ATMLWESM Chapter 6

Translator: Hali/Sasa

When the rich woman becomes high mountain flower (6)

After saying that, Gu Yu started to feel regretful. But it was too late for regret, the slap had been thrown out and the words were said. Her high mountain flower image can’t collapse now, even if she wanted to.

As a result, she could only turn to the system for comfort, while raising her jaw and staring coldly at Huo Cheng.

This was clearly an embarrassing situation. Her skirt was still wet, but Gu Yan still acted aloof. This sense of superiority did not come from her looks or her identity but from her person.

Huo Cheng looked at her quietly, unable to see her mood. The alarm bells started ringing in Gu Yu’s heart, and Gu Yu felt a little afraid. Asking the system: “The male lead wouldn’t be thinking about slapping me back right?”

Gu Yu knew that this slap had definitely offended the male lead. After all, the original book had mentioned that Huo Cheng was two-faced on the surface he had a handsome face but on the inside, he had a sinister heart. In the end, if people who offended him didn’t turn up dead, then they turned up disabled.

She became more and more terrified, in her heart, yet her appearance remained a look of arrogance to the extreme. Her thinking was currently a mess, yet Huo Cheng only calmly looked at her quietly for a few seconds, then slowly curled the corner of his lips: “If sister-in-law doesn’t like it, then I won’t touch.”

His voice was as light as ever. If it weren’t for the bright red mark on his face, Gu Yu would have thought that this was all a small joke. But, it obviously wasn’t.

When he finished speaking, he no longer looked at Gu Yu anymore causing the system to suddenly say: “You should be more careful of him.”

  Gu Yu doesn’t need this reminder as she already knows. But after hearing the system’s words, Gu Yu still had a sliver of hope and asked: “Since that’s the case, do I still need to keep up this pretense?”

If she continued to be this proud, Gu Yu felt that she probably would not be able to last until the third plot point. She was struggling, but the system broke her fantasy with a smile.

“Of course, let me remind you. This is how your original character acts.” 


I really believed your rainbow fart! (it’s lies)

Gu Yu’s forehead jumped a little. In her heart, she criticized the system for having no humanity while, on the surface, she maintained her cold profile.

Huo Cheng removed his gaze from upon her: “Don’t forget to take your suit.” Pretending to be disgusted, she removed his suit from her shoulders. Turning around, she left the restroom.

The system gave her a look and slowly smiled: “Your acting skills have improved again.”

All the way back, Gu Yu’s palms were sweating and she didn’t dare look back. After what the system said, she also thought her acting skill had improved a lot: “ Is he already shocked by my viciousness?” she whispered.

As a cold, poisonous female, Gu Yu felt that there was no one more dedicated than her.

The system agreed with a smile, voicing mysteriously: “His mood right now … is really complicated.”

Say that male lead who supposedly had a “complex mood”, was actually not that angry. Instead, he was actually wasn’t able to control himself. The suit was left on his arm. Huo Cheng picked up a brooch from the floor with a mysterious look in his eyes. His attitude was still calm. Only he knew that there was a moment in which he almost lost control — and grabbed her neck.

Under the lamp, the beauty lifted her jaw, her hair was splayed over her shoulders. Huo Cheng always knew that Gu Yu was very beautiful, but, only when she looked at him coldly did he realize how this beauty could calamitous to the point of causing death.

 Gu Yu was like a proud swan, compelling others to hold her carefully, but more so to — break her wings and watch her fall step by step into the dust.

The more she proudly raised her head, the more he wanted to ruin her. This desire roiled in Huo Cheng’s heart, making his eyes dull, but, in the end, slowly calmed down with the sound of heels clacking. 

Only after a long time was Huo Cheng able to walk out of the restaurant with a calm look. After calling his driver, he concealed his emotions and called out to Gu Yu who was waiting for a taxi outside the entrance of the restaurant: “This is the suburbs. There are few taxis willing to take people.”

He saw her pause after hearing his voice, turning her head to look at him. He continued to say: “Si-ge doesn’t want last time’s thing to happen again, right?”

Huo Cheng said this in a very calm manner. Gu Yu did not know what he was really thinking about, but he did not give up immediately.

A cold mountain flower would not be that easy to compromise with. So, she waved over several taxis. However, there was not one taxi who actually stopped for her.

Huo Cheng took this all into account and smiled: “Si-ge, Bro Qi asked me to send you home.” When he mentioned Qi Yinghan, Gu Yu gave him a second look and finally turned to the black Bentley next to him.

The driver had been waiting for them for a long time, but he did not dare to say a word. Seeing people coming, he quickly got off and opened the car door.

Gu Yu sat on the co-pilot seat, Hou Cheng smiled and sat in the back.

The two did not speak until the car reached the villa area. Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart, thinking that she didn’t need to stay with the male leat at last. Her hand tightly clasped to the small bag finally loosened a little.

On the other hand, there was no change on Huo Cheng’s face, except for the faint traces on his face.

After a few minutes, the car finally stopped. Gu Yu was getting ready to get off when she found that it was raining hard outside.  

 Even without opening the door the pouring rain made feel cold, she frowned and was thinking about borrowing an umbrella from Huo Cheng, but before she could so that she saw a familiar car. Qi Yinghan just came from the old house, he stopped when he saw Hou Cheng’s car.

“Qi-ge” Huo Cheng called.

Qi Yinghan nodded: “Is Ah Yu in there?”

As soon as he finished asking he saw Gu Yu who was going to open the door. He frowned, without saying anything, he took an umbrella from the car and opened the door to get out of the car.

 As soon as Gu Yu got of Hou Cheng’s car, she was pulled under the umbrella, Qi Yinghan shaded her with the umbrella, he frowned with a disagreeing look: “It’s raining hard, why didn’t you wait for me to come down first.”

His voice was low but was full of concern.

Gu Yu didn’t retort, but lowered her eyes and said, “Thank you.”

Qi Yinghan pursued his lips, took his suit off and covered her with it, then he looked to his side and saw that Huo Cheng had also come out.

“It’s been hard on you.” He said slowly.

Huo Cheng shook his head: “It’s okay,”  and then added, “you should take care of sister in law.”

Since Qi Yinghan came, Gu Yu hadn’t given Huo Cheng a second glance.

Qi Yinghan didn’t doubt him, his brow softened and he patted him on his shoulder. “it’s raining so hard tonight. if it’s convenient for you, please stay with us and go back tomorrow.”

Qi Yinghan was a very domain-conscious person, and wouldn’t invite anyone if he didn’t have a good relationship with them. Huo Cheng also knew. His fingers paused, but he only said: “No need for Qi Ge. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. This place is also far from the company.”

See him say so, Qi Yinghan didn’t insist, and after telling him to be careful, he watched Huo Cheng prepared to leave.

The lights were on in the rainy night, and when Huo Cheng turned around, he vaguely revealed slight traces on his face. Qi Yinghan looked up and saw it unintentionally. His heart was a little confused.

He secretly wrote this in his heart, turned around and saw that he didn’t know what the person in front of him was thinking. He could not help saying, “ah Yu, what are you thinking?”

Gu Yu was in a daze when she was suddenly interrupted, she was startled. But fortunately, she had already become accustomed to her high mountain flower setting, she didn’t reveal anything and slightly shook her head: “Nothing.”

From Qi Yinghan’s perspective, he only saw Gu Yu’s drooping eyes thinking about things. His eyes were bright and full of thoughtfulness, he just fixed her clothes and didn’t ask any more questions.

The two of them came home in spite of the rain. Qi Yinghan had been shading the umbrella over her all the way, causing himself to be covered in the rain and his clothes were all wet when he got back.

Gu Yu hesitated for a moment, then said, “Thank you.”

Qi Yinghan paused as he was hanging his clothes and looked at Gu Yu. His eyes softened gradually. “Ah Yu, do you want to be so polite to me all the time?”

The two of them were unmarried couples and would get married in two months.  Was it really necessary to be so polite? Qi Yinghan smiled coldly and went into the bathroom.

Gu Yu originally wanted to go back to her room and take a bath, but when she walked to the door, she found that she couldn’t take off her skirt. She tried several times in front of the mirror, but couldn’t touch the zipper, she couldn’t help but be a little annoyed.

If only she had two wings. She didn’t need to wear clothes or take these troublesome clothes off. The sound of the water in the bathroom is still going. Gu Yu thought about it and then returned to the living room sofa and prepared to wait for Qi Yinghan to come out and help her.

As soon as Qi Yinghan came out, he saw Gu Yu sitting on the sofa frowning, he was surprised, but when he saw the red marks on her back, then realized that her skirt wouldn’t come off.

He paused for a moment and looked at Gu Yu, who was sitting on the sofa. “Ah Yu, do you need help?”

He had always had a cold appearance, and it didn’t make any sense to say that.

“He really said it.” The system laughed. 

Gu Yu solemnly agreed with it, although she was waiting for this sentence, the design of high mountain flower didn’t allow her to easily agree, so she pretended to frown, hesitated for a long time under Qi Yinghan’s eyes, and then she slowly turned around and said. 

“Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Qi Yinghan was a little dumbfounded, but he still bowed his head.

The bones of his hands were very beautiful. Gu Yu once thought he was a doctor. She lowered her eyes quietly and felt the zipper slide down without any irregularities.

When he got to the waist mark, he stopped slowly, his voice was hoarse: “Ah Yu.”

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