SFWD Chapter 5

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The Craven Woman Afraid of Death (5)

  The handsome man laid lazily on the sofa with his legs folded, and even in his hospital clothes, he couldn’t hide his airs. His open collar revealed his sexy collarbone, his chin stretched in contemplation, and his slightly peachy eyes making one blush when gazed at him.  At the moment, that handsome face showed a thoughtful expression, revealing an inscrutable deepness and indifference.

  When Wang Ruoyan came in, she couldn’t help her heart from beating a little faster at the sight of such Sheng Zhiming. She had to admit that Sheng Zhiming’s looks were more dazzling than most of the male stars in the circle, and as long as there was a place for him, everyone’s eyes would involuntarily follow him, even a dazzling Zhou Jia could not snatch half of his looks. No wonder so many people went to great lengths to climb into his bed. “Supreme.”

  She slowly walked over to the side of the couch and sat down.

  Sheng Zhiming raised his eyes, “Why aren’t you resting in your room.”

  Wang Ruoyan laughed and said, ”It’s almost suffocating to be in the ward all day long just to get out and walk. Why does it look like you’re in a bad mood, thinking about something, is it because of Ye Wei?”

  Sheng Zhiming smiled meaninglessly, and Ye Wei was right, what could be more important than her own life? In fact, he was not really sincere about Ye Wei. However, before this matter, he always thought that Ye Wei liked him very much. Ye Wei behaved so well, she greeted him with warmth and tenderness, so he didn’t say anything to her. He also felt very annoyed by this, after all, it would be very troublesome when they finally break up. If it wasn’t for this kidnapping, he wouldn’t have known that Ye Wei had actually concealed herself so deeply.

  ”Nothing.” Sheng Zhiming said, “It’s getting late, go back early and rest.”

  Wang Ruoyan originally wanted to say something more, but seeing Sheng Zhiming like this, she thoughtfully said, “Okay, then I’ll go back first.”

  After passing through Ye Wei ward she glanced at it more, she really did not understand how Ye Wei could say that sentence so bluntly, she shook her head, Ye Wei was really too stupid, not knowing what words should be said and what words should not be said.   

  Ye Wei was in the room at this moment to receive Liu Jia’s criticism.

  “How can you say that? How can you say that! How could you say that in front of the Sheng  Shao? It’s a good thing you’re a little wary and pathetic in time, or you’d just get the hell out of the entertainment business!”  

  ”…… ” Ye Wei also had no way ah, she has to find the female lead with troubles, she has to carry out the last step to death and then accept her bitter ending, who knew she met the male lead halfway through and was troubled again. Fortunately, with her resourcefulness, her performance has improved significantly as a result of her many efforts. Of course, I still have to court death, “Sister Liu, don’t you see that Sheng Shao didn’t say anything, let me go back to my room to rest.”

  Sister Liu rolled her eyes, ” That’s his gesture for you to disappear by yourself!”

  Ye Wei, “Thanks.” Thank you, Sister Liu, for the recognition of my work.

  Sister Liu, “…….?”

  Ye Wei, “Alright Sister Liu, it’s been a busy day, you should go back and rest too.”

  Liu Jia also didn’t want to see Ye Wei and rolled her eyes in anger and left.

  Only then did Ye Wei tidy up a bit, ready to go and trouble the female lead.

  Today, she’s going to be photographed by the hostess’s assistant with a vicious face and go completely off the rails. She looked down at the system panel, the feeder mission that belonged to her had progressed to ninety percent, and it looked like the deadline for death was approaching.

      Ye Wei didn’t find Wang Ruoyan in the ward, and asked the nurse and found out that Wang Ruoyan was walking downstairs, so she followed her. The little assistant was anxiously persuading her at the side, “Sister Ye Wei, Sister Liu said that you better not leave the ward, what if you are photographed by someone? It is a critical moment now, you can’t have negative news anymore ….

  There are many reporters and fans outside the hospital. In order to get first-hand information, some people even snuck in as patients, family members of a patient, or even nurses. They also went to nearby rooftops and took a few blurred figures that could also be shared online.  

  Ye Wei was not allowed to leave casually. Fortunately, the floor they were staying in was the VIP ward with the highest quality standard in the hospital. The VIP floor they are staying in is not necessarily one that even rich people could necessarily stay in.  Even if Ye Wei was a public figure, it was only thanks Sheng Zhiming that they were fortunate enough to be able to stay in one – the Sheng family was not only in business but also in politics, the old man of the Sheng family was a founding general, his status was plain to see. Not only are the conditions and facilities inside the ward perfect, even the incoming and outgoing medical personnel needed to swipe their cards to pass, which is also the reason why Ye Wei has not been disturbed by reporters these days. 

  Now that Ye Wei is about to leave the well-secured hospital ward, how could the little assistant not worry? Although it is very late now, what if?  

  “Sister Ye Wei, you can’t go out!”  

  ”Shut up! And you dare to order me around?”

  ”I didn’t…….”

  ”I’ll dock your wages if you keep making noises.”


  Wang Ruoyan walked outside in the garden to watch the moon. During the daytime when there are too many people and it was noisy, she did not dare to come out for fear that she would encounter reporters, so she could only take advantage of the late night when it is quiet to walk outside and get some fresh air. She looked more and more frail and thin in the night but had the courage to sacrifice herself for others, which made people feel more and more sorry for her and marvel that she is a heroine.

  Ye Wei was different, she ate, drank and slept well every day, not only had she gained weight, but she even looked extremely good, plus her appearance was already that of a vixen, the whole person looked radiant and beautiful. When standing next to Wang Ruoyan at this moment, it became more and more eye-catching. 

  Ye Wei walked straight to Wang Ruoyan and looked at her condescendingly, “Little Wang, did you not rest well, what are you doing here? I tell you, hurry up and heal your wounds, Zhiming is mine.” 

  Wang Ruoyan opened her mouth in surprise and said seriously and forcefully, “Teacher Ye, I think you misunderstood, I didn’t rob Zhi Ming of you, Zhi Ming is just my friend.” She stood up and seemed to disdain Ye Wei, she then turned around and left. 

  How can this be?She hasn’t even played yet! Ye Wei, of course, was not resigned to it, she stepped forward and grabbed her, saying, “It’s better this way, if you have no other thoughts about Zhiming, then stay away from him.”

  Wang Ruoyan, ”Zhi Ming is my friend, so why should I stay away from him? Besides, I guess you don’t really like Zhiming either, you’re only interested in his money, he can help you get the resources you want, now that Zhiming doesn’t want you anymore, are you panicking?” 

  Ye Wei was exasperated as she was speaking : ”You shut up! How could Zhiming not want me? You were there this afternoon, and you heard him tell me not to be afraid and that he will protect me. You see, Zhiming still likes me! Don’t you know that “Harem” was a gift from Zhiming to me.”  

  ”Zhiming has given you such a precious gift, so why did you do that to him?”

  ”What did I do to him?”


  Wang Ruoyan bit her lip, she felt that Ye Wei was simply unbelievable and unreasonable, and she had never seen such a shameless woman.

  If this face wasn’t too good, how could Sheng Zhiming have looked at her?

  She frowned, inexplicably feeling a bit uncomfortable in her heart, not only did she hate Ye Wei, but she also hated Sheng Zhiming’s womanizing.

  Wang Ruoyan didn’t want to see Ye Wei now, nor did she want to see Sheng Zhiming: “Whatever you say, let go, I’m going back to rest.”

  This is not enough material, this level is not enough for the general netizens to slap her to death.

  She said brutally, “Don’t go, I haven’t finished my sentence yet!”

  ”Let go!” Wang Ruoyan was impatient and violently shrugged off Ye Wei’s grip on her hand, but accidentally tugged at the wound on her shoulder–


  She let out a startled cry in pain as she fell straight to the floor with a cold sweat on her forehead.

  Wang Ruoyan’s assistant, Little Fatty, was hiding aside to take a picture, and immediately rushed over, pushing Ye Wei away: “Ye Wei, you are too much, sister Ruoyan’s injury is still not healed! She’s so weak, how can you push her?”

  Wang Ruoyan said she wanted to take a quiet walk alone, so that he didn’t have to follow, he was not at ease, so he kept quietly hiding behind, when Ye Wei appeared, he wanted to go over immediately, but the next second he changed his attention.

  Ye Wei will definitely bully Wang ruoyan.If he videotapes Ye Wei’s bullying Wang ruoyan . . . Thinking this way, Fatty took out his cell phone and hid it aside, and sure enough, he had caught Ye Wei bullying Wang Ruoyan on film!

  Little Fatty was heartily pleased that Ye Wei would regret what she had done today.

  Seeing that the purpose was achieved, Fatty ran over to pick up Wang Ruoyan, while accusing Ye Wei of being inhuman.

  Ye Wei’s little assistant was on the verge of dying, and she didn’t know what to do in this situation, she wanted to pull Ye Wei away but Ye Wei simply ignored her, shaking off her hand and thinking she was in the way.

  ”Get in the way of my work or I’ll dock your wages.”


  There was no way out, she could only call Sister Liu and tell her to hurry over and save her life!!!

  In fact, Ye Wei herself was shocked and worried, how did the Female lead fall down, how did she become so fragile? She almost wanted to pick her up and go straight to the doctor – this has to get better, how can you make love to the male lead if you’re not? When will she finish this job?

  It was a good thing that Ye Wei’s professionalism was so high that she endured it in time.

  And will she take this ready-made fruit or not?

  Ye Wei had just hesitated for two seconds, when she saw the male lead, his slender body, cold face, and obsidian black eyes sweeping past coldly, unable to see any emotion. 

  The little fatty took a look at Sheng Zhiming that came surprisingly, his face showing obvious joy, as if he had found a savior, ” Mr. Sheng, you’re here, you’ve come to see Sister Ruo Yan, her wound seems to be cracked.”

  Wang Ruoyan sucked in her breath in pain, she looked weakly at Sheng Zhiming and reluctantly shook her head, whispering, “I’m fine, don’t you guys worry.”

  Little Fatty said with heartache, “Don’t say it’s alright, what you suffered was a knife wound, it’s hard to get better, then some people…….”  

  He purposefully stared at Ye Wei.

  Ye Wei took over the role and said with a clenched hand, ”Zhi Ming, it was Xiao Wang who fell on her own, I didn’t push her. Really, believe me, I really, really didn’t push her, Little Wang is your lifesaver, that’s my lifesaver, it’s just too late for me to thank her, how could I push her?”

  Sheng Zhiming walked directly to Wang Ruoyan and squatted down beside her, seeing her pale face, his expression growing colder: “Then what are you doing here ?”

  Ye Wei: “……..”

  Ye Wei stammered: “…….I, I didn’t do anything, I was showing my love.”

  Shengzhi Ming: “…???”

  Wang Ruoyan: “……..??”

  Fatty: “….??”

  Ye Wei’s smile was shy and delicate: “I just wanted to tell Junior Wang that we are still in a good relationship.”

  Sheng Zhiming: “……..”

  That’s still true, after all the talk just now, it seems like you’re really showing off your love?

  Ye Wei gave Wang Ruoyan a warning glare, ” I don’t know why, she seemed to be in a bad mood when she said something, and then she fell to the ground in pain, it’s not my fault.”

  Wang Ruoyan, who had been hit on the spot, looked towards Sheng Zhiming with some trepidation, but saw that Sheng Zhiming was looking at Ye Wei, the look on his face didn’t look good, but it wasn’t boredom, it wasn’t disgust, it was more like a deep thought. She lowered her eyes in disappointment, her pale face making people pity her, ”Zhiming, Ye Wei is right, my open wound has nothing to do with her. Don’t misunderstand.”

  Little Fatty said loudly, “There is no misunderstanding, Sister Ruo Yan, don’t speak for Ye Wei, I saw it all just now.”

  Wang Ruoyan replied, “Stop it.”

  Little Fatty stared at Ye Wei reluctantly and shut his mouth.

  Ye Wei immediately laughed proudly, putting the brain-damaged attributes of a vicious female supporter into full play, and went to hug Sheng Zhiming’s arm, ”You see, even Junior Wang said it has nothing to do with me! You believe me, don’t you?”  

  Sheng Zhiming dodged Ye Wei’s touch and instructed coldly, “Go back to your room and stay there, don’t go out if there is nothing.”

  Ye Wei: “…….oh.”

  Sheng Zhiming frowned, and felt that Ye Wei’s eyes were a bit strange at this moment, as if she was disappointed?

  …disappointed in what?

  Could she not be disappointed? She was so disappointed, couldn’t Sheng Zhiming be a little perverted and angry? Her prepared wrestling stance didn’t even come into play!

  As a man who loves his female lead, can’t he even be angry for his female lead?

  The man is not one that feels sorry for her, on the contrary, he is extremely cold, otherwise he would not have turned a blind eye to her and forgotten all about his love for her.

  Ye Wei suddenly felt a bit panicked, it wasn’t the male master’s fault, it was hers! It’s her vicious female counterpart that hasn’t worked out to the max! It must be a mistake in her performance!

  It’s over, the meritorious employee award is in jeopardy!

  Sheng Zhiming didn’t want to bother with Ye Wei, so he picked Wang Ruoyan up from the ground as soon as he could.

  The man is tall and majestic, the woman is petite and cute, they look good together.  

  Seeing Ye Wei standing still, Sheng Zhiming’s face turned cold and frowned, “What are you staring at, go back.”

  Ye Wei crouched down without moving, gritting her teeth with a look of displeasure.

  Sheng Zhiming, however, stopped looking at her and hugged Wang Ruoyan and left directly.

  The petite woman buried herself in the man’s chest, breathing weakly with her eyes closed, “Zhiming, I’m fine, don’t worry…….”

  ”Okay, stop talking.”


  Little Fatty glanced back at Ye Wei triumphantly, what was Ye Wei without Sheng Zhiming’s protection?

  Ye Wei was really unwilling, how could he let her go so easily? Come on, insult her!

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