MGCH Chapter 540

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (33)

“But…… But now you’re……”

Bai Weiwei tried to argue the truth and falsehood of his words, but it could be seen that she’d begun to waver.

Ji Yongchuan’s eyes flashed a strand of coldness, but conversely, his smile was even more gentle.

“I was just very angry, clearly you said you love me so why, when your uncle forced me to reveal my original face, are you so afraid of me?”

Bai Weiwei saw his injured appearance, and her eyes flashed a thread of guilt, “No, but my family said you want to kill me.”

Ji Yongchuan was even more sad, a few traces of water vapor were visible in his eyes.

“Because they don’t believe ghosts can fall in love with humans, I also never thought I’d fall in love with you.”

This sentence was laden with heavy sorrow.

As well as brimming with deep sentiments.

The vigilance of Bai Weiwei’s heart was broken up by him, sentence by sentence.

Ji Yongchuan strove to put on a distraught expression, “How could you so urgently escape after seeing my original appearance? If it weren’t for how much I love you, I’d really hate not to kill you ……”

Bai Weiwei was gravely frightened.

He really seemed to want to kill her just now.

However his words softened up, “You die, we can be together forever. No one is separated on the ghost and human paths, no one will stop us from falling in love.”

These words could raise people up a full level.

Bai Weiwei’s already blushing cheeks became redder.

The fear in her eyes was disappearing. Tears were still lingering in them, yet her eyes were surprisingly calm.

She burst into tears and suddenly laughed, “Really? Little Gege truly loves me?”

This smile, with tears, a little humble fear, and wholehearted trust, so bloomed.

She repeated, “Do you truly love me?”

Ji Yongchuan choked a bit on the deceitful words in his mouth, he somewhat guiltily looked away.

But this reaction soon vanished, and he said softly, “How could I lie to you?”

Bai Weiwei: “Did my mother, father, and uncle lied to me?”

Ji Yongchuan hesitated, even so he still shamelessly nodded, “Yes, they tricked you. You know, you have my mark on you.”

Bai Weiwei reacted quickly, “Is it the pattern on my shoulder?”

Ji Yongchuan touched her arm and his eyes sank into darkness, “Right, this is the mark of my bride. From the day you were born, you were destined to be mine.”

As his sacrifice.

He didn’t say it.

Bai Weiwei obviously misunderstood, her innocent clear eyes were wide, “I’m your bride?”

Ji Yongchuan coaxed, “Of course, so your family was scared of you growing up to marry me, and have been misleading you into thinking I want to kill you.”

Bai Weiwei frowned, “They all lied to me.”

Ji Yongchuan made efforts to brainwash her, “Naturally, how could I kill my own bride, once I loved you it was out of reach.”

The ghost didn’t want face, people really were beyond reach, ah.

After this series of hypnotic words came down, even Ji Yongchuan, this liar, felt it was true.

An idea flashed through his mind.

If he really had a husband and wife relationship with her, that would be great.

Of course the thought disappeared once more into his heart.

She was just an offering, destined to have her soul scatter.

Bai Weiwei seemed unable to believe it, “Do you really like me?”

Ji Yongchuan’s smile stiffened. Really hard to fool, he’d been brainwashing her for so long, and she was still skeptical.

That or she was more convinced by her family.

Moreover, compared to him as a lone ghost.

Choosing to trust family was a matter of course.


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