MGCH Chapter 482

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (59)

Bai Weiwei used all her strength to suppress the killing intent in her eyes. She tried to smile, but her smile was somewhat ugly, and her voice sounded extremely unnatural.

“It turned out to be a great senior. That disciple of mine is very stupid and has no value… if you’ve killed him, then you’ve killed him.”

When Bai Weiwei said this, the fury in her eyes couldn’t be suppressed.

She was completely tense, and one could make out the effort in her flattering smile.

Ning Yishu stared at her blankly. Her reaction…

He was struck with a wild joy.

He didn’t dare to believe it. Did she care about him?

Because she cared, when she discovered that he was potentially possessed, she looked at him in rage and disgust.

Her disguise was too clumsy. Anyone could see that her mouth said she didn’t care, but the flames of rage in her eyes couldn’t wait to burn him alive.

The dark despair in his eyes glimmered with a tinge of hope.

She still cared about him.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 75.】

Bai Weiwei: This favorability. Go through the motions a bit and it immediately soared up. 

Ning Yishu finally gave a genuine laugh. “I haven’t been possessed, shifu. I had a fortuitous encounter, and that’s why my cultivation speed is so amazing.”

Bai Weiwei was stupefied for a long moment. She seemed to be recalling any heaven-defying fortuitous encounters that could cause a person’s cultivation to rise up.

Ning Yishu held out his hand. The bloodstained dagger lay quietly on his palm.

“This dagger contains a heavenly soul. It can control the world’s qi, and it can increase a person’s cultivation speed without limit.”

Bai Weiwei glanced at the dagger and suddenly reached out to grab it.

But before she could come in contact with it, her fingers were burned.

Ning Yishu stayed in the same position, quietly watching her actions.

He seemed to have already known she would have this sort of reaction.

Ning Yishu smiled softly, but his eyes were as cold as ice. “I knew it. Shifu was only pretending to worry about me in order to figure out my cultivation method.”

He was kicked onto the platform, and she had watched with her eyes open1 as he was attacked by an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator.

How could someone like her have even half a sliver of compassion for him?

When Bai Weiwei’s attempt failed, she shifted her gaze, unable to ignore her guilty conscience.

She laughed twice. “You are my disciple. Seeing your cultivation reach such heights, I also feel happy.”

This insincere little appearance.

Ning Yishu no longer believed her words. In the dreamworld, she could smile and talk cheerfully with her enemies, then in the blink of an eye she could use the cruelest methods to kill her master.

She had never been a kindhearted person.

On the contrary, she was extremely vicious.

Ning Yishu finished dressing her in the wedding dress. The bright red robe stretched across the ground. The bright light outlined her beautiful face, like a flirtatious peach blossom.

Shifu really looks good.”

The corners of Bai Weiwei’s mouth quirked up, and she suddenly stood up.

The skirt of her wedding dress swayed with her footsteps.

Ning Yishu fiercely grabbed her hand, his eyes sharp. “Where is shifu going?”

Bai Weiwei wanted to throw him off, but her expression was hesitant, somewhat not daring to do it.

She forced herself to smile. “Didn’t you want to get married? Let’s go bow to heaven and earth2.”

The cultivation world was also quite worldly, and its wedding ceremony customs weren’t too different from those in the mortal world.

It was just that, in the end, the couple was dubbed dual cultivation partners instead.

Ning Yishu’s eyes and brows softened.

But the next moment he heard her continue: “If we’re going to get married, could you give half of the dagger’s energy to me? I still want to break through to the Immortal Ascension stage.”

Ning Yishu’s eyes and brows were covered in a layer of frost.

He silently pursed his lips. Just when Bai Weiwei thought he was going to kill her, he suddenly laughed.

“We’re getting married. Everything you want, I will get it for you.”

Bai Weiwei smiled brightly. “Then you… can you give it to me now?”

Ning Yishu’s smile gradually stiffened. The cold air in his eyes finally couldn’t be restrained, and the spiritual energy around him began to fluctuate.

“All shifu wants is my spiritual energy, not me.”

1: 眼睁睁: unfeeling

2: 拜天地: part of a traditional wedding ceremony. Bow to heaven and earth, bow to one’s parents, and bow to each other.


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  1. “In the dreamworld, she could smile and talk cheerfully with her enemies, then in the blink of an eye she could use the cruelest methods to kill her master.”

    He said, as if he hadn’t actively taught her to hide her grudges, and looked on fondly as she slaughtered her master. =.=

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