MGCH Chapter 532

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (25)

This attitude was normal.

Ji Yongchuan wasn’t so aggrieved, he looked up slightly proudly, “How could I lie to you.”

Bai Weiwei: “Can you let them sing for me?”

Sing, let the ghosts sing to her.

This requirement, though somewhat odd, was still in line with Bai Weiwei’s silly mindset.

Such a big girl, yet she still lived like a child with mental disabilities.

In order to make efforts to become an irreplaceable existence in her heart, Ji Yongchuan naturally agreed.

“Good, I’ll let them sing a song for you.”

Ghosts weren’t without music, though most of it were tunes laden with resentment.

Bai Weiwei worried she would have nightmares after she listened.

Bai Weiwei: “Can I request the song?”

Ji Yongchuan: This was getting an inch and wanting a foot?

He suppressed his mood, “Of course, whatever song you want is fine.”

Anyway, any song sung by ghosts would be very scary.

Bai Weiwei finally showed an excited and happy smile, “Then, have them sing Little Apple to me. Not just singing, also dancing cheerfully.”

Ji Yongchuan: “……”

Bai Weiwei was disappointed, “Can’t you?”

Ji Yongchuan thought back to what he’d said, it really was too much to take back.

He could only force himself to say: “Can.”

Then his eyes turned black, and a strand of a bloody color appeared.

His voice became obscure and cold, “Hundred ghosts past the aisle, heed my command.”

The ghosts of the cinema, whether they had broken limbs, half their body was blown off, or they were carrying their heads.

One by one gathered around.

Even the ghosts outside the theater, because they heard the order of the ghost king, walked into the cinema.

Ji Yongchuan waved, icily directed, “Get in a line for me, and sing.”

What looked to be a female ghost with a half rotted body quietly said: “What song are we going to sing?”

Ji Yongchuan was silent a moment, his voice couldn’t help but hush, and he seemed a little embarrassed.

“Little Apple.”

Hundred ghosts: “……”

A ghost couldn’t help but say: “What song, why have I never heard it?”

Immediately, a lot of them gave this ghost a like, many saying to the ghost king: “We haven’t heard it.”

Ji Yongchuan also couldn’t help but say to Bai Weiwei: “They haven’t heard it.”

Bai Weiwei’s eager smile slowly disappeared, she disappointedly asked: “Really?”

Ji Yongchuan saw her dispirited appearance, and his brain didn’t know how to function, “Isn’t it simple, use your cell phone?”

Bai Weiwei took out her cell phone.

Ji Yongchuan said: “Is there a Little Apple video? Let them see it and they’ll sing.”

Bai Weiwei was a bit skeptical: “Really?”

Ji Yongchuan: “They have good memories, it’s enough to see it once.”

Bai Weiwei immediately excitedly opened the Little Apple video, then reached out to let the ghosts watch.

“You’re my tiny little apple, how much I love you’s never enough……”

Odd, strangely shaped hundred ghosts: “……”

Bai Weiwei carefully probed while hiding behind Ji Yongchuan, “Will you?”

Ji Yongchuan: “…… Will.”

That said, with more bloody color in his eyes, and a terrifying chill very similar to a threat.

“You all will.”

Hundred ghosts: Feels like he said we wouldn’t die just once or twice.

They nodded in unison, “Yes, yes.”

Ji Yongchuan frigidly hummed, “Still not singing, hurry up and dance.”

A hundred ghosts raised their heads, raised their eyes, raised their hair, and simultaneously danced and sang.

“You~ are~ my~~~“

Incomparably dark, dense singing at an incomparably eerie rhythm.

Bai Weiwei shivered, she death gripped his clothes, and pitifully xi xi said: “Little Gege, I’m scared.”


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