MGCH Chapter 483

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (60)

Bai Weiwei, finding his reaction suspicious, remained silent. She wanted to explain herself, but before she could open her mouth, her body had been thrown onto the bed.


Startled, she lifted her head and threw out an attack.

Unfortunately, her fierce attack was instantly dissolved; the qi in the air completely ignored her commands.

Her raised hand was tightly restrained. A thin golden chain made from spiritual power shackled her hands and sealed all her internal energy.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t hold back her ruthless and unruly temper.

“Ning Yishu, you waste, do you want to bully your teacher and ruin your ancestors?”

Ning Yishu pressed her down. His dark hair fell down from his shoulders, and his eyes were cold, without a trace of pity or mercy.

“In your eyes, have I always been a waste who is unworthy of you?”

Bai Weiwei glared at him in anger. “You have this great opportunity but won’t share it with me, and instead you keep it for yourself. Now that you’re better than me, you intend to make reprisals and torment me?”

Only then did Ning Yishu remember.

In the past, her shifu had wiped out her family, tortured her, and tried to possess her body.

In the end, she finally gave her shifu a wretched death… he hadn’t been present in the past, so how did she kill her shifu by herself?

This doubt flashed through his mind.

Having gone through such an experience, she must have thought that he wanted to take revenge and kill her.

Bai Weiwei bared her teeth and bit his upper arm. She had lost her spiritual energy and couldn’t even slightly budge him.

Seeing her struggling desperately, Ning Yishu gently lifted her head up. He lowered his head and captured her lips. He tilted his head, rubbing and licking, itching to swallow her whole.

The kiss was full of despair and tender affection.

Bai Weiwei’s scalp felt numb from his kiss.

After much suffering, when he had kissed enough, he reluctantly let go of her.

When he saw her watery eyes and her flushed cheeks, the restless darkness in his heart finally dispersed a bit.

He picked her up. “I had thought about it once, to share this opportunity with you and allow your road to cultivation go more smoothly.”

Ning Yishu’s pace was quick.

They soon arrived at the area in Grand Heavens Mountain where dual cultivators branded their souls1.

Bai Weiwei was somewhat pale. She still had an anxious and doubtful look in her eyes.

She didn’t know what Ning Yishu’s plan was.

Ning Yishu placed her on the soul-branding array.

“Unfortunately, I can’t be at ease, shifu. You are too fierce.” 

He came to know her temper in the dreamworld. She had never let her heart be moved by anyone.

If she treated someone well, it was because she had some use for them.

The only one who had brought about her happy appearance was Yu Chen.

But Yu Chen had been killed by him. She likely hated him even more.

Ning Yishu splayed out his fingers. Powerful golden spiritual energy began to modify the soul-branding array.

This array’s function was simply to imprint the souls of both parties in a dual cultivation pair with the other’s soul.

This imprint allowed a person to know where their partner was, whether or not they were dead, and other such simple information.

And it was very easy to undo.

The array formation slowly became more complex. The complicated figures began to look like shackles. It was both beautiful and horrifying.

Bai Weiwei also had some general knowledge of array formations. When she saw the array, she felt that something was off.

“What are you doing? Ning Yishu?”

Ning Yishu injected his spirit power into the array. In the golden light, his expression looked stubborn and crazed.

“Branding the soul? No, I want to lock the soul, so that no one can undo our dual cultivation marks.”

He stood in the middle of the array formation and looked at Bai Weiwei, who was powerlessly lying on the ground. The madness in his eyes resurfaced.

1: 双修弟烙魂: from what I can tell, in this world, dual cultivators will brand their souls (with the name of their partner?)


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  1. As a rule of thumb, any world that allows male leads to get beyond the skin Bai Weiwei’s wearing to access her souly bits will always be just a liiiitle more dangerous. After all, that is her real soul.

    1. If it’s her real soul, and it’s a 2-way brand, doesn’t that mean she’ll be able to recognize that the ML is always the same person, even in the real world? I can feel the plot point already.

  2. Oh dear… will she EVER be able to escape this hell-plane if he tries to brand her soul?!

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