MGCH Chapter 535

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (28)

He had just shouted out this phrase.

When Bai Weiwei sorrowfully sounded, “Uncle, don’t hurt him.”

Bai Wen wasn’t moved, his peach wood sword was already ruthlessly striking Ji Yongchuan’s body.

Ji Yongchuan’s eyes instantly widened, he ground his teeth as if he were enduring unimaginable pain, his glare was frighteningly resentful.

The black qi in his body abruptly burst out and scattered.

A flash of surprise passed through Bai Wen’s cold eyes, he increased power to the restriction technique, seemingly wanting to prove something.

The talisman glowed.

Ji Yongchuan opened his mouth, and spat out blood. His entire body started to tremble.

Unable to maintain it anymore, his face changed a little. The clear and handsome youthful facade appeared to mature some.

But, he seemed to think of something, and unconsciously raised his eyes to Bai Weiwei.

He saw her trapped in the rice circle, struggling so desperately, yet unable to reach him.

Ji Yongchuan also didn’t know what he was feeling at this moment, he suppressed his impulsive desire to restore his original appearance.

He needed to preserve that boyish image.

If he exposed himself in his original appearance, his identity as the ghost king couldn’t be hidden.

If Bai Weiwei knew he was a ghost king.

Then…… The sacrifice at the end of the month was sure to fail.

Bai Wen narrowed his right eye, glancing expressionlessly Ji Yongchuan, this eye had chilled to extremes.

He suddenly pulled out the peach wood sword, Ji Yongchuan let out an intense and stuffy groan.

Bai Wen stature was tall and straight, his every move was incomparably agile, he whispered coolly: “Not willing to reveal his original face, it seems to be a uniquely hideous ghost creature.”

As soon as Ji Yongchuan heard this sentence, he furiously reached for the ink line, only to be burned by the dense yang qi.

Bai Weiwei beat the rice circle like her life depended on it, “Uncle, how dare you lay a hand on my boyfriend. You can’t hate us lovebirds’ romance just because you’ve been a single dog for a million years.”

Bai Wen: …… Why single dog, why, can’t I even catch a ghost?

Bai Weiwei sad and miserably, “Don’t break us apart, I beg you. Otherwise when you die later, I won’t go visit your grave.”

Bai Wen pulled down the corner of his mouth: This mentally disabled niece…… Been with a ghost for such a long time, she can’t even speak human anymore.

With somewhat stiff fingers, he took out a couple dozen talismans, and blew out yang qi as he bit them.

Open, the talisman papers burned.

He was incredibly calm and firm facing Bai Weiwei’s pleading eyes.

The talismans were forced onto Ji Yongchuan’s body.

I’ll make your lovebird change like a butterfly and fly away.

These talismans were loaded with the pure yang qi that was most terrifying to ghosts.

Ji Yongchuan almost immediately couldn’t bear it, severe pain tore through his body, and a lot of black qi came out.

The whole room was shrouded in the black qi in an instant.

Bai Weiwei: “Tongzi, it’s like the great capital of heaven’s hazy weather, ah.”

The system faintly sighed: “I’m blind, I can’t see anything.”

The host’s exaggerated performance as a mentally retarded child had spiced its eyes blind.

Bai Wen said without any expression, “I’m really surprised you can still maintain your altered appearance.”

Generally ghosts as handsome as Ji Yongchuan, looked human-like through deception transformations.

His original appearance would be his purest.

For example, if he was a hanged ghost, then the original appearance would be bulging eyes and a long tongue.

Bai Wen struck the sword directly into Ji Yongchuan’s chest again.

Ji Yongchuan, who was quickly being strapped into a sieve, gave a poignant cry. He suddenly shook frantically several times, ultimately unable to sustain any illusory images.



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