ATMLWESM Chapter 8

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When the rich woman becomes high mountain flower (8)

When she saw the photo, Gu Yu paused. It was as a vague reminder of Huo Cheng taking his suit off to give it to her. Her brooch might have fallen off at that time.

It should have been a good thing to find a lost item, but the person who picked it up just had to be Huo Cheng, whom she had slapped, which made Gu Yu hesitant.

Her brow creased. She didn’t really want that brooch anymore. At that moment, Qi Yinghan spoke up.

“Ah Yu, what’s wrong?” His voice stirred Gu Yu from her thoughts. Her long eyelashes trembled and shook her head slightly: “Nothing.”

“Then, I will go first, and I will pick you up after work in the afternoon.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Be careful on the road.”

Qi Yinghan stopped for a moment, even if he knew that it was just some courtesy words from her, his eyes still softened.

Those dark thoughts in his mind settled.

Gu Yu was unaware of his psychological change. She just thought about the situation with the brooch.

What did Huo Cheng want to do?


He wanted to possess her. Hold her and watch her. But Huo Cheng was somewhat unclear when did his uncontrollable feeling arise. What was Gu Yu to him, he didn’t really know. But he was bewitched.

Otherwise, he would not have brought the brooch back.

The delicate brooch was placed on the table. It still smelled like Gu Yu. He remembered that Gu Yu was wearing a black dress while clutching Qi Yinghan’s arm… And her proud expression in the bathroom.

He said her title over and over again.


Huo Cheng felt as if his throat had a cricket in it. After a long time, he finally made a decision. He told himself that perhaps only by seeing her again would he make sense of what this feeling was.

He will see her once more and figure out everything he wanted to know.

After thinking through, Huo Cheng calmed down and picked up his phone.


After Qi Yinghan left, Gu Yu laid down on the bed, not knowing if she should go. On the one hand, she had promised Qi Yinghan to go to the mall. But on the other hand, the brooch that was in Huo Cheng’s possession might cast some doubts from others. She rolled around in her bed, sighing.

“System, when is the third plot coming?” She couldn’t wait to finish this plot and leave. Her intuition told her if she stayed in this world for too long, something terrible will happen.

Gu Yu rubbed her lips and wanted to sigh.

The system looked at her quietly and chuckled: “I may need to remind you that you are not a high mountain flower anymore.”

At this time, Gu Yu’s hair was scattered over her shoulder, and her eyebrows were grimaced. There was no trace of a High mountain flower, but it was undeniable that it was still beautiful.

It seems that the person who has been high above suddenly has a touch of color, and people couldn’t help but keep their eyes on her.

“Maybe you should…”

Gu Yu had a bad premonition when she heard it’s words, and the words of shame were still in her ears, which made her forehead jump for a moment.

“Hold on!”

In the next second, before the system opened it’s mouth, Gu Jie immediately forced herself to sit up straight, and even maintained the expression on her face to her appearance.

It’s a pity that the system saw it: “I thought you’d like this part of the plot.”

No, it’s the dirty little bit of fun you like alone.

Gu Yu was relieved that her ears were not dirtied by those words. The system slowly smiled: “You are so cute.”. While sighing in admiration, the system read out the names on the book it took.

Unexpectedly, the book was not some kind of indiscernible book, instead of the original text of this world.

“I was going to read the plot out to you just now.”

Gu Yu nearly thought the system sounded a tad helpless, but she could not ignore the smile in its voice.

Gu Yu’s mouth twitched, “…Whatever, just read it.”

Gu Yu felt that after she crossed into this world, she started making more compromises. She was no longer on a wild swan that could run a few kilometers after husky.  

This trash world really lets one be heartbroken.

She disconsolately tried to make sense.

The system did not know Gu Yu’s thoughts. It rarely had the opportunity to read the rest of the story, and even its usual slack tone disappeared.

Two minutes later, Gu Yu finished listening to the summary: “So, if I have no accidents, I can finish the plot by next week?”

The system nodded. “In theory, this is the case. You were in a car accident on the third day after your engagement was broken off and became a vegetative person.”

The specific description is like this. “The truck whizzed past, and Gu Yu had not had time to react, and she just felt her scene getting black. Her body suffered a heavy impact and hit the ground.”……

What is this kind of careless description? 

Gu Yu pursed her lips and felt that this method of death was too unattractive. Although she would not feel pain, this kind of death was unacceptable!

So she tried to reason with the system: “Although it is a car accident, can we change the details of it?”

“Eh, how do you want it?” The system raised an eyebrow.

“You can make a thunderstorm. But when the truck rushes over, the sun will set with streaks of red, and let me disappear in the midst of it…” 

“If you need it, I can also pull out a swan feather to give you. After the radiance of the sun dissipates, a white swan feather will float down. What a touching scene!”

Despite her enthusiasm, the system’s complexion became distorted. It sighed and asked: “Where did this line of thought come from?”

Gu Yu’s expression was sincere: “《The Swan Fairy》.”

As a talkative and unreconciled swan. Gu Yu had written an autobiography for herself before she crossed over. She would attain success and wait for later generations to circulate her glory. 

However, she had not expected that there were some problems in the middle of the transformation. She can only delay this plan.

Fortunately, the system can now provide her with a platform for her to display herself.

After seeing her for a long time, the system slowly laughed: “I used to look down on you before.” It always thought that it knew enough about Gu Yu. But now it seems, it is still far from understanding her.

This little swan has a lot of surprises.

However, of course, this kind of thing can’t promise her, so the system just coughed and moved the topic quietly: “Maybe we can postpone this thing. Now it is more important to settle the brooch.”

Hearing the word “brooch,” Gu Yu became listless.

She climbed out of bed and changed her clothes under the eyes of the system. Gu Yu inexplicably knows that if Qi Yinghan knows that the brooch she lost yesterday is with Huo Cheng, the situation will become messy. Although she couldn’t say why this kind of pre-feeling came from, she decided to take it back before going to the mall in the afternoon.

Nevermind, she will go now. Go early and go back early.

When she thought of the slap she gave the male lead, Gu Yu was a little embarrassed. After the system reminded her, she left reluctantly.

Huo Cheng’s time in the text message was at noon, in the restaurant where she last ate. Gu Yu went out and hired a cat and headed there. 

Gu Yu had initially thought she could get the brooch and leave, but when she got off the car, she got a call.

The strange number displayed made her frown. Recently, all sorts of strangers called her. But she still picked up the phone.


Her voice was a little cold, but it was very nice to hear. Bai Lang listened to Gu Yu’s voice and slowly lowered his eyes. When Gu Yu felt that there was no one answering that wanted to hang up, Bai Lang opened his mouth: “Ah Yu, it’s me, Bai Lang.”

He smiled, “Have you been well?”

After hearing the sound, Gu Yu knew who it was. The boy’s tone was the same as before. As if he had never kidnapped her.

Gu Yu groaned internally. This person was really a little psycho. She hung up without waiting for him to continue.

According to the high mountain flower’s character, to receive a call from someone who abducted her. She wouldn’t even look at it.

He seemed to know Gu Yu’s temper, and his (Bai Lang) hand clutched on the phone. Although there is no sound coming out from it, he grinned and said: “Ah Yu, I miss you very much.”

 I don’t want to see you.

Gu Yu thought.

But Bai Lang doesn’t mind anything. He laughed and dropped a bomb at her. (note: throwing a surprise)

Gu Yu’s phone started playing a recording out of nowhere. Although the background was a bit noisy, Gu Yu could detect her voice. Her footsteps paused. Someone in the recording called out “Ah Yu”, and then her drunken voice sounded out.

“What fiance? I don’t like Qi Yinghan at all; it’s just for the sake of my Gu family. If not for my family, why would I…”

The content of her words got more explosive. Gu Yu’s face darkened.

She seemed to have said this back then. At that time, she had just crossed over. To maintain the original character’s personality, she had spoken according to the script. 

She frowned. What was Bai Lang’s intention?

The system gave her the answer.

“Bai Lang probably wants to intimidate you.”

As for the purpose of the threat, he probably only knew it. The system looked thoughtfully at the phone and did not speak again. 

But Gu Yu misunderstood what he meant.


According to her experience as a swan, intimidation was just a mean, of scaring the other party, with no substantial harm. Every day, countless swans flap their wings to chase the other swans. It might look terrible, but the basis of it is to see who will be scared first and thus admit defeat first.

Like a swan who has hit others many times, Gu Jing has a lot of experience. So when she heard the word intimidation, she made an instant judgment on Bai Lang’s behavior-he was bluffing himself. This meant that even if she didn’t listen to him, there would be nothing wrong.

If that’s the case, then she can ignore Bai Lang.

In this way, Gu Yu shows a more arrogant counter him, ready to scare him too, “Whoever you want to send to you can send it directly, don’t need to tell me specifically.”

Her tone was deplorable, with some cold contempt. Such a reaction gradually changed a taste in Bai Lang’s heart, he thought Gu Yu was disdainful of threats, until now, she is still high above the top.

Bai Lang squinted, seemingly imagining the woman on the phone with her dispassionate eyes. His heartbeat and breathing got faster.

“Ah Yu, I…” He whispered her name and heard the phone hanging. After a while, he smiled cheerfully.

What to do, it seems… she became cuter.

Such a proud person who is never willing to bow her head,  but he could feel he was getting closer to her. Bai Lang smirked and pressed the forward button.

The last time, he had buried the seeds of doubt in the heart of Qi Yinghan. What about this time.

Gu Yu, who had just hanged up, didn’t think that Qi Yinghan actually received the recording.

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