ATMLWESM Chapter 5

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When the rich woman becomes high mountain flower (5)

Their meal was very quiet. Gu Yu had a cold personality and Qi Yinghan and Huo Cheng were not very talkative people so they only added to the conversation from time to time.

Gu Yu had no interest in what was happening between them. After putting down her spoon, she sat upright, and turned to look out the window while mentally (lol direct translation is brain space haha) chatting with her system until Huo Cheng directed the topic of discussion to her.

Huo Cheng suddenly said “The employees at the office were not sensible that night. Don’t take offense, sister-in-law. (idk how to make this sound more affectionate-cuz im p sure its supp to be affectionate)”

Gu Yu’s was suddenly dragged to the conversation and finally turned around to look at him. Huo Cheng stared directly at Gu Yu, smiling casually.

Gu Yu asked the system, “What the hell is the male lead thinking?”

The system looked at Gu Yu and lowered its head with a smile: “Humans are the single most complicated creatures in the universe, and therefore you will have to guess what he means yourself.”

The system suddenly changed it’s unintelligent view on life to a more philosophical view, making Gu Yu speechless from this sudden transformation. Knowing that Gu Yu could not get an answer from the system, Gu Yu raised her head and looked at the youth sitting opposite to her.

His eyes were calm and serene, yet there seemed to be something lurking in the depths of his eyes. Gu Yu intuition (I left out the dong wu part since animal’s intuition sounds weird) told her that she couldn’t delve any deeper.

So, Gu Yu only briefly glanced at him and then retrieved her gaze. Under the reminder of the system, Gu Yu lifted her chin and said lightly “ Huo Cheng, there’s no need to be polite” and then paused for a few seconds, and then added “You saved me once so we’re even now.”

 Her eyes never lingered on one person for too long. Huo Cheng’s impression of Gu Yu was that she hardly smiles. He suddenly had a random thought: Was she also like this in front of Qi Yinghan?

Proud, Cold, and Uncaring for others’ feelings.

Huo Cheng coughed and suddenly wanted to smoke a cigarette, but suppressed his impulses and gave a slight smile.

The atmosphere at the lunch table was extremely boring. Gu Yu had only stayed for a little while but could not sit still already. After notifying Qi Yinghan,  Gu Yu excused herself to go to the restroom. 

Only after Gu Yu left did Qi Yinghan open his mouth to say “A’Yu’s (affectionate nickname for Gu Yu) personality is cold but she is still a very good person. Please forgive her.” He (HuoCheng i think) lit a cigarette and gave a soft cough.

After hearing this, Huo Cheng just smiled and instead of asking another question: “Bro Qi, how long has it been since you last smoked?”

This question had come out of nowhere, yet Qi Yinghan knew what he meant.

These past years at the company, there was only him, Qi Yinghan, supporting the Qi family since the family had no younger generation (inheritors?) and therefore should not have smoked less. However, ever since he started living together with Gu Yu, he had never smoked again.

To be able to uphold that . . . Huo Cheng suppressed the feelings in his heart, raised his head and asked “You’ve decided that she is the one?”. 

For some unknown reason, Huo Cheng did not refer to Gu Yu as sister-in-law this time. Qi Yinghan also did not care. After listening to Huo Cheng, his fingers twitched, and looked towards Huo Cheng and said: “There is no one else for me. If you have time, then don’t forget to attend our wedding ceremony.” 

Hearing the importance that he had placed in Gu Yu, Huo Cheng lowered his gaze and thought that he should, perhaps, restrain himself and bury that dream in the depths of his heart.

“So what if he got her.” Huo Cheng slowly closed his eyes, contemplating. At this time, Qi Yinghan just happened to have left to pick up a phone call, missing Huo Cheng’s abnormality.

Looking at Qi Yinghan outside, Huo Cheng sneered and then snuffed out his cigarette, his expression was indifferent. But when Qi Yinghan returned, Huo Cheng reverted back to his expression before.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Cheng asked after Qi Yinghan returned with a frown on his face, diverting the topic.

Qi Yinghan shook his head: “Just received a phone call notifying me that Bai Lang has been retrieved from the police station.” Huo Cheng was not surprised after hearing this: “Bai Hezhou took his nephew directly to the Qi Family’s House?”

The Qi family and Bai Family were family friends. However, such an event happened and Qi Yinghan intentionally did not save face for the Bai Family, in order to teach Bai Lang a lesson. However, he didn’t think that Bai Hezhou would directly take his people to go to the Qi Family to admit their wrongs.

This type of situation wasn’t really suitable for the proud Gu Yu. 

“Huo Cheng, when A’ Yu comes out … …” Qi YingHan paused, a little hesitant.

Huo Cheng understood what he was asking for and he should have refused. After all, he had just barely convinced himself to give up on Gu Yu. But, the words were stuck in his mouth, he was a little out of control. 

Huo Cheng heard himself say: “You first go there to resolve the issue, and I’ll take my sister-in-law home a little later.”

It had already come to this point so Qi Yinghan could only nod and send a message notifying Gu Yu before leaving.

When Gu Yu received the message, she was still in the restroom. Originally she had come out for some fresh air and could have returned right away. However, on her way back, she had crashed into a busy waiter, causing fruit juice to spill on her dress causing her embarrassment.

The corner of her dress was soaked with the stain, contrasting vividly against the expensive dress.

GuYan had originally wanted to tie the ends of her long dress together. Just as she was going to tie it together, the system smiled and reminded Gu Yu with a lazy voice: “Host, a qualified High Mountain Flower would not do this.” 

Gu Yu, as a self proclaimed swan, felt a little helpless: “Then what do you want me to do? After all, I can’t just walk out like this right?”

Gu Yu lowered her head and took a look at the stain on her dress, and her forehead unconsciously wrinkled. Gu Yu had mysophobia so wearing this dress in this state for this long is already a feat in itself.  

When Gu Yu frowned, she wasn’t waiting for the system’s answer, but was because she saw a shadow in the mirror. 

Huo Cheng had actually been standing there, beside her, for a very long time now. Initially, it was because she had been gone a long time and was a little worried, so he had come over to take a look. But he did not expect to see the conflicted side of her.

On the bottom of her skirt there was a huge stain; She was tightly gripping her fingers with a lowered head and a frown on her face. When she wasn’t speaking, she would always give off a very cold feeling. No, it’s more like she always gives off a cold feeling.

Huo Cheng had always thought that he did not like the cold type, but today, when seeing Gu Yu again, the cold and unfeeling eyes caused his heart to involuntarily–tremble with excitement. 

Huo Cheng felt that he was like a pervert because everytime he was with Gu Yu, he would think of that dream, the dream where Gu Yu was wearing his T-shirt. The Gu Yu in the dream and the Gu Yu standing in front of him seemed to overlap and merge together.  

This made him feel like he was just a little closer, closer to embracing her tightly in his arms.

Unfortunately, in the end, she was someone else’s. Qi Yinghan’s name raised in his heart. Huo Cheng fingertips caressed lightly. He covered up the emotions in his eyes and when Gu Yu looked over, he said lightly: “Sister-in-law has encountered some difficulties?” 

His tone was calm. Gu Yu looked down at the stain on her dress and felt that there was no point in hiding it. So, she nodded and said quietly, “just now, I accidentally crashed into someone.”

Just as Gu Yu was about to ask for help for Huo Cheng, after a long time heard the voice of the system, harbouring evil intent: “She clutched the male lead’s sleeve, eyes rimmed with red, and cries: Help me… …”

Help? Help me my a*s.

Gu Yu was startled by the system’s annoying voice, remembering what the voice had said, the three words could not be said anymore. Facing Huo Chang’s gaze, Gu Yu could only pretend to be distant and cold, asking in a icy voice: “Why are you here?”

Facing her attitude, Huo Cheng didn’t take offense and calmly replied: “Bro Qi has some something he needs to do and gone back in advance. He let me send you home.”

Knowing that the male lead never lies, Gu Yu did not question the authenticity of this matter. She only wondered what event caused Qi Yinghan to be this anxious, even ditching her halfway and leaving first.

She thought to herself, her brow wrinkling slightly, yet the side of her face reflected in the mirror revealed a startling and beautiful visage. Huo Cheng, looking at her cold slender neck in the mirror, retracted his gaze. Opening his mouth to respond: “It will be pretty cold outside. If my sister-in-law doesn’t mind, you can put on my jacket first.”

Gu Yu just realised that, on his right shoulder, was a suit jacket. She wasn’t stupid. She knew that Guo Cheng saying it’s cold outside was just an excuse and that he really cares about giving her face. He didn’t really care about the stain on her dress.

Gu Yu gave a quick look and really wanted to accept the offer. However, remembering the system’s words reminding her, she really didn’t dare to do anything. As a result, she could only refuse: “No need.”

There were only two people in the restroom. The atmosphere in the restroom was very awkward. Gu Yu thought that after her refusal, Huo Cheng would not insist, but he just casually smiled, opened his suit, and slipped it on her. 

“What do you think he’s thinking?” the system suddenly voiced.

Who the hell knew what he was thinking. Gu Yu felt that this male lead was totally not playing the cards reasonably. She unconsciously wanted to take off the suit, but her hands were grabbed.

“Sister-in-law, even if you don’t put me in your eyes, you shouldn’t treat your own body badly.” Huo Cheng said solemnly as if it really was cold outside. The hand grasping her wrist had not let go. Gu Yu knew that she could not loosen his grasp, so could only release a cold feeling and avert her eyes from him.

Huo Cheng raised the corner of his lips and did not take offense to this.

He lowered his eyes and took a wet tissue from the side, crouched down with his long legs spread apart, half kneeling and started to wipe her dress.

Gu Yu was used to acting like a swan and being pampered. At this moment, having the male lead kneel down and wipe her dress was nothing surprising.

On the contrary it was the system who felt pensive, it gave Gu Yu a smile and spoke out: “Host, do you still remember your plans?”

Plan? What plan? Slapping the male lead in the face? After hearing the system’s reminder, Gu Yu remembered that today’s agenda was almost over, but she still had yet to implement her plans.

She glanced down at Huo Cheng, with some hesitation in her heart. Wouldn’t it be inhuman to hit someone when he was currently wiping her dress?

But she wasn’t human anyway.

At this time, Gu Yu had already fixed her gaze. A swan talking about humanity? The tasks are the most important. Anyways, she was a cold flower that could only be looked at and not touched. Thinking this way in her heart, the reflection of the woman in the mirror’s long eyelashes trembled, her white porcelain skin under the lights gave off a unfriendly(meh 不近人情 means more like doesn’t care about other ppl’s feelings- idk a word that could replace unfriendly) temperature.

Huo Cheng used the wet wipe to wipe off a stain and said lightly, “This dress can’t be worn anymore. If you really like it, I can find the designer of this dress to make you a new one.”

The cold touch stuck to the skin, the man talking remained calm, except when he saw the red mark on her ankle. 

Huo Cheng lowered his eyes. The dress fitted her really well, but unfortunately it was put on by another man. Thinking this way, he felt a little jealous.


Not knowing how long it took, just as Huo Cheng was getting up, Gu Yu counted, in her heart, one … two… three… and she finally moved her hand.

The slap caught him off guard, Gu Yu shocked herself. She had thought that Huo Cheng would avoid it, or would at least stop her hand. But she did not expect that he would have accepted her slap.

The air was silent for a moment. A few seconds later, a lazy voice sounded in her mind.

“Congratulations, the plan was executed perfectly.” The system took out the task book that she had assigned before, and slowly smiled.

Gu Yu suddenly felt that the system was really an expert when looking for death. 

The next second, she heard herself say an even more (looking for death) stage line: “I don’t like other people touching me.”

The author has something to say: 

O~~ O~~The swan is starting to look for death. Let’s start preparing the candles in advance.

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