MGCH Chapter 539

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (32)

She stared at him, biting her lips until they almost bled.

Under the candlelight, her lips were red, hair black, and her pale face was still seductively beautiful.

Ji Yongchuan inspected for a while. Then a kiss fell on the corner of her eyes, unhurriedly kissed across her cheek, and ultimately arrived at her lips.

Tentatively at first, he slowly licked her lips.

She trembled harder, reaching out to push him away.

The weak pathetic push of rejection instantly made his anger break out.

Said love at first sight, adoration at second sight, unwilling to part until death at third sight.

It was all a ghastly lie!

Ji Yongchuan was completely enraged, so furious that he couldn’t even think deeply.

Why, wasn’t it obviously just a deception without real feelings? Except, her appearance showed that she didn’t love him.

Now he was so angry that he could kill her.

Ji Yongchuan forcefully gripped her shoulder, and his icy lips pressed against hers.

The tip of his tongue entered her lips, stirring wantonly with a few hints of unripened inexperience, He bit her sore enough that tears came to her eyes.

Bai Weiwei was kissed by him into oxygen deprivation. Lips, mouth, tongue, everywhere hurt.

Was this a kiss or an attempt at cannibalism?

The kiss was ambiguous and twisted beneath the shaking candlelight.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes became hazy, her fingers grasping his red robe gradually lost their strength.

Just as she was about to faint, when her fingers completely loosened, his hand clasped her wrists and he released her lips.

Bai Weiwei rapidly panted.

Fair cheeks covered in a red glow, black watery eyes. Like the green fruit that had finally ripened, with a pleasing, attractive color.

The bloody color in Ji Yongchuan’s eyes thickened and his body was frighteningly tense.

There was a strange heat, running through his cold body.

Unbearable, yet enjoyable.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 35.】

Ji Yongchuan coldly humphed, “Do you still want to raise me?”

This sentence was more like a kind of complaint than a question.

It was as if she had abandoned him.

The tears in Bai Weiwei’s eyes, finally pitifully fell, “You’re the ghost king. My mother said, the ghost king is an evil spirit that wants to kill me, if I see the ghost king just run.”

So when she heard he was the ghost king.

She just ran faster than a rabbit.

Ji Yongchuan had managed to restore a little reason, he still needed her heart.

So…… continue to coax her properly.

Ji Yongchuan’s darkly cold handsome face suddenly softened.

He reached out and gently touched her swollen lips, “Still painful?”

Bai Weiwei blanked. She seemed to think of his domineering encroachment from before, her body quivered, and she somewhat fearfully said: “Not scared, little Gege…… Ghost king Daren1.”

Ghost king Daren?

Ji Yongchuan deviantly smiled in extreme anger, smiled to the point that the corners of his mouth twisted. He endured his rage to continue in a soft voice, “Why call me ghost king Daren? I’m still your little Gege, ah. Your mother said I wanted to kill you, but I’ve clearly been saving you.”

The fear in Bai Weiwei’s eyes was replaced by doubt, “Really?”

Ji Yongchuan with tender eyes, “When you were in the cemetery, I liked you, so risked being devoured by hundreds of ghosts to rescue you.”

Bai Weiwei was silent, seemingly remembering the scene of their first encounter.

Ji Yongchuan used bewildering language, “I have been saving you, ah. When have I harmed you.”

Sentence by sentence, in the treacherous night, laden with temptation.

“If I really wanted to kill you, why wait till now?”

“At the cinema, I also helped you scare those ghosts.”

“If it weren’t for your uncle suddenly wanting to kill me, how could I have been so upset?”

His words, knocked Bai Weiwei into a daze.

1: 大人, Dàrén, a respectful form of address for big shots like officials and such. As with all such titles, not exactly the most intimate way to call someone.


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