MGCH Chapter 533

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (26)

When Ji Yongchuan saw that she was going to cry again, he was the same as a helpless parent that saw their naughty child misbehaving.

Indescribably anxious.

He immediately shouted coldly: “There’s no energy, what are you guys wailing for, sing happily for me. If the singing sounds like ghostly moans again, and later you’ll…… Humph.”

He was going to say some particularly penetrating method of punishment.

But, he thought of Bai Weiwei, this woman that needed encouragement, and threatened those ghosts with his eyes instead.

Hundred ghosts: Wasn’t ghostly wails how ghosts sang? And they’re all dead, where would they get energy?

Ji Yongchuan black eyes turned completely red, extremely horrifying, “Sing ah, want me to wait until next year?”

The hundred ghosts immediately raised their heads, eyes, and hair to sing: “You’re my tiny, little apple…… my life’s brightening fire fire fire fire fire!”

They sang while lifting their feet, raising their hands, and shaking their bodies cheerfully.

A few weak ghosts’ dancing was too eye catching with parts of their calves falling off everywhere.

Ji Yongchuan: ……Why is it so unbearable to watch?

System: …… Eyes, my eyes, ah!

Bai Weiwei: …… The evil I made, have to kneel and watch to the end.

Hundred ghosts: Come on, let’s fire fire fire hurt each other, ah.

The cinema was shrouded in heavy gloom, yet the ghostly song was jubilant and eerie.

The group of dancing figures was at once festive and frightening.

Ji Yongchuan had spicy eyes for a while, before lowering his head to check on Bai Weiwei.

Within one one hundredth of a second, her face successfully changed. Her dead fish eyes were dyed with a curious light.

Her fearful expression instantly turned into one of adorable innocence.

This was what was called a real face change.

When Ji Yongchuan saw her under the yellow glow of the dreary theater’s lights.

Her cheeks were flushed with a few threads of crimson, beautiful and pleasant.

Clear eyes, with no fear.

As if she sensed that someone was staring at her, she couldn’t help but glance up at his eyes. Without the slightest transition, and she gave a sweet smile.

“Little Gege, you’re so terrific, ah.”

Simple and straightforward worshipful adoration.

Plainly struck straight at his heart.

Ji Yongchuan suddenly felt as though that group of monsters’ chaotic dance was also quite pleasing to the eye.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 20.】

After watching the hundred ghosts rendition of Little Apple.

Ji Yongchuan led Bai Weiwei to her house.

Bai Weiwei chattered endlessly, like a little sparrow.

Ji Yongchuan was born from the ten thousand ghosts of the land of chaos, He’d heard bitter hissing, as well as vicious howls.

However, this was the first time he felt that human nagging is so intolerable.

“Little Gege, I’ll renovate the house. I heard that ghosts need people to pay their respects, where is your ashes? I’ll bring them back.”

“Little Gege, what color clothes do you like, I’ll burn them to you.”

“Little Gege, is it lonely being a ghost? Surely not, you have me to accompany you.”

“Little Gege……”

Ji Yongchuan forcibly wore a gentle character set, and replied with a taut smile.

Never mind her constant weeping and crying, this nagging skill, could nag a ghost to death.

Really hated not to strangle her now.

Except, if she died, she would certainly be a wailing ghost, or a nagging ghost.

Wouldn’t he be more entangled then?

Once Ji Yongchuan thought of Bai Weiwei turned into a ghost and clinging to him without letting go, he was unable to resist shuddering.

At the door of the house, Bai Weiwei suddenly raised her head, “Little Gege, you made those ghosts dance and sing to me, I haven’t reciprocated yet.”

Ji Yongchuan: Just give me some of your family’s treasures.

Of course this wouldn’t fit with his simple handsome ghost set, he smiled faintly, just about to refuse.

When she stepped on her tiptoes, and stamped a soft kiss on his lips.

A flash of gentleness, with a few hints of sweetness.

Ji Yongchuan went a little rigid.

Bai Weiwei xi xi laughed, “A gift for you.”

Ji Yongchuan: This also counted as a gift?

His face couldn’t help but redden a bit. No heartbeat, yet his heart warmed. There was some strange feeling in his chest, but he wasn’t able to clearly describe it.


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  1. “This was what was called a real face change.”

    I just love how fired up and competitive Bai Weiwei gets throughout this Arc, as if she insulted by the very idea that this amateur dares to try to put up a front against her and she wants to put him in his place by demonstrating true skills.

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