MGCH Chapter 527

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (20)

Ji Yongchuan thought he was looking at a spendthrift, when Bai Wen came back to see she had squandered like this.

Presumably the one to be slaughtered wasn’t him, but her.

Ji Yongchuan stabilized his mind, he had seen a lot of good things, he couldn’t show an appearance like a bumpkin from the underworld countryside.

Then he calmly gathered all the treasures into his arms, and with tranquil grace placed them in his mouth.

He ate everything she offered dry and clean.

These were all good things that couldn’t be bought with mingbi.

Very delicious.

Bai Weiwei gazed at him lovingly, like an old mother watching her mentally disabled child.

Ji Yongchuan also gazed at her, like a proper youth watching a mentally disabled spendthrift.

The two couldn’t help but show a lovely, sunny smile at the same time.

Oh oh, moron.

When Bai Weiwei saw he was eating, she took down some good mingbi, and brought them to a small iron pot.

She lit the mingbi which began to slowly burn.

One by one, burned particularly carefully.

Soon, all the paper money1 that was burned appeared in Ji Yongchuan’s pocket.

Ji Yongchuan touched the pocket that was stuffed full of the new money.

The side of Bai Weiwei’s face appeared crystal clear and soft, under the light of the fire.

His eyes darkened a bit.

Seeing Bai Weiwei’s silly appearance, he felt that if he coaxed her before the ghost door closed.

She must be able to listen to his words and be a sacrificial offering.

He hid the dark shade in his eyes, and gently said: “If one day my soul flew and spirit scattered, would you be sad?”

Bai Weiwei was still burning paper money for him.

As soon as she heard it, she instantly looked up at him.

Not waiting for Ji Yongchuan to say anything, the tears in her eyes plip plop fell again.

Ji Yongchuan felt upset when she saw her in tears.

Why did she like to cry so much?

He thought she would say something about rescuing him.

He could then take the opportunity to brainwash her into a willing sacrifice.

As a result, Bai Weiwei just stared at him sadly, and then continued to burn paper money without a sound.

Burning, sniffling and crying.

Crying like he wasn’t there in good health.

His soul hadn’t scattered yet, why was she crying like he was finished.

Bai Weiwei concluded burning the paper money, and finally lifted her head with red eyes.

“Little Gege, if you’re soul flies and spirit scatters, I’ll give you widowhood.”

Ji Yongchuan: Widow……

Absolutely not honestly playing the card he dealt her, this wasn’t what he wanted to talk about.

Ji Yongchuan thought it through, then thick-facedly brought the topic back.

“What if you could save me?”

A ray of light passed through Bai Weiwei’s watery eyes, “Really? Could I save little Gege?”

Ji Yongchuan stared at her brilliant crystalline eyes, he had a persistent feeling that he was a slag man that was abducting an unknowledgeable young girl.

Of course, he was black hearted and thick faced, with no sense of guilt at all.

“If you could save me, would you save me?”

Bai Weiwei immediately nodded, without hesitation, “Of course, I’ll save you.”

Ji Yongchuan’s heart actually had a trace of movement, it turned out this woman was really so…… Silly, ah.

He couldn’t help but have a ghastly sneer in the corner of his mouth. He could only bow his head and hide his bad intentions for fear of being seen by her.

“But, if you save me, you’ll die.”

Bai Weiwei was distracted, he thought she was scared.

As a result, she suddenly raised her lips into a happy, joyful smile.

“Then, if I died, can’t I just be with little Gege?”

Ji Yongchuan: Uh……

How does he continue?

Say you’re dead without a soul, because you’ll have been swallowed up by him?

With a thick ghost face, continued in a softer voice: “Then if you would die, and your soul would fly and spirit scatter, so you couldn’t be with me?”

Bai Weiwei’s smile was stiff, and the joy in her eyes disappeared a little, seeming very sad.

1: 纸钱, zhǐ(paper) qián(money), same as mingbi.


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  1. Alt-Ending:
    Bai Weiwei takes the already burned mingbi and burns it again. The money reappears once more in Ji Yongchuan’s pocket. Bai Weiwei realized this was a potentially infinite fuel source defying all known laws of physics and develops the worlds first perpetual energy machine. She patents the blueprints and gets rich living it up for the rest of the month, until she suddenly dies at the end of the month.

    Then with no life value to show for the trip, winds up where she was at the start of the Arc.

    Bad End.

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