ATMLWESM Chapter 7

Translator: Hali

When the rich woman becomes high mountain flower (7)

In the silent living room, when  Qi Yinghan made a sound, Gu Yu became conscious of his presence. His warm fingertips burned as he gently pressed it against her back, slightly tickling her.

Gu Yu couldn’t see it, but her snow-white skin had become a little red when the light hit her skin; it looked delicate and vivid, but both parties were calm to the point of indifference.

Seeing this, even the system couldn’t help sighing.

Gu Yu was unaware of the system’s sighs, they were too close to the ground, and she frowned uncomfortably, trying to get away.

She could reach the zipper on his waist, Gu Yu smelt the faint smell of tobacco on the man. As soon as she was ready to say yes, she heard him pause and suddenly heard him say in a deep voice: “Ah Yu Bai Lang came to visit me today.”

In this position, Gu Yu was unable to twist around, so see Qi Yinghan’s expression, but hearing Bai Lang’s name, she stiffened unknowingly. 

Bai Lang, that crazy boy, what is he doing with Qi Yinghan? She was puzzled, but she was not allowed to ask more questions, only frowned.

Qi Yinghan was used to her cold attitude, his tone unwavering, “Due to last time, when he kidnapped you. I made him stay in the police station for a couple more days, this time his uncle brought him to apologize.” 

“I left midway in our meal for the same reason.”

Listening to him speaking, Gu Yu expresses that she knew, but Qi Yinghan still wouldn’t let go of her. His arm tightly around her, Gu Yu hesitated, taking a deep breath, “Ah Yu, stay away from Bai Lang.” 

Despite his words, Gu Yu already knew deep down. 

Thinking of the food that the psychopath had given her, Gu Yu’s mouth twitched, only feeling a headache. Qi Yinghan pursed his lips after speaking, after a long silence, It wasn’t until Gu Yu started struggling a bit that he slowly let go.

Because of the angle of the two, Gu Yu did not see the complex emotions that flashed in his eyes.

No one knew, in that old mansion, a boy was kneeling on the floor laughing hard. 

“Brother Qi, I’ll tell you a secret. Gu Yu doesn’t like you.”

“When she got drunk, she kissed me on my lips and complimented me.”

Bai Lang’s laughter was still clear in his ear, Qi Yinghan eyebrows frowned, it was evident that Bai Lang might’ve said it casually. Bai Lang like Gu Yu, so he might’ve said it to make him jealous, but he didn’t know what had happened between them, Qi Yinghan still put that sentence in his heart.

Does she love him?

He never thought about this problem, he only thought that Gu Yu was too proud and treated everyone indifferently, he also was the same.

Now, this issue that had been deliberately ignored for a month has been intruded by someone else, made Qi Yinghan feel weak for the first time.

Ah Yu was in his arms. He had dressed and undressed her, it was the most intimidating thing, but he knew that no matter how intimidating his actions were. Gu Yu’s eyes always stayed cold. She never showed a trace of desire. Her eyes were clean to the point of indifference.

Gu Yu is like a swan worshipped very thoroughly, He didn’t know when he had come up with the idea of possessing her, but he finally realized what he was struggling with.

He couldn’t bear to part with the cold temperature in his arms. He took an in-depth look at Gu Yu and finally covered up his dark look in his eyes.

Even if she took no notice to it, he wouldn’t let her go.

Qi Yinghan was in a dark mood, and Huo Cheng also wasn’t calm either.

The black Bentley slowly left the villa area. The rain was still pouring outside. The driver was too afraid to speak, driving in front of him, only the soft headlights gave a slight relief.

Huo Cheng sat in a different seat when he came back, he sat in the back where Gu Yu had sat before going home. Huo Cheng gripped his palm a little tighter, revealing delicate side closures, which made people wonder what he had in his hand.

It was dim inside the car, the driver couldn’t see Huo Cheng clearly, because of the distance. When he wanted to take a careful look, Huo Chen gave him a slight glance, making the driver look down. Huo Cheng rarely looked at people with such eyes. His temperament was always reserved and noble. He rarely had such a gloomy and complicated look.

Such a look made people uneasy, it was like being surpassed by something forcibly.    

It was true that Huo Cheng was surpassing the driver by force, but when he closed his eyes, he kept thinking about when Gu Yu was in the bathroom. In the narrow space, the beauty with black hair and snow skin raised her chin high, and her eyes were cold. The light shone on her long snow-white neck, and he could also see the veins on her neck. It was so close, so close … He was so close to touching her neck.

His eyes became more profound, and he closed his mouth, swallowing his saliva.

The clueless driver thought something was wrong with Huo Cheng today.

The window reflected his noble eyes and eyebrows, which made people curious. But in the end, the driver couldn’t help but look at the rearview mirror again in the heavy rain and thunder.

In the end, what was it?

He thought to himself, his eyes a little cautious.

At the same time, a flash of lightning finally lit up the thing in Huo’s hands. It was a beautiful brooch. The driver’s pupil shrank a little after he saw it. and didn’t even dare to think about it:

wasn’t that Miss Gu’s thing?

Gu Yu didn’t even know that she had dropped something in the evening, she went to bed early last night, and when she woke up did she think about yesterday’s skirt. It wasn’t until the next morning that she found that the brooch on the skirt she took off yesterday was missing.

She looked around and didn’t find anything, so she gave up.

Gu Yu knew that the brooch would loose and fall off easily, she then thought about last night and thought that she had dropped it in the bathroom, but she didn’t care.

But Qi Yinghan saw it in the morning and asked, “Ah Yu, where’s your brooch?”

Gu Yu didn’t think much about losing the brooch, Qi Yinghan paused while turning the book page, he didn’t know what had come over him, glancing at the skirt, in the end, he didn’t say anything.

He just said: “I remember that you liked that brooch. It’s a pity you lost it.”

He had a low tone, and Gu Ye didn’t hear anything, only nodded. There was some doubt in my heart.

“Why does this man care so much about that brooch?”

She frowned at her system. The voice in her mind was silent for a moment, it seemed to be trying to figure out whether she was telling the truth or not when Gu Yu frowned. It slowly smiled and answered: “You forget, that brooch was a couple, brooch, and had special importance.”

Hearing this answer, Gu Yu picked up her coffee hand and stopped for a while. After looking through her memory, she remembered. Suddenly, she felt that she hadn’t given a good reaction. Still, it was too late to remedy it. In the end, the design of a high mountain flower just let her sip coffee and changed the topic: “Are you not working today?”

Her voice is light, Qi Yinghan couldn’t say whether his heart was disappointed or not, his eyes were slightly stunned. In the place where Gu Yu could not see, he loosened his hand slowly, but his face was still as calm as before: “I’m going to leave now.”

Gu Yu nodded and didn’t ask more.

She was being strange because today was Monday. In theory, Qi Yinghan should have gone to the company, but it was almost 8 o’clock now. He was still at home, so she asked.

She didn’t feel anything wrong about Qi Yinghan’s strange mood, but the system smiled gently.

“You really are suitable for the High mountain flower setting.”

It said slowly.

“Why?” Gu was a little confused, but the system shook his head and stopped talking.

She was communicating with the system in her head when she suddenly heard someone call her name.

“Ah-Yu,” Qi Yinghan stood up behind her and pursed his lips, then opened his mouth. When Gu Yu looked up at him, he said in a deep voice, “I’ll get off work early today. I’ll go to the mall with you this afternoon.”

Looking at Gu Yu’s cold expression, Qi Yinghan laughed at himself. It’s just a brooch, even if it’s lost. Why, why do you have to buy another one?

He asked himself from the bottom of his heart, but he still didn’t get the answer. Qi Yinghan was influenced by Bai Lang, but when he thought of that name, his eyes flashed with a trace of hostility.

Gu Yu suddenly felt that Qi Yinghan’s eyes were a little dangerous. But she didn’t know much about it. She just thought Qi Yinghan cared too much about her recently. The two had been busy all the time, and rarely did anything together, but now he suddenly said that he wanted to go shopping with her. Gu Yu frowned, but she didn’t want to go.

Can’t a swan play well on its own? It’s boring to go shopping with a man.

“Can I refuse?”

She asked the system.

Mr. System smiled and said: “Of course, but I suggest you better not.”

Arrogant swans weren’t that wise. They didn’t know that refusing blindly will only lead people to the edge of the cliff and darkness step by step. Especially for people who are supposed to have her.

Gu Yu didn’t know what was going on inside the system’s head. She just thought that the male lead was bizarre recently. According to the plot, Qi Yinghan should have known the Female lead Xu Weiwei by now and should’ve had some subtle affection for her.

All Gu Yu had to do was wait quietly until a few days later at the dinner party where he met with the hostess, and then wait for Qi Yinghan. Who was dissatisfied with her to break the engagement with her?

But now, Although the plot has been saved by her, she always felt that something wasn’t right.

For example, Qi Yinghan, he never cared so much about her. Gu Yu would instead he be as indifferent as he was a month ago, rather than now.

She wondered if he didn’t know that he had slapped Huo Cheng for no reason.

Quietly in the living room, when the man turned around, Gu Yu took back her thoughts. Just about to open her mouth, the mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated/moved. The sound of SMS broke the silence. Gu Yu frowned and looked at the table.

Without waiting for her, Qi Yinghan pursed his lips, but still said, “look at the message first.”    

Under Qi Yinghan’s eyes, Gu Yu picked up her cell phone and saw a piece of strange message.

“Sister-in-law, you seem to have left something with me last night.”

There was also a picture below, which was of the brooch she lost last night and was signed by-Huo Cheng.

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