MSTP Chapter 15

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Still bringing up the DNA test. Why was it that the more he heard the more scared he was ne?

Song Yuan helped Song Haiping to the living room and onto the sofa. Taking advantage of Song Haiping’s delayed reaction, Song Yuan, who knew her father better than anyone else, told him the entire sequence of events.

“The situation is like this, Dad. I told you that time that something bad happened to me that week, and that I really didn’t go sneak out to play because work was so stressful, but you and Mom didn’t believe me. If the results of the DNA test say that he’s really my son, then I definitely transmigrated back to ancient times that week.”

Song Haiping slowly calmed down as he listened to Song Yuan speak. After grasping the key points, he asked a few questions. “You’re really not dating a divorced man? And you’re not a stepmom?”

“No, no!”

Song Haiping sighed in relief. “Then Dad understands.”

Song Yuan hadn’t expected her dad’s ability to understand was so great that he was almost caught up. For a moment, she relaxed.

“Yuanyuan, don’t worry. Dad knows an excellent professor in the psychiatry department. Ask your uncle for the next two days off–Dad will take you to see a doctor. Things like these are not a big deal. You young people are under a lot of stress from work and life ma. I read on the internet that there are a lot of people with depression, so it’s not too unusual for you to have mythomania1. As long as we treat it well, there won’t be any problems.”

“Also, whose kid is that? Is he your colleague or your friend’s? Quickly send him back home; if the child stays in our house, it’ll be big trouble if he falls or bumps into something. You can’t be so careless.”

Song Yuan: “…”

After she talked for so long, her dad had come to the conclusion that she was crazy.

“Forget it. There’s no evidence right now, so no matter how many times I tell you, it’ll be useless. The results of the DNA test should be out tomorrow or the day after.” Song Yuan paused. “Let’s wait until then.”

When Song Haiping saw his family’s daughter acting like this, his heart was in turmoil.

Still bringing up the DNA test. Why was it that the more he heard the more scared he was ne?

Song Haiping was a simple-minded optimist. He had the vague sense that things were not simple, but he also didn’t dare to open his mouth to ask, because it was all too absurd. It was so absurd, but when he looked at his daughter’s serious expression, he couldn’t help but consider–could her claim that the child might be hers possibly be real ba?

When Song Yuan returned to her room to change clothes, Rong Ting emerged from his. Song Haiping looked up and saw this little cub.

The more he looked at this cub, the more it seemed that he had seen him somewhere before. He thought and thought, then suddenly remembered the wallet in his pocket. He took it out, and inside was a photo of his little girl when she was younger, performing during an arts festival2. He didn’t know if it was his imagination or not, but with this comparison, he felt that this little cub really did resemble his little girl from when she was young. Especially those dimples–amazing, it was just like a copy and paste.

His heart thumped.

He couldn’t help but think about something that happened the week his daughter disappeared.

At that time, Eldest Brother-in-law had called him, saying that he couldn’t reach Yuanyuan. He and his ex-wife rushed back to the city and searched the apartment Yuanyuan had been renting at the time. There was no one at home, nor in this city. They contacted everyone they could contact, but nobody had seen Yuanyuan, and the apartment’s surveillance cameras happened to be broken. Actually, Yuanyuan had snuck out to go on a trip with her friends before, but she had contacted them two or three days later. This time, they called the police and asked the authorities to check the surveillance footage, but they found nothing suspicious.

He had been in a panic. On top of that, news had broken out that a female college student had gone missing. So when there was no news from the police, he then asked someone to contact a great master and gave him Yuanyuan’s eight characters of birth3. The great master, looking like a swindler, pinched his fingers in calculation. His expression changed, and he told Song Haiping that Yuanyuan was no longer in this world.

What parents could stand to hear such words? He was so furious that he punched the great master.

Not even two days later, Yuanyuan called them…

Despite Yuanyuan’s vehement denial, he and his ex-wife both concluded that this child must have run away to party it up.

As a matter of fact, both of them felt that this matter had been a bit strange. If not, why would he have sent someone to find the great master again and ask for a protective talisman4 for his daughter ne, or heard that his ex-wife had gone to H City to ask a very famous great master to seal the spirits around5 her daughter, and still hadn’t returned ne? On the surface, they insisted that their daughter had lied to them because they didn’t want to blow things out of proportion and further alarm their daughter. The calmer they were, the calmer she would be.

“Kid, come here.” Song Haiping beckoned to Rong Ting.

Although Rong Ting thought that it was quite bold of Grandfather to treat the crown prince this way, he didn’t say anything. His back was very straight as he approached Song Haiping.

Rong Ting was not the kind of child who would return cold treatment with enthusiasm. Facing Song Haiping now, he was no longer as delighted as before, and there wasn’t much of a smile on his face.

The more Song Haiping looked at Rong Ting’s face, the more frightened he was. He still managed to calm himself and say in a coaxing manner: “Little kid, Grandpa will give you ten thousand yuan and buy you car models, Ultraman, Transformers, and Legos. So can you tell Grandpa the truth? What is the relationship between you and my family’s Yuanyuan?”

Rong Ting didn’t know what Ultraman and Transformers were, but it didn’t obstruct him from understanding the meaning of Song Haiping’s words. He frowned. “How could gu deceive Grandfather? And Grandfather, even if you are Empress Mother’s biological father, gu wishes to remind you not to call Empress Mother by her maiden name6. It is inappropriate.”

Song Haiping: “…”

“I’m a little dizzy, I want to lie down!”

When he said this, Song Haiping’s face actually looked pale.

When Song Yuan returned from her room, she didn’t see her dad in the living room. There was only Rong Ting, sitting on the couch with his gaze fixed on the LCD TV screen. For the last few days, he had been wondering about what it was, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask Empress Mother, for fear that Empress Mother would laugh at his ignorance.

“Where’s my dad?” Song Yuan asked.

Rong Ting pointed to the tightly closed guest room. “Grandfather was dizzy, so he is resting.”


Song Yuan finally had time to open the boxes that Song Haiping had brought over. One box was seafood that was brought over from overseas, and another was a box full of cherries. She was rather pleasantly surprised. “You have good luck with food today. Wait for me to make a seafood feast.”

As she said that, she picked up a live shrimp and threw it on Rong Ting. As predicted, the next second, Rong Ting defied physics as he jumped up in fear.

Seeing his embarrassed appearance that finally had a bit of the feeling of a child, Song Yuan burst into laughter.

Rong Ting was originally very annoyed, but seeing his family’s Empress Mother laughing without a trace of the bearing of the mother of a country, he couldn’t help but say, extremely helpless: “Empress Mother…”

“Alright la, I won’t tease you. I’m going to go cook.”

Rong Ting followed. Rolling up his sleeves, he picked up the box of seafood and looked inside at all the living creatures that he had never seen before. He resolutely shifted his gaze. “Empress Mother, gu will go with you.”

Song Yuan was surprised. “Aren’t you ancient people very particular about gentlemen staying away from the kitchen?”

“Not so.” Rong Ting shook his head again like a little adult. “Of all the virtues, filial piety comes first7. Empress Mother, the mother of a country, puts in effort for gu to have three meals a day. As the son, how could gu be indifferent? A true gentleman, even if he is near the kitchen, is still a gentleman, and a lowly person, even if he carries a book of sages, is still a lowly person.”

What was more, His Majesty the emperor had been very successful in the matter of educating children.

The two talked and laughed in the kitchen. Actually, what Song Yuan didn’t know was that it was with great resolution that Rong Ting entered the kitchen to assist. He didn’t want Empress Mother to work too hard. Empress Mother had to go to work in the day, and once she got home, she had to make dinner for him. He had gone through a thousand hardships and ten thousand sufferings to meet Empress Mother in order to make her happy, not to add to her burden.

As a son, if he watched his mother’s hardship, yet he didn’t do everything in his power to help, how could he be the ruler of a country ne?

If he could be aloof and indifferent to his mother’s hardship, then if one day the common people encountered hardship, would he also sit there and ignore it ne?

After Song Haiping had lain down enough, his mind in a mess, making him, this middle-aged person, believe that crossing through time and space was undoubtedly a fantasy, but at the same time, feel that Yuanyuan definitely had some sort of relationship with that odd child.  Compared to transmigrating to ancient times and having a child, Song Haiping was more inclined to believe that his daughter had plucked and eaten the forbidden fruit. Once this thought entered his head, Song Haiping was even more unable to calm down.

But on second thought, the time didn’t match up.

That child was at least five or six years old. Yuanyuan was only twenty-two right now. If he really was her own child, then Yuanyuan would have been sixteen or seventeen when she gave birth, and about fifteen when she got pregnant?

Fifteen-year-old Yuanyuan would have just finished the high school entrance exam and would have been getting ready for high school. Her high school had not been that far from the company he had been working at at that time. He had frequently stopped by to see his daughter several times a month! If it was then, he wouldn’t have been so blind as to not see it!

But what if there was such a possibility?

Song Haiping found it difficult to cool down. He came out of the guest room and walked to the kitchen. Not caring whether the child was present or not, he asked: “Yuanyuan, when will the DNA test results come out?”

He appeared from out of the blue, and Song Yuan, who had been in the middle of chopping vegetables, was nearly startled into cutting her fingers.

Rong Ting disapprovingly looked at Song Haiping, seemingly blaming him for not making noise and startling Empress Mother.

Song Yuan placed down the kitchen knife. “It should be within these two days.”

Song Haiping looked at Song Yuan standing with Rong Ting, and the more he looked, the more he found it hard to breathe. This world was full of lookalikes, and he knew his daughter; she herself must also be doubtful, or else she wouldn’t have gone to do a DNA test. Why doubt it ne, if she had done those things!

He had now abandoned the idea of “crossing through time and space”, and from the beginning, he had never considered it a possibility.

Thinking that his daughter had been cheated by some boy of unknown origins8, Song Haiping felt his blood pressure rise again. “Where’s his dad–no, where’s that damned beast9!”

[1] 臆想症: subjective + belief + disease. Compulsive or exaggerated lying. Those who are diagnosed not only lie to others, but they also legitimately believe their lies, so it’s not a case of someone lying just for kicks

[2] 文艺汇演: literary and artistic + joint performance. I thought this was a recital at first but that doesn’t seem to be the case

[3] 生辰八字: the eight characters of birth, consisting of the year, month, day, and hour of birth

[4] 平安符: a talisman to keep you safe and sound

[5] 压一压: if anybody could tell this humble translator what exactly this is supposed to be, please let me know m(。_。;))m I thought it was, like, acupuncture or a massage or something at first and I was like ??? And searching it up on Google only got me results about some sort of JJBA meme, which got me even more like ???? I did eventually come across a definition that suggests that it’s referring to sealing spirits or something similar, but I’m not sure if there’s a specific name for it

[6] 闺名: or boudoir name? I think Rong Ting is referring to Song Yuan’s nickname Yuanyuan. Even if Song Haiping is Song Yuan’s father, her (Empress) status supersedes his (Great General(?)), so it’s inappropriate to call her by anything other than her title

[7] 百善孝为先: hundred + virtues + filial (piety) + first

[8] 不知姓名: unknown name and surname

[9] 该死的杀千刀的畜生: something like “should/deserves to die by a thousand knife cuts” brute/beast but it’s not easy to fit all that hate in a simple sentence LOL

Cheese: UH OH father-in-law is NOT happy about this son-in-law! mr emperor will have his work cut out for him. sy’s mom hasnt even come on to the stage yet…. *lights a candle for mr cucumber*

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