MGCH Chapter 472

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (49)

Suddenly, Bai Weiwei coldly spat, “What are you still doing here? Now that you’re at Foundation Establishment stage, you want to be lazy? Hurry up and go cultivate. When you reach Core Formation stage, half of your blood and fire spiritual root energy will be used to treat my meridians.”

In the past, she had almost been forcefully possessed by her master.

And now, she had acquired each and every one of those vicious means.

And she used all of them on him.

Ning Yishu’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty ferocity. Then he promptly lowered his head, covering his awful expression.

“Yes, shifu.”

After Ning Yishu left.

Bai Weiwei’s fingers twitched. “Why do I feel like Ning Yishu wants to beat me to death?”

System: “What misunderstanding do you have about your stupid, vicious, hypocritical, and ultra-braindead character setting? When I see you I want to beat you to death.”

Look at the things she said, the things she did.

If the male lead didn’t want to beat her to death, it was true love.

Bai Weiwei raised her eyes to look at the health bar. Great, it was rising a bit.

She still kept up her vicious character setting.

Yet the favorability didn’t fall. This was true love.

Bai Weiwei began to sit in meditation. After all, she still had the virtue of being diligent.

Hehe, she still had virtues.

It was totally unexpected.

After meditating and absorbing some qi, Bai Weiwei was drowsy. Cultivating was very boring.

“Slagstem, the surrounding qi seems to be golden.”

System: “This is the male lead’s pure yang energy. When you absorb it you’ll fall asleep.”

Just as it said this, Bai Weiwei absorbed this knockout-drug-like pure yang energy, and promptly fainted.

Before she fell over, a tall figure suddenly appeared beside her, embracing her.

The long celestial skirt drooped. She quietly leaned against his chest, eyes closed in a deep sleep.

Ning Yishu carried her outside.

The Moonflowers at the mountaintop were in bloom. When he went to go pick these Moonflowers that could calm the nerves, he had spotted this sea of flowers.

His first reaction was that he wanted to see them with her.

The Moonflowers blossomed, then withered and fell, one by one. It was beautiful enough to be a dream.

Ning Yishu placed her in the flower field, then also lay down. He propped up his head with his hand as he quietly observed her.

Shifu, does it look good?”

He reached out and touched her face, his expression becoming extremely gentle.

“I didn’t think that I would have a woman I liked. There were times that I thought that people in love were unbearably mushy, wanting to send flowers and watch the clouds. I thought that they had a problem with their brains.”

“But today I learned, once you like someone, all these foolish things come very naturally as things you want to do.”

He liked her, wanted to hold her in his hands.

As long as she was willing to look at him, he was happy enough to lay awake all night.

Of course he knew what her temper was like.

Cruel and jealous, power-hungry and superficial, anything without value was trash.

Once something’s usefulness came to an end, she kicked it away.

So many shortcomings entered his eyes, but he naturally felt that everything about her was cute.

He struggled to suppress his spiking strength because he knew that this person.

Once she knew that he was stronger than her, she would begin to guard against him.

The people who hurt her had caused her to take such extremes.

Ning Yishu’s fingers slowly moved down. Her tranquil and beautiful face, amongst the Moonflowers, looked pure and bright.

“It doesn’t matter to me how vicious and capricious you are.”

Even if she was, as long as she was happy. He desperately wanted to hold her in his arms every day.


Ning Yishu’s eyes gradually became twisted and sinister.

“How could you use yourself as a bargaining chip, to go and seduce other men?”



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