SFWD Chapter 4

Translator: Sloth

The Craven Woman Afraid of Death

  ”Zhiming, what are you doing here?” When Wang Ruoyan walked out of the ward, Sheng Zhiming, Sun Yibo, and Ye Wei were standing in the corridor, and the atmosphere seemed bad. She couldn’t help but come over. Because the wound had not fully recovered, she walked very slowly, looking weak and pitiful.

  Sun Yibo immediately walked over and said carefully, “Nothing, just some people bothering Sheng Zhiming. You must be careful, don’t pull the wound.” Wang Ruoyan smiled, shook her head, and said, “You are just too nervous, I am really okay.”

  Sun Yibo was impressed by Wang Ruoyan’s strength and snorted at Ye Wei again, “This is the person who really thinks for others. What kind of concern is Ye Wei’s verbal concern?  

  Ye Wei stared at him and secretly nodded, the work of this ‘colleague’  is quite in place. Not bad, let’s all work hard!   

  Sheng Zhiming: …??

  Strange. This strange feeling again.

  He closed his eyes so hard that his head began to hurt. Ye Wei gently hugged his arm and said, ” Zhiming, do you not believe me? You have to believe me!”   

  Her expression gentle and pleasant, nothing changed. 

  Sun Yibo: “Oh!”  

  Sheng Zhiming: “…”

  Wang Ruoyan’s vision stopped for a moment in Ye Wei’s arm in Sheng Zhiming’s. For some reason, she felt uncomfortable in her heart and an eyesore to look at. This kind of feeling was somewhat strange. At the same time, she thought that Sun Yibo was right. Why didn’t Ye Wei know? Acting stupid and ignorant. Wasn’t she abandoning Sheng Zhiming when she was in danger, and now that the danger has passed, she wants to show her loyalty and regain Sheng Zhiming’s favor. Is there such a good thing in this world? It’s just for his power. Sheng Zhiming is so smart, will he not know? Obviously, he must have known, then why did he let Ye Wei approach him? She doesn’t like Ye Wei because she is greedy for life and likes to embarrass her. If Sheng Zhiming is smart, he should not be fooled by Ye Wei.

  Sun Yibo saw Wang Ruoyan’s low mood, and then looked at Ye Wei, who was entangled with Sheng Zhiming and spoke up for Wang Ruoyan, “You said that you care about Sheng Zhiming, why didn’t you care when he was in trouble? Why didn’t you go save him? Ruoyan is so sincere to Sheng Zhiming and put her life at risk to save him. What about you? What did you do? All you did was stay away from him and beg for mercy. You can’t even match one hair of Ruoyan’s! Hurry and scram!” 

  Wang Ruoyan said helplessly, “Yibo, don’t say that.”

  ”I’m telling the truth. I just don’t know what’s in Ye Wei’s heart. Alas, Ruoyan, you are just too kind to speak up for such people.”

  Wang Ruoyan sighed, shook her head, and said nothing more. 

  She felt that Sun Yibo was right, Sheng Zhiming should have seen through Ye Wei’s true colors a long time ago, but he was still involved with her now, if he doesn’t stop himself from being bewitched by Ye Wei, he would definitely get hurt in the future.

  Sun Yibo: “Ye Wei, don’t be hypocritical, no one here will believe you or welcome you.”

  Ye Wei glanced at Sun Yibo, she did not speak as gentle with him as she did with Sheng Zhiming, saying, “You don’t make sense, I care about Sheng Zhiming, and whether or not I take my life to save him are two different things, how can these two get mixed up?”

  Sun Yibo, “If you really cared about Sheng Shao, how could you stand by and watch him die?”

  Liu Jia covered her eyes in despair, it’s over, it’s over, how can this be said? There’s nothing more to say. How can a person that really cares about him just watch him die?

  Sun Yibo was too good at talking and truly caring to just watch someone die. It must have been Ye Wei lying! Wang Ruoyan looked at Ye Wei to see what she would do.

  Sheng Zhiming raised an eyebrow, he also wanted to see what this woman would say.

  ”Go on, why don’t you say something? There’s nothing more to say.” Sun Yibo repeatedly urged Ye Wei to expose her hypocrisy for what it really was!

  Ye Wei was cornered into a corner and accidentally told the truth, “Because my life is also important, is it wrong for me to want to live my life?”  

 Sheng Zhiming: “…..”

 Sun Yibo: “…..”

 Wang Ruoyan: “……..”

 Liu Jia: “………”

  Okay, that actually makes sense? How can there be no reason to refute that?

  Several people didn’t react for a moment.

  ”I’m a girl too, is it easy for me to come back alive in a dangerous situation like that? Why scold me even if you’re not happy for me?” Ye Wei cautiously grabbed Sheng Zhiming and said, “I have parents too, if I die, how sad will it be for the white hair to send the black hair off? I don’t want my parents to be sad, Zhiming, is that not right…….”

 Sheng Zhiming was in a trance, … right.

  For Ye Wei to set aside his relationship with him at a dangerous moment and not save him, he actually did not feel much, not disappointed nor sad.

  Instead, it felt like that was the way it should be, that he and Ye Wei were not originally normal boyfriend and girlfriend in the first place. It was just that his relationship with Ye Wei is pretty much over as well.

  He thought Ye Wei had the same self-awareness, not expecting her to be stupid in addition to that face, which was why he was so disgusted by her cunning and pestering afterward.

  Unfortunately, he found that Ye Wei’s words also made a lot of sense. It was true that she cared for him and didn’t want him to die, and it was also true that she didn’t want to die for him. 

   Sun Yibo was shocked, he froze for a while and finally reacted, this vixen was too good at arguing! Wang Ruoyan was also silent, Ye Wei was so scheming that she pretended to be sympathetic.

 Liu Jia’s mood went up and down, and she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while.

  Ye Wei wiped her tears, her big eyes blinked, and she said in an aggrieved manner, “Zhiming, take some more bodyguards with you on your next trip, I’m afraid.”

  Sheng Zhiming didn’t react for a moment, “…….hmm?” What do you mean?

  Sun Yibo stared wide-eyed, this shameless woman!

  Wang Ruoyan couldn’t help but frown at Ye Wei as well.

  Ye Wei softly leaned towards Sheng Zhiming and looked at Wang Ruoyan proudly: “I’m afraid there is still danger. What happened this time was really horrible and I never want to go through that again, it was really horrible.”

  Sheng Zhiming looked down at Ye Wei who was leaning on his shoulder, he narrowed his eyes and pinched the woman’s delicate chin to lift her face, “Scared?”

  Ye Wei nodded, “Scared, scared to death.”

  Sheng Zhiming smiled, patted her head, and said, “Not afraid.”

Sun Yibo was dumbfounded, Wang Ruoyan was also startled, Ye Wei was taken aback.

  Sun Yibo said, “Sheng Shao, don’t let her…….”

  Sheng Zhiming glanced at him faintly, and Sun Yibo shut his mouth almost immediately, not daring to say anything more.

  Wang Ruoyan bit her lip and frowned. 

  Ye Wei reacted after she stiffened, as a stepping stone for the feelings of the male and female leads, she and Zhou Jia had the same duty, which was to make the male and female lead jealous, in the afternoon it was Sheng Zhiming who was jealous, now it is Wang Ruoyan’s turn.  

  She obediently cooperated and stuck to Sheng Zhiming’s body, watching Wang Ruoyan looking triumphant. It’s good that her greedy and vain image is unshakeable.

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  1. Is it so cowardly to want to live??? I hate people using “death fearing ” as an insult . Thanks for the translation!

  2. Thank you so so so much for picking up this new novel! Ye Wei is just as hilarious and shameless a protag as our dear Bai Wei Wei and I’m already enjoying her so much… especially how nimbly she realizes what she has to do to move the plot forward. Amazing work!

  3. Dang WTH “greedy for life”..?? anyone with common sense is afraid of pain and death so what’s wrong with it, especially in modern day and age. I mean even the ML found not much issue with Ye Wei not trying to be martyr. Also I’m kind of guessing that during that time ML guy could have easily blocked the life or at least barely gotten any scratch, it was just original FL woman, trying to be the ‘saint’ and got stabbed. It’s just when there is a contrast or comparison, there is a problem. And I get the feeling that obviously that no one is perfect pure around here even the FL who is setup in the pedestal as a ‘pure and good woman’.

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