MGCH Chapter 503

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Reality (1)

Like he was about to cry.

He waited for such a long time.

1 year, 2 years, 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, a whole 1,000 years.

– – – – – – – – – –

《The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple》 follow-up:

At first, Ning Yishu thought that the resurrection would take time.

He didn’t dare to leave or move her body rashly.

All he could do was silently use his own spiritual power to wash out her meridians and to maintain her appearance from before she departed.

Sometimes, when he glanced again at Bai Weiwei’s face full of wrinkles, he couldn’t help but use his spiritual power to gently smooth out her face.

Little by little, he kept her body in the youngest and most beautiful state.

When Shifu comes back, she would see how young and pretty she looked.

She’d definitely be happy.

She had always been like this. She was superficial and loved beautiful things. He had known for a long time that she was fond of other people praising her beauty.

“The sun and moon can’t even hold a candle to your beauty……”

“No one in this world can surpass your beauty.”

“Women are all ugly, men are all mud pill dregs1. Who can compare to even one of your fingertips?”

Shifu, when are you coming back……”

He kept talking to himself as if talking to her.

Hoping that one day, she would open her eyes and kick him angrily.

Or scold him again.

He would definitely be very happy.

But he waited for such a long time, through wind and rain and sun, autumn leaves and winter snow..

Four seasons passed.

She was still a corpse.

Ning Yishu began to panic, and went crazy.

The dreadful thought in his heart that he had never dared to face finally surfaced.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t be resurrected at all. He was gifted with an excellent retentive memory, and read through many ancient texts.

He swept away all the rare books and treasures that had been in the hidden realm for thousands of years.

So many things, so many books, but none of them contained the method of resurrection that Bai Weiwei mentioned.

Entering the demonic path was also not the method; he was very clear about this.

But because she was dying, he could only trust what she said, and hadn’t dared to disobey.

Ning Yishu desperately suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, and began to flush out Bai Weiwei’s meridians with his spiritual power.

“No, you just need a little more time, I can wait.”

As soon as his words fell, he heard a cry from the void: “Thief Ning Yishu, I came today to take your dog life2.”

Ning Yishu expressionlessly looked up .

Above the cliff,  there were numerous cultivators on flying swords.

The leader turned out to be Yu Chen’s master, who had been beaten by Bai Weiwei before.

He heard that when the defensive array of Grand Heavens Mountain attacked, he was seriously injured, and had no choice but to retreat into seclusion.

Now that he had come out of seclusion, this old turtle had actually broken through the Void Refining stage and entered the Body Fusing stage3.

When he went out, he gathered up a group of disciples and great grand disciples, vowing to kill Ning Yishu and Bai Weiwei.

Sitting on a huge flower, the old turtle floated like an immortal, and he coldly said, “I heard Bai Weiwei, that slut, is dead, so I also won’t care about her life anymore. I don’t need to refine her soul, living forever in suffering.”

Ning Yishu was indifferent at the start.

But when he heard this, he suddenly raised his eyes, and the depths of his eyes were full of anger.

“Who did you say is dead?”

The old turtle stood high up in the mountains, and sarcastically said, “You hold a corpse yourself, and you still ask who’s dead. The disciple Bai Weiwei taught is not just a good for nothing waste, but also a fool.”

After he said this, all the people around him laughed.

Ning Yishu ignored the insults. He fiercely retorted, “My master will be resurrected, and she will return.”

The old tortoise was confident, “Come back? How will she come back? Her main soul has already disappeared, and her corpse is lifeless.”

A dead body could not contain any soul.

Not even his own soul. 

1: 泥丸渣: The residue of a mud pill. 泥丸 can also refer something insignificant (as used in Mao Zedong’s poem “The Long March”), like bits of dirt at your feet.

2: 狗命: Pathetic or cheap life.

3: 合体期 : Body Fusing stage is a period before the Mahayana stage. Refers to the fusing of the nascent soul with the body, and the beginning of the ability to use the powers of the universe (e.g. space and time)

Phoodzz: I was crying buckets while tling this chapter. And it’s not even the crying but not really crying thingy. I was crying in front of the computer and people were wondering what happened to me. My heart hurts so much (T-T) Ning Yishu is my most favourite ml


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  1. NYS is like hachi, a poor loyal doggo waiting for their master to return. Petition for BWW to pamper NYS in his next life T^T

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  5. Phoodzz: I was crying buckets while tling this chapter. And it’s not even the crying but not really crying thingy. I was crying in front of the computer and people were wondering what happened to me. My heart hurts so much (T-T) Ning Yishu is my most favourite ml

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