MGCH Chapter 495

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (72)

Because she still had to follow the cannon fodder plot, she tried very hard to brush up on a point or two of favorability, mentally preparing herself as she muddled along and waited to die.

And the enemies driven off by the great defensive array would take some time to regroup.

So Bai Weiwei was extremely relaxed during the next two months.

Ning Yishu quietly accompanied her, preparing her medicine and combing her hair.

She was so bored out of her mind, she even played music and wrote poems to distract herself.

Bai Weiwei had an easy life as she was waited on by the docile and obedient Ning Yishu.

During the dull days, Ning Yishu’s favorability rose to 97.

Bai Weiwei counted the days and knocked on the system. “Today’s the day I follow the plot?”

The side mission hadn’t been completed yet. She still had to try to refine Ning Yishu into a pill, then kick him off the cliff.

In any case, as long as these two things were done well, no matter what the process, the details could be overlooked.

The ending was for Ning Yishu to be thrown into a pill furnace, escape, and then be kicked off the cliff by her.

She would be able to retire with honors [1].

The system was completely sympathetic: “Yes, quickly refine the poor, miserable male lead. He’s waiting to counterattack.”

Bai Weiwei had ample experience. “Sixteen months is too long. Look at the favorability. Believe it or not, I’ll be able to reach 100 today.”

The system was extremely skeptical. Even if the male lead was an M [2], after being refined into a pill and kicked off a cliff, would the favorability still go up?

Bai Weiwei patted the unconvinced system’s dog head and quietly laughed without speaking.

Ning Yishu was in the middle of combing Bai Weiwei’s hair. Seeing her slight smile, he couldn’t help but say: “Did shifu hear some good news today, to be so happy?”

Bai Weiwei looked up, seeming completely relaxed.

“Ning Yishu, last time our marriage ceremony wasn’t completed. Today, how about having another marriage?”

Ning Yishu froze, his fingers tightly gripping her long hair. “Shifu, can you say that again?”

Bai Weiwei said languidly, “Still calling me shifu. Who in this world doesn’t know that you are my honorable companion?”

The matter about the two was spread by those idiots who came to attack Grand Heavens Mountain.

There wasn’t anything shocking to hear.

Bai Weiwei ignored the petrified Ning Yishu. She leisurely got up and brought out a conveniently prepared red wedding dress.

“Help me change.”

She gestured arrogantly.

Ning Yishu didn’t think it was any problem at all. On the contrary, he felt it was lovable; he would gladly be her slave.

Like it was second nature, he helped her put on the wedding dress.

The red skirt swayed like a flickering fire. It was extremely beautiful.

It was only after he finished sorting out Bai Weiwei’s sleeves that he stopped. His sluggish brain began to slowly creak as it turned.

She said she wanted to marry him?


When Bai Weiwei finished putting on the wedding dress, she plucked a flower from the nearby vase and pinned it in her hair.

“Do I look good?”

She turned around, the corner of her mouth quirked up. The smiling Ning Yishu felt as though his heart were drunk.

Ning Yishu even forgot to breathe as he foolishly stared at her in a daze. In his eyes full of the air of death, intense feelings of joy swept everything away.

He stammered, “Weiwei…”

Bai Weiwei looked at him in dissatisfaction. “Hurry up and put on your bridegroom’s clothes. We’re going through the formalities.”

Ning Yishu still couldn’t believe it. “You want to marry me? A good-for-nothing like me?”

Bai Weiwei impatiently jabbed his forehead with a finger. “Waste, you’re getting married, and you’re talking as much [3] as a gossiping woman [4].”

Ning Yishu stared at her, then suddenly broke into a dazzling smile.

His heart was full of joy, full of happiness, full of her.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 98.】

1: 功成身退: to retire after winning merit/make one’s mark.

2: masochist.

3: 罗里吧嗦: normally 啰里嗦; dialect for being talkative.

4: 长舌妇: lit. long-tongued woman; gossip monger.


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  3. I bet she refines him into a pill using her own cultivation, and healing him. Then while he is still weak she kicks him off the mountain before self-destructing it to throw off pursuit.

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