MGCH Chapter 538

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (31)

Bai Weiwei bit her lips as she watched Ji Yongchuan, the anxiety in her eyes hadn’t yet faded.

In the empty room, there were only burning candles and abandoned talisman papers.

He was so tall that all the light was obscured. His great shadow caged her, enshrouding the exceptionally pitiful girl.

Bai Weiwei had nowhere to hide, she could only open a pair of fearful eyes, and look at him with pitiable pleas.

“I scared you?” Ji Yongchuan’s dark, cold face suddenly showed a somewhat stiff gentle smile.

Bai Weiwei felt as though she was under his ghost qi’s pressure.

Somewhat suffocating.

She ne ne1 said, “Little Gege?”

Ji Yongchuan’s smile finally softened. He bent over, reaching out to touch her, wanting to examine the wound on her neck.

But her eyes flashed a thread of panic, she grasped a piece of paper on the ground, throwing it at him hard.

The residual power of the talisman pasted on Ji Yongchuan’s face activated.

His body went rigid.

Bai Weiwei took the opportunity to roll away and climb up from the ground. She stood up very quickly, and fled towards the door.

She had just ran to the door, which was half open, but before she could reach for it.

Though there was no wind the door abruptly closed, then clicked, automatically locking.

Her steps stopped at once. She hastily tried to open the door with her hands, however the lock wouldn’t open, and the whole door seemed to be morbidly sealed.

In the end, her complexion turned white, and her expression was even more frightened.

Behind her, a dark chilling presence gradually approached.

Bai Weiwei’s limbs went soft, she didn’t dare to move.

A cool hand was slowly placed on her shoulder.

Behind her, Ji Yongchuan’s voice was low and quiet, “Where are you going? Didn’t you say you liked your little Gege most?”

Bai Weiwei was frozen by the ghost qi, her hands and feet were chilled, even her voice shivered, “You’re the ghost king? You lied to me from beginning to end.”

Ji Yongchuan didn’t answer, the long silence could really make people choke.

Bai Weiwei sensed that the temperature in the house was getting lower and lower.

His hands unhurriedly stroked the mark left on her by the chain, from her shoulders to her neck.

She continuously trembled, as if she were terrified. Moreover, her fingers were pulling at the lock again, trying to open the door.

Ji Yongchuan stood behind her, his red eyes flashed a fierce and icy mood.

His hands instantly tightened, gripping her by the throat, he hated not to break her neck at once.

Bai Weiwei didn’t risk moving, she resisted by reaching out to grasp his fingers, wanting to get air.

The next second, her waist was also embraced by the man behind her.

He used this frightfully confining posture to prevent her from struggling.

As the girl fought, the neckline of her dress slipped below her shoulders.

A black circular imprint was revealed, brimming with evil qi.

This was the mark of the ghost king’s sacrifice.

Ji Yongchuan saw this mark, only to think of important matters, he still needed her to voluntarily offer herself a month later.

Except, his identity had been exposed.

Unless Bai Weiwei was an idiot, how could she trust him?

Ji Yongchuan could still feel her quivering in fright in his arms.

The ferocious smile in the corner of his mouth became obvious, “Isn’t this the mouth that talked of raising me? How could you hear that I’m the ghost king and run faster than anyone else, little liar.”

With that, he angrily loosened his neck strangling hand.

Then pinned her against the floor.

Bai Weiwei cried out in pain, there wasn’t any room to resist, she could only be pressed under Ji Yongchuan.

She was very flustered, her unworldly and clear eyes were completely overwhelmed.

There were still tear marks in the corner of her eyes from when she was crying and shouting at Bai Wen to not kill him.

Ji Yongchuan didn’t know why he suddenly bowed his head to gently kiss the corners of her eyes.

1: 呐呐, nè nè or nà nà, sound of a loud call or shout.


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  1. I suddenly wondered (because i already forgot if there is) if by chance have bai weiwei already experienced snu snu by the first few arcs?

    1. I’m pretty sure she refused the snu snu by having the system create the illusion of it and stuffing in some kind of substitute instead.

    2. Bai Weiwei was a kissless virgin at the start of the series.

      -She had her first kiss in the first Arc.

      -She was drugged with an aphrodisiac by the emperor male lead in the second Arc, but wasn’t touched.

      -There was some heavy foreplay and a premature ejaculation in the fourth Arc, but again, Bai Weiwei preserved her chastity.

      -In the sixth Arc there was a dangerous bath scene and Bai Weiwei was at one point chained to a bed, yet she escaped unscathed.

      -Pillow-chan took the hit for Bai Weiwei in Arc seven, virginity status: Maintained.

      -And the only person to touch the male leads nethers last Arc was himself.

      So Bai Weiwei remains a virgin to this day, the ever viable sacrifice to hungry volcano gods. Hope that cleared up any confusion or mismemory you had about things going farther than they did in any given Arc.

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