I Need to Skip Out on this Marriage

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Translator: Hali

Chapter 1: This dilemma cannot stop him

Wen Qi, with a bandage on his left wrist, silently drank porridge with his right hand. His face was delicately pale because of excessive blood loss.

In early spring, the weather was warm, the wind blew in from the half-opened window, and the bells rang.

The bedroom was large, and the luxury of it was a bit simple.

There weren’t many things in the room, but there was a bed, a wardrobe, a dressing table, a sofa, and a dining table, the rest of the room was empty, with the occasional wind bells, making it feel even more empty.

A tall man stood next to the table and watched Wen Qi finish his porridge. In a cold voice, he said, “You’d better behave yourself and stop trying.”

Wen Qi bowed his head and wiped his mouth, but didn’t respond. 

The man continued to warn: “If you make trouble again, I’ll take you to live in the mental hospital, I’ll see how you can still seek death!” “

Wen Qi’s body was stiff, but he still hadn’t opened his mouth. The man thought that he was afraid and snorted coldly, but if he had looked at Wen Qi’s face, he wouldn’t have thought so – Wen Qi’s face was weary, and he didn’t take him seriously at all.

Wen Qi threw the napkin on the table, saw the wound on his wrist, and made a “tut” sound in his heart. (clicking his tongue) 

Today was his first day on this planet.

Just yesterday, he was piloting the plane and when he took off,  he crashed and woke up here. The original owner that passed was also called Wen Qi, but this wasn’t earth.

As far as he knew, a plane should take less than 50 hours to fly around the earth. 

But here, it would take a month to circle half of the planet even with the most advanced artifacts. As far as to why half a circle, since the other half of the planet was still a mystery, only the ocean was known, and the magnetic field was too weird to explore as well. So when Wen Qi received the memory of the original owner, he knew that this was another planet.

But that didn’t matter. 

Now the important thing was that he wasn’t in good condition.

The original owner was the young master of a wealthy family, he also had a god-level fiance, but he escaped marriage for a strange reason.

That was all, but sadly, he met with a series of unfortunate event’s on the road and finally fell into the hands of human traffickers. He was dragged into the operating room to change his face and was sold to the northwest continent of the Ju star country. And it was this unfriendly man, Huai En Te, who bought the original owner. 

Juxing was a small country.

The appealing thing about this place was that there was no bigamy, and polygamy was okay.

In recent days, the Huo family, a big family in Juxing, wanted to expand the harem for the new head of the family. Countless families who wished to cling onto the Huo family went crazy.

Huai En Te did the same.

But, when he heard that the Huo old family head was seriously ill, he began to calculate. There was also that elegant young man he had partnered with. Both of them had learned noble etiquette together to better their leadership style, to improve their force, they also made various proofs, claiming to be an ancient noble who had lived in solitude for many years.

Unfortunately, it was not the best thing to do, just when they finished registering him, and the Huo family arranged the meeting date, the teenager unexpectedly died. Huai En Te was splashed with cold water and was in despair when he saw the original owner who was said to be “a spoiled young master” in the hands of human traffickers, he immediately bought him.

To show his sincerity, Huai En Te explained to the original owner his current situation and told the original owner that as long as they cooperate, both of them will have a good life in the future. The original owner refused on the spot and wanted Huai En Te to send him home.

Huai En Te said, “do you know how powerful that family is? They’re going to see us soon. If I don’t take you, then it’ll be like me committing suicide,” he said with a sneer, “and you said you’re related to master Wen, then where do you look like him?”

The original owner had said, “It’s because they changed my face!”

Huai En Te was unmoved: “What do you want to wait until you meet the Huo family.”

A few days later, it was time to choose a candidate.

The original owner and Huai En Te were led into the room with a camera. A voice suddenly came, asking them to introduce themselves and give a talent show. The original owner immediately yelled that he was the young master of the Wen family and was sold to Huai En Te, and hoped that they could help.

Someone over the camera said faintly: “I like this show, you are qualified.” 

Original Owner: “…”

Huai En Te, who thought he was going to mess up: “…”

The next thing couldn’t be changed by the original owner at all, because it was Huo Haoqiang, the head of the family since he chose the original owner. It was useless for the original owner to struggle.

 The original owner was shocked.

 Huai En Te said coldly, “If you make trouble again, I’ll send you directly to the mental hospital.”

The original owner looked pale. 

He continued, “I’ll tell you, even if you are the Wen family’s young master, it’s useless. It will take at least half a month to fly from here to your home. With the power of Huo’s, you can’t escape at all. Please accept your life.”

No money, no power, no potential, and no identification, he cried out to the heavens, but the heavens didn’t respond. Cry out to the earth, but the earth was impervious. [1]

The original owner was to be Mrs. Huo, either die or to be put in a mental hospital. How could a spoiled young master escape?

This was a separate question.

So when the original Lord learned that Huo Haoqiang was going to sleep with him, he committed suicide.

But the body didn’t die, so the original owner was replaced by Wen Qi.

He moved his left hand, and it hurts a little.

“Don’t move, rest easy.” Huai En Te was trying to get someone to clean the table, suddenly a maid came in and said, “Nine madam, oldest madam is coming.”

Before the maid could finish, he heard a cold Humph, and when Wen Qi raised his head, he was almost blinded.

Apart from the servants, there were five other people, both men, and women, came in, brightly dressed and covered with shiny stones, some with freckles, carrying there chines high, like a flock of wild chicken’s covered with jewels ready to fight.

Leng Heng was the big lady. She stopped in front of Wen Qi and asked, “Xiao Jiu, I heard you cut your wrists?

Huai En Te lead the way, “No, our young master just got hurt by accident.”

“Did I ask you?” The big lady didn’t even look at him, but she still stared at Wen Qi. Her beautiful eyes were full of unhappiness, “I don’t care what it is. You have to marry into the Huo family and let your husband see your blessing……”

Wen Qi interrupted her: “Do you think I’m rare?”

The unworthy boy! There was a flash of anger in Huai En Te’s eyes.

The madam’s voice got colder: “What are you talking about?”

“I said, don’t bother me! Get out of here! ” Wen Qi screamed and rushed frantically to them.

This was unexpected and surprised everyone.

Leng Heng retreated. Huai En Te went up to pull people back. However, the servant of the eldest lady gave Wen Qi a good push. The latter stumbled on his feet and fell back.

Qi Wen watched the Angle and let his elbow and his head fall to the ground at the same time. His elbow hit the ground with a dull thump, he moved his head slightly, and then he closed his eyes.

His movements were so subtle that everyone thought he had hit the back of his head with a “bang,” and his head even bounced up a bit, which led to his unconsciousness. At that moment, the old lady held her breath. She was stunned by the change. After two seconds of silence, she managed to calm down, “Come on, call the doctor. “

She looked at Huai En Te, “What’s the matter with him?”

Huai En Te estimated that someone was going to be driven crazy and explained with anger: “The Young Master was shocked yesterday and is emotionally unstable.”

The old lady was weak: “forget it, let him get better first. Let’s go.”

A group of people came and went. The bedroom was very quiet. Huai En Te took Wen Qi to bed and suppressed his grumpy mood, waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis.

Wen Qi naturally pretended to be unconscious and went to sleep until noon. Huai En Te remained with him, subconsciously trying to teach him a lesson, but afraid of provoking him, he was stuck. As Wen Qi looked at him, he wondered, “Who are you?”

Huai En Te froze, “… what?” 

Wen Qi stood up, looked around the bedroom, and turned to him again: “what is this? Who are you? Wait, who am I? “

Wen Qi-supported his head and frowned.

Huai En Te quickly called the doctor, and indeed got an expected answer: this boy lost his memory!

He was relieved the result couldn’t have been better for him. He spoke slowly, “don’t think about it, young master, lest you have a headache. Maybe it will come to you in a few days.”

Wenqi said, “you called me, young master?”

Huai En Te answered: “well, you’re the young master of our Wu family, and recently married into the Huo family.”

He spoke with great patience and a very different attitude. Wen Qi leaned against the bed and listened. He didn’t nod until he finished saying, “so I’m here because of my family?”

Huai En Te said, “Yes, Young Master, the Wu family is counting on you.”

How sweet, Wen Qi laughed inside his heart and said “I understand,”

Huai En Te was pleased: “It’s almost noon. Would you like something to eat?”

Wen Qi responded and watched the man leave. He got out of bed and walked to the window and looked outside.

He made himself amnesic because he needed a reason for his personality change and to ease the relationship with Huai En Te. 

 He narrowed his eyes and turned his thoughts to the experience of the original owner, feeling that there were too many coincidences in his life after he runaway and that the most definite possibility was that after when the original owner left home, someone did not want him to come back.

This was interesting.

If they didn’t let the original owner go home, he should go back and have a look. In his last life, he lived in the most sinister top Society for more than 20 years. This dilemma could kill the original owner, but it couldn’t stop him.

When Wen Qi heard the door open, he strolled to the dining table and sat down. Watching Huai En Te put down his plate, he said, “tell me about the Huo family. I’ve decided to get on my feet as soon as possible.”

Huai En Te said: “The Huo family’s owner is Huo Haoqiang, twenty-two years old, and just took over the family, three months ago …” 

“Nine Madame,” interrupted the maid who hurried into the room, “the master is coming.”

Wen Qi raised his eyebrows, hey, his husband came.

Previously, the original owner was separated from Huo Haoqiang by the camera. He didn’t know his appearance.

Several bodyguards took the first step through the door, quickly standing in two rows, each with a stern look and a hidden evil spirit. The atmosphere of the whole bedroom changed. Wen Qi secretly complained, what a big show. He took a cup of water and drunk it, intending to moisten his voice and prepare for battle. Then a boy with a baby face entered the door.

The teenager visually measured around 160 centimeters (5,2), dressed in a Chinese suit, with precious stones on them that were more dramatic than the other ladies that came in before. His ears were decorated with bird feathers. They swayed back and forth as he walked. His face was expressionless. As Wen Qi wondered if anyone else had arrived with his family, he heard Huai En Te respectfully say to the teenager, “Young master.”

Wen Qi took a sip of water, and started coughing while holding the table: “Cough cough …” 

Huo Haoqiang: “…”

Huai En Te: “…”

Bodyguards: “…”

1: 叫天天不应,叫地地不灵: To be up the creek without a paddle; to be without any aid

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