MGCH Chapter 466

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (43)

This novel’s male lead was precisely a see-it-absorb-it super plug-in.

After absorbing and thoroughly digesting the hidden realm’s qi, it was likely he could break through to the late Nascent Soul stage.

The system silently covered its eyes. No, it refused to accept such a ludicrous, stupid piece of senseless writing.

Your mom, an ordinary male lead, in just a few minutes broke through several levels of cultivation, instantly reaching the Core Formation stage.

In a moment, he could even break through Core Formation and reach Nascent Soul.

What power was this? The power of love?

The big setup that he couldn’t cultivate with a young, immature body? Eaten by a dog.

Hehe, braindead author, giving ten thousand 1-stars. Roll this lazy shuangwen away.

This was totally outside the norm. Other people wrote a million characters just to reach the Foundation Establishment stage.

Ning Yishu would probably break through the void and ascend to become an immortal in just ten thousand characters.

Easily surviving the lightning tribulation, the Core Formation stage Ning Yishu had long hair that reached his calf, and his immature body had grown a lot, just like a jade tree1.

He lowered his head. His black pupils flowed with gold light, and he had a bearing of extreme arrogance.

Bai Weiwei frowned, seeming somewhat uncomfortable, but didn’t wake up.

Ning Yishu had read many novels over the years while preparing to cultivate. Having reached the Core Formation stage, he vaguely knew that a terrifying power existed within his body.

Under different circumstances, he would have been pleasantly surprised.

But now his eyes only saw her bloodstained appearance.

Ning Yishu tried to condense his qi to treat her wounds.

The wounds began to close up.

Bai Weiwei tightly furrowed her brows as she slowly woke up.

Ning Yishu’s expression slowly loosened up. He gazed at her, softly saying: “This time, I wasn’t late.”

A fool, he really was a fool.

He turned into a fool for a woman.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 55.】

The hidden realm began to collapse. Nearly all of the power accumulated over the last ten thousand years was snatched away by Ning Yishu.

The system silently opened the side task failure penalization form.

En, well, the male lead’s plot was pushed forward, and he instantly reached Core Formation stage.

It was completely reasonable.

There was no plot collapse.

So the punishment form didn’t have Bai Weiwei’s names listed.

The system glanced at the tags on 《The Supreme Immortal Cultivator》.

“Invincible and awesome2,” “I want to be awesome,” “Awesome awesome awesome!”, “Completely unreasonable writing,” “I’m brainless and I’m proud.”

System: “…”

So is this novel saying that, as long as the male lead is cool enough, it won’t be a plot breakdown?

Bai Weiwei woke up dazed and confused, and found herself being carried on someone’s back.

She rubbed her eyes and spotted Ning Yishu’s determined and calm profile. “Where are we?”

When Ning Yishu heard her voice, his entire body stiffened. Then, he said: “We’ve left the hidden realm, shifu. However, many great changes happened in the hidden realm. All the people inside died, and the hidden realm collapsed.”

They were inside for just a day.

But because of the distortion of time, ten days had passed outside.

In those ten days, many people had tried and failed to rescue the people inside.

Grand Heavens Mountain’s talented disciples, as well as the Nascent Soul stage Qiu Bai, had all died.

Less than ten people had escaped.

Bai Weiwei sneered, “It’s good that he died. Some of the people in Grand Heavens Mountain are Qiu Bai’s disciples. I’ll deal with them after I take over.”

Ning Yishu didn’t say a word as he slowly continued walking.

Bai Weiwei’s flying beast carriage followed behind.

But he wanted to carry her the entire way down.

Bai Weiwei suddenly asked: “What about the things I asked you to collect?”

Ning Yishu immediately replied: “I brought them all, waiting to give them to shifu.”

Bai Weiwei taunted: “Give me what? They’re all low-quality magic tools and low-grade spirit stones that can’t even enter my eyes. You take them, don’t throw them away.”

Ning Yishu: You clearly went all out to gather them, and now you don’t want them.

A woman’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the sea3.

1: 玉树: a young person with talent and good looks.

2: 爽: awesome or cool; can also have a sexual implication because of its common usage after having sex (because you feel sexually gratified after doing the do). Even when not used in a sexual connotation, though, it doesn’t seem to be used in formal situations and can come off as rude. This is also the same character found in the word shuangwen

3: 海底针: unfathomable


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  1. Ning Yishu had read many novels over the years while preparing to cultivate. Having reached the Core Formation stage, he vaguely knew that a terrifying power existed within his body.

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