MGCH Chapter 499

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (76)

His desperate heart was unexpectedly filled with a tender joy, but this joy carried with it an endless grief.

The pill furnace rumbled, and the dragon entered Ning Yishu’s body.

His spiritual root reformed.

Bai Weiwei’s body jolted, and she fell to the ground.

Then she heard the system’s notification.

【Ding. The favorability has increased to 97…98.】

System: “Can you actually use this script twice?”

Mama, she just blindly made up some random backstory. Even though the dreamworld used a rotten stem, she could still act out a flower1.

Producing a hundred-year-old lover.

The host was too good at playing; it could only admit defeat.

Bai Weiwei was helpless: “The original host almost killed Ning Yishu. Falling in love with such a sadistic demoness, I can guess that Ning Yishu has always carried a bit of resentment in his heart.”

A hundred points of true love.

Did not allow even a bit of impurity.

“So I can only tell him that I beat, abused, and trampled over him because he is the spitting image of the man I love.”

The only man she loved was unexpectedly him.

Shocked or pleasantly surprised? Intentional or coincidence?

Ning Yishu would definitely break down out of happiness, haha.

Any grievances would be gone.

System: This stem is still too low-class and too cliche.

Bai Weiwei suddenly spotted her black hair turning white. She was silent for a moment. “Am I getting old?”

System: “Hair as white as snow, faint lines crawl across your forehead, the touch of time has bestowed wrinkles on your face… you’re at the end of your life, an old woman in her hundreds. Don’t even mention white hair, I bet that you’d pee your pants if you sneezed2.”

Pee her pants…

Bai Weiwei covered her face in despair. “No, I don’t believe I’m old.”

The system admonished gently, “Who doesn’t get old, ah. Whether you’re old now or later, we’re all going to die in the end. Don’t get twisted up over it. Quickly finish the mission so we can pack up and go back.”

Bai Weiwei refused. “I’m not old. I’m an eternally young and beautiful fairy.”

The system was stunned into silence. Who was an eternally young and beautiful fairy, ah?

It refused to have such a low-class fairy host.

Bai Weiwei felt her face. It was still smooth, but when she reached the corner of her eyes, she could feel faint eye lines.

She stumbled back a few steps, then suddenly ran away.

The system exclaimed, “Wait wait, the male lead is still inside the pill furnace. At least open the door and let him out. Otherwise, how can you complete the mission?”

Bai Weiwei was frantic. “Time is running out. I probably have about ten minutes left. In less than a few minutes, my face will turn into a wrinkled orange peel. If Ning Yishu sees me like this, his 98 points of favorability might directly turn into -98.”

System: “For true love, age is just a number.”

Bai Weiwei: “Could you fall in love with a system who’s old enough to be your grandma?”

An image of a tottering, gray-haired, yellow-toothed, and urine-leaking system flashed before the system’s eyes.

It: “…”

The host was right; it couldn’t.

Bai Weiwei covered her face and sobbed. “We’re going to die. I have no face to capture.”

The system was just about to yell out a few encouraging cheers when a terrifyingly loud noise came from behind.

One host and one system turned around in unison to see that the pill furnace had exploded.

Gold light, mixed with an ominous red, billowed and surged like clouds.

Bai Weiwei’s face was solemn. “Tongzi, where is the nearest cliff?”

The system opened up a map and pointed to a road. “The nearest one is ten minutes away. Although it’s a cliff, it’s not high.”

1: 梗: lit. stem, like a plant stem, but can also mean a broad outline or general idea, or a joke/humorous reference, so it’s likely a play on words.

2: As you get older, a number of bodily functions become harder to control… including the bladder. The medical term is urinary incontinence, or incontinence.


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  1. “An image of a tottering, gray-haired, yellow-toothed, and urine-leaking system flashed before the system’s eyes.

    It: “…” ”
    System, you’re just as low-class as your dear host, spout pretty words and the next minute you nope out 😛

  2. Oh god, I can’t believe BWW can turn tragedy into tears of LAUGHTER so easily with her vanity! God, best heroine EVER.

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