MGCH Chapter 525

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (18)

These words were all filled with a little girl’s delicate and precious infatuation.

But, it wasn’t entirely annoying.

Ji Yongchuan obviously wanted to take advantage of her trust, but his mind hadn’t turned up any hidden plots or cunning strategies yet.

His mouth just honestly said, “I’m afraid you can’t afford to.”

Bai Weiwei immediately said: “No, I have money, can afford.”

Ji Yongchuan glanced at her disdainfully, he had so much wealth in the ghost realm it could scare countless ghosts to death.

Yet, when confronted with her serious but shy eyes, the words in his mouth actually softened a lot.

“Then good, you raise me.”

Having said that, he realized something seemed wrong.

How did he feel that the roles of men and women had reversed?

Even so, in front of Bai Weiwei’s silly white sweet smile, he turned a corner.

Wasn’t this the perfect opportunity to coax her heart, and then on the last day give her the chance to sacrifice herself autonomously?

Ji Yongchuan immediately revealed a smile, while also displaying a small fresh and beautiful youthful appearance.

“To be raised by you, is a blessing that must have taken me eight lives to cultivate, you’re the best woman I’ve ever met.”

Bai Weiwei’s finger pressed against her chest, as if her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t breathe.

Her lips trembled a few times, only to blurt out, “Little Gege, don’t say these evil words later.”

Ji Yongchuan smiled and decided to continue to tease, and brush up her affections.

Except, Bai Weiwei didn’t wait for him to open his mouth, in the blink of an eye, Her words expressed countless tender feelings.

“You’re also the best, the greatest person I’ve ever met. Love at first sight, adoration at second sight, unwilling to part until death at third sight. I never believed in this before.”

“But, when I was most desperate and scared, you suddenly appeared in front of me……”

Bai Weiwei finally gazed at him, devoutly and sincerely.

“I only knew then, that in this world, it turned out people truly could have a love that made them unwilling to part until death.”

Ji Yongchuan couldn’t say the sweet words in his mouth.

He felt like his mouth was clumsy, and even his head was somewhat confused.

Why did he think that his coaxing words weren’t one thousandth as good as hers.

While he was a trance, she committed a crime. Her eyes shined like water, as she came closer, and he kissed him innocently on the cheek.

“Little Gege, thank you. For letting me meet you.”

That said, she bashfully reached for her face, and instantly turned and ran.

“I said it, heavens, ah. I’m so brave.”

She nervously said to herself as she rushed straight out of Ji Yongchuan’s sight.

With his good ear strength, he also heard her stumble into a wall.

Why was there such a reckless girl?

From what he was taught, shouldn’t young ladies from good homes be subtle and conservative?

She was so bold it exceeded his imagination.

Ji Yongchuan quietly laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, his mind constantly replayed her image from just now.

Shy and flagrant, gentle and bold.

He couldn’t help but show a hint of a smile, “Honestly……”

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 10.】

He was just about to say a few kindly words, but abruptly discovered that he was being too lax.

She was just a sacrifice, that’s it.

Ji Yongchuan’s face darkened, suppressing those untimely affections in his heart.

Then as if to hide something, he wore a dark, cold smile.

“So easily deceived, ah.”

Without him using any methods, she delivered herself to the door automatically.

If that wasn’t gullibility, what was?

Bai Weiwei rushed out of the room, and sighed to the system, “So easily deceived, ah. I casually said a few words, and the favorability rose to ten.”

The system has just finished listening to Ji Yongchuan sigh.

Now it listened to the host sigh as well.

System: I want to pull out a yellow talisman, and bring this pair’s hard made drama to a close.


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  1. Imagine the masks dropping and them realising that they are both are trying to make the other fall for them while they do not even like them 😂😂

  2. “These words were all filled with a little girl’s delicate and precious infatuation.

    But, it wasn’t entirely annoying.”
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