MGCH Chapter 530

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (23)

When she was two or three years old, her family’s nanny solely took care of her.

That nanny was kind in front of others, but behind peoples backs she was jealous of Bai Weiwei’s good life.

Afraid to leave any trace on Bai Weiwei’s body, the nanny could only torture and abuse her mentally.

Every time she mischievously messed around, the nanny would play horror movies and force her to watch them.

The nanny would lock her in a dark closet at any opportunity, and then play horror music from outside.

She also liked to dress as a ghost to tell ghost stories.

Anyway, if the nanny hadn’t scared her until her complexion was blue, it wouldn’t stop.

Then Bai Weiwei had a heart attack. Her father found out about it, and dealt with the nanny.

However, it still left her with terrible lingering effects.

Scared of ghosts, extremely scared of ghosts.

Never expected she’d really meet a ghost one day.

Bai Weiwei transmigrated through so many planes, she’d even faced death several times, but not once was she so frightened.

Finally a few drops of genuine tears came to her eyes, “Tongzi, I’m going to be strangled to death by a ghost.”

The system was as calm as the wind, “Won’t die, now that Ji Yongchuan restored his strength, no ghost would dare to let you die.”

Bai Weiwei: “But, I’m going to be scared to death, my childhood was miserable, ah……”

System: “Refuse to buy the tragic loli character set noise. Anyway, if it’s not abuse, it’s mom, dad, grandpa and grandma have died, not a half point of an original idea.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

Ji Yongchuan was standing not far, leaning against the old wall next to the cinema.

There was a cold, eerie, deathly pallor to his handsome face.

Without the slightest human qi, it seemed unusually shrouded and frightful.

He saw the ghost he sent was violently wringing Bai Weiwei’s throat.

It was going well, yet there was no sense of enjoyment.

In Ji Yongchuan’s pitch black eyes, there was no light as he calmly watched her struggle for dear life.

He was waiting until she was on the cusp of death before appearing.

In this way he could let her remember how powerful he was, how reliable.

Then she could only fall further and deeper, and in one months time.

She would be completely willing to be his sacrifice.

Ji Yongchuan slowly showed an uncanny smile, except that smile abruptly stiffened.

Because he heard her use her hard breathy voice to scream nonstop.

“Little Gege, little Gege……”

She didn’t call out to anyone else, not even her most reliable uncle.

Instead, she kept shouting for him1, as if she believed that by calling him, he would appear.

Bai Weiwei gritted her teeth sharply: “Little Gege……” This old lady will torture you and your surname to near death.

Bai Weiwei’s tears overflowed: “Little Gege……” Not just to torture you, but also use high class abuse on you from three hundred sixty degrees.

The ghost saw her cry, split open his mouth, and held out a finger, “Give me your eyes.”

The finger had just touched her face.

When it suddenly turned to black ashes. The ghost howled wretchedly, releasing Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei’s legs softly stumbled back a few steps, falling into a cold embrace.

Ji Yongchuan’s might was imposing, with the kind of voice that sent chilling fear into other’s bones.


The ghost completed the mission to facilitate the hero saving the beauty, even rolled up to a crawl and ran away.

Bai Weiwei was rigid, she didn’t seem aware that she was saved. She stood there foolishly, even the tears in the eyes didn’t dare to fall.

So pitiful it evoked other’s heart ache.

She murmured to herself, “Little Gege.”

Ji Yongchuan furrowed his brow, “I’m here, I drove it away, don’t be scared.”

Bai Weiwei turned back, her complexion completely bloodless, it could be seen that she was truly especially afraid, even her teeth were slightly chattering.

Ji Yongchuan’s chest was a little stuffy, he just remembered his gentle and amiable persona.

He gave a fake gentle smile and reached out to caress her face.

“Don’t be frightened, I’m here.”

This sentence was like a switch.

The fear in Bai Weiwei’s eyes was finally revealed, she gritted her teeth, and said with difficulty: “Little Gege……”

When people’s fear reached their limit, the brain would shut down.

She seemed to only remember the form of address for little Gege, no other word would pop out.

Ji Yongchuan was somewhat unaccustomed to this manner of hers, she should smile back at his words with a fearless in the face of death appearance.

His eyes flashed a few threads of difficulty, however he still maintained his false smile, “Don’t be afraid……”

Not waiting for him to finish, Bai Weiwei hugged him tightly.

She buried her head in his chest with a pitiable choked cry, trembling all over from her various interwoven fears.

Finally, she completely erupted.

Heart tearing, lung splitting sobs, as if she had been abandoned by the world.

Ji Yongchuan froze, her tears soaked his chest, she was able to weep so much.

“Don’t cry.” He couldn’t help but whisper.

Bai Weiwei considered herself crying to herself for herself.

Ji Yongchuan couldn’t tolerate it, he just wanted to shout at her to stop, but the words in his mouth came out softly.

“Don’t cry, I’m here.”

After an indeterminate amount of time she gradually stopped, and said muffled, “I knew you’d save me.”

These trust filled words sounded in his chest as if he were her only savior.

Ji Yongchuan also didn’t know how, his heart was wrapped in her words for a while.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 15.】

1: Fun fact: the text hear originally said Bai Weiwei was saying his “名字” or name, but she wasn’t of course, she was calling “little Gege”. So I made an itsy bitsy change for continuity’s sake.


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