction.

His meridians, flesh, and blood had all been reforged countless times by the qi.

After reaching the Foundation Establishment stage his cultivation didn’t stagnate, but instead continued to increase.

Honglong1! He triggered the lightning tribulation.

He entered the Core Formation stage.

The system silently flipped through the novel. Clearly the male lead hadn’t reached Core Formation stage until two years later.

It hadn’t even been two fucking minutes, and he was already at Core Formation?

There was a word for this.


The terrifying Ning Yishu realized that his entire body was filled with strength. He moved so quickly that he didn’t even have a shadow.

Very quickly he caught up to the guardian beast.

One punch blew the guardian beast into pieces.

From amongst the blood and flesh, he reached out and caught the falling Bai Weiwei.

As the fog cleared, the golden power began to counterattack, nibbling away at the hidden realm’s power.

In the hidden realm’s ten thousand years of history, it had absorbed the qi of tens of thousands of cultivators, accumulating a horrifyingly immeasurable amount of power.

And this power was completely absorbed by Ning Yishu’s pure yang constitution.

1: 轰隆: rumble of thunder.

Cheese: Ning Yishu’s secret to reaching core formation in 2 minutes! See why Sects hate him!

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