MGCH Chapter 537

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (30)

The black ghost qi, which had scattered, began to gather again.

Bai Wen’s eyes finally became serious, this was the essential substance of Ji Yongchuan.

Before Ji Yongchuan suppressed his strength in order to maintain his false appearance.

A ghost was at its strongest in its essential substance.

He immediately drew back the peach wood sword in his hand as he took a few steps back, and pulled out a red talisman with the other hand.

Bai Weiwei was almost stepped on by him, she could only shift her body while dead clinging to her uncle’s thighs.

Then continue to play her role, while also smearing blood and tears on her uncles pant leg.

Black qi was accumulating, a chill from the underworld was scraping in. The black ghost qi finally coalesced into a form.

Ji Yongchuan’s hand protruded from the darkness, cold, snow white arms, painted with red runes.

Bai Wen’s pupils shrank, those runes……

Once the hand formed, his original juvenile body unexpectedly became mature and tall.

His short hair grew longer and thicker, long black hair fell under his waist. Blood red wide-sleeved robes, and silver armor adorned his body, like a general from a battlefield, bathed in blood.

After the black was completely absorbed, the true face of Ji Yongchuan was finally revealed.

Bai Wen and Bai Weiwei, uncle and niece, both looked dumbfounded.

This strange man (ghost) stepped out of the black fog. His face was cold, sword eyebrows reached the temples, high nose, thin lips, red eyes that brought a mysterious sense of evil.

An oppressive qi force of a hundred ghosts arrived.

What about the so-called hideous and frightening true appearance of ghosts?

What happened that his original appearance seems several levels more handsome than it was before?

Bai Wen was silent for a long time. He glanced down, and sure enough saw his silly niece with pink bubbles in her eyes.

Once he showed her the grotesque true face of the ghost, she wouldn’t dare talk about some broken purpose of human ghost love.

As a result, the ghost was too handsome. He wanted to beat the mandarin ducks1 apart with a stick, but was beaten with the stick instead.

Bai Weiwei pursed her lips, tears pooling in the corners of her eyes, and looked at Ji Yongchuan with some doubt.

Ji Yongchuan lowered his eyes, and slowly reached out, “Weiwei, come here.”

He was going to take her away.

However, this intention was interrupted by a peach wood sword.

Bai Wen whispered a few chants, red talismans flew up to the empty air. His voice finally had ups and downs, “You are…… The ghost king.”

Ji Yongchuan stared at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei’s expression really changed, she also knew about the matter of her being the ghost king’s sacrifice.

Although not much was known, that the ghost king was to kill her, there must have been someone who instilled this issue in her.

Not waiting for Ji Yongchuan to approach her, Bai Wen had rushed in front of him.

“Your original form was always hidden, no wonder I couldn’t find you.”

Red talismans struck hard against Ji Yongchuan’s body. Bai Wen ran his finger over his peach wood sword causing blood to drip out, just about to stab his sword through the ghost king’s body.

Except, Bai Weiwei suddenly gasped in panic.

Bai Wen looked back to see a black chain had encircled her neck, it looked like it would stop her breathing.

The ghost was demanding her life, to take her away?

In this delay, an incredibly chilling black qi penetrated Bai Wen’s body.

Bai Wen stiffened, he glared fiercely at Ji Yongchuan.

His body transformed into a white paper man, he didn’t physically come here, his soul only came using a formation.

Ji Yongchuan’s dark eyes glared viciously at Bai Wen. It wasn’t his body, only a paper doll with Bai Wen’s consciousness.

The chain around Bai Weiwei’s neck also loosened.

She fell to the ground, covering her neck, staring in horror at this strange and terrifying Ji Yongchuan.

Ji Yongchuan took a couple steps forward, Bai Weiwei couldn’t help trembling, her figure shrank back.

He only felt his heart was pierced with a scalding knife.

As expected, when his original face was exposed, she knew he was her life’s evil spirit, and finally knew to be afraid.

His eyes grew darker, and his pace quickened.

She kept retreating, while he closed in step by step.

Ultimately, Bai Weiwei shrunk into the corner, susu2 shivering as she watched him.

Ji Yongchuan bowed his head and smiled coldly, “What, not calling little Gege?”

1: Mandarin ducks mate for life and are a chinese symbol of marital bliss.

2: 簌簌, susu. Rustling, or I guess shivering noises.



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