MSTP Chapter 48

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Are these intentions bigger than the Xie family’s wealth?

Neither Chen Linjing nor Song Haiping were familiar with Rong Heng. It also wasn’t good for Song Yuan to take cover by her parent’s side, since this matter was related to her. She took the initiative to ask, “Mr. Xie, what can I do for you at this hour?”

Rong Heng made a noise of affirmation. His expression was vacant, and his speech wasn’t as put-together as usual. “Miss Song, when we were at the institution, I downloaded the APP, and later I remembered the account number and password they gave you. I figured the results would come out today, so I logged in to take a look. How can it say that your son and I have a father-son relationship? I didn’t get it, so I came to ask you.”

So he did find out.

At this moment, Song Yuan mustered up the courage to look at him. For some reason, she couldn’t remember anything related to this person.

It was different from when she faced Rong Ting. At the time, she didn’t know that he was her son, but in her heart, she had liked him and wanted to be close to him. If this person really was her husband from ancient times, then why didn’t she feel anything at all?

Song Yuan didn’t know what to tell him. Say what–are you really my son’s father?

Wouldn’t this be killing the conversation? Even she didn’t accept it.

While she fell silent, Song Haiping cleared his throat and asked, “Aren’t you from the Xie family?”

Rong Heng hung his head. His tone was confused as he replied, “I don’t know. When I woke up on the hospital bed, they said that I was Xie Heng. I don’t remember anything.”

Song Haiping and Chen Linjing exchanged looks. They seemed to be pondering the authenticity of his words.

Song Haiping was more inclined to say they were true. He knew how gravely injured the Xie family’s crown prince had been at that time. Everyone back then had said that this Crown Prince was definitely dead, but it was unfortunate that he died without an intact body. Then, there was news that he had been found. He had sighed in admiration to his friends that this Crown Prince was truly blessed1.

“If you really are Rong Ting’s dad, then you should be someone from ancient times. Did the Xie family not investigate? Did they just hastily assume you’re part of their family?” The more Song Haiping thought about it, the more he felt it wasn’t right. Elite families weren’t so hasty.

Truthfully, upon thinking about the Xie family’s wealth and might, he had felt his heart stir. It was the so-called “no wealth without taking risks2;” if his grandson was truly Crown Prince Xie’s son, regardless of whether this crown prince was real or fake, he could first reel in some money. Fortunately, he quickly snapped out of it and felt extremely remorseful. How could he have had such a thought? No, it was too wrong.

It truly was absurd.

Don’t even mention Song Yuan–Song Haiping and Chen Linjing felt that there was something off about this matter, to the point that it felt unreal and magical.

How was it possible?

As Song Haiping said, if he was Rong Ting’s father, and he was someone from the ancient times who transmigrated here, how could he pass the identity check?

Of course, this wasn’t the key point right now. Song Haiping returned to his senses and looked at Rong Heng. “Since you can’t remember anything, then just treat it as nothing. After all, if your relation was known by the Xie family, you’d also be troubled.”

Chen Linjing echoed his sentiments. “We’re also happy that you’re doing well in the Xie family. It’s just that we don’t know the circumstances in the Xie family. Don’t worry, as we will not let the matter out and instead keep it secret. Once we leave, the child won’t need your care. It’s not great to say this, but our family is financially stable enough to let Rong Ting live well. This is the best way for you and for Rong Ting. Our family doesn’t want to get involved in unnecessary struggles, and we don’t want to live out our days in fear. Mr. Xie, can you understand?“

Rong Heng nodded, but this time he looked at Song Yuan, his eyes containing emotions she couldn’t quite make out or understand. “And you?”

He was asking her what she thought?

What did she think? Naturally, she agreed with her mom and dad’s opinion.

Of course, she didn’t listen to everything her parents said; this was just an outcome she also wanted.

She thought about it and decided to tell the truth. “I’ve already forgotten the matters from the ancient times, and you’ve also lost your memories. Whatever reason you came here, you’re now Xie Heng. We are not walking the same path. I just want to protect my child.”

She didn’t know if it was her imagination or not, but when she said this, he seemed to sink into a state of loss and disappointment.

She didn’t think there was any issue with her response. The past was the past, and the present was the present; they shouldn’t be mixed up. With her unable to remember anything, and him having forgotten, it was best that they treat it as though the paternity test never happened.

En, I know.” Rong Heng clenched his cup. His knuckles were faintly white, but he had a smile on his face, like that of a gentle spring breeze. “You don’t need to leave B City; this place has the best medical and educational settings; it’s good for Rong Ting’s future. I’ve already figured out the Xie family’s situation, and I don’t think it’ll be dangerous. Although it surprised me to know that I have a son, I want to take on the responsibility of being a father. Don’t worry, I won’t let other people find out, and we don’t need to tell the child. I can be his Uncle3. Other than the four of us, no one else will know of my relationship with him.

Song Yuan was stunned.

Chen Jinling and Song Haiping were also stupefied.

Song Haiping really didn’t understand. Was this person stupid? He couldn’t remember anything. How many people dreamed of being the Xie family’s Crown Prince? Obviously he should treat it as nothing happened, then turn around and leave. This was the most advantageous choice for him.

Also, did this negate their opinion? This person was completely ungrateful!! Such a good thing happened to him, and he wasn’t going wild with joy–what was this nonsense?

Song Haiping, a bit agitated, was about to scold him about whether salt water had gone into his brain when he caught sight of his ex-wife shaking her head at him to stop him.

“Let’s discuss it carefully. It’s such a huge issue, after all.” Chen Linjing pretended to look at the watch on her wrist. “Yuanyuan, you should go pick up Rong Ting. Drop off Mr. Xie on the way. One should be more courteous to guests. Mr. Xie, Rong Ting will be coming soon, and it’s not too appropriate to let him see you. He’s a clever child, and he’ll easily guess the situation. You don’t want this to affect his life, do you?”

Rong Heng put down the cup in his hand. Just from looking at his expression, one couldn’t make out joy or anger. He just politely bade them farewell. “Then I won’t continue to disturb Uncle and Auntie. I’ll come visit again another day.”

Song Yuan didn’t speak the entire time, deep in thought.

She was pondering how to tell Rong Ting about this matter, as well as how to satisfactorily resolve it.

It seemed that Rong Heng didn’t want them to leave B City, and he made it clear he’d be responsible to the end…

The two exited the room one after the other. When the door shut, Song Haiping asked, with an expression of incomprehension, “What are you thinking, dropping the ball at the key moment4? How could you let Yuanyuan send him off? That kid has a glib tongue5 and a bellyful of tricks and schemes. What if Yuanyuan is deceived by him?”

“If Rong Ting really is their child, then they should talk it out. We can dodge the topic for a while, but not a lifetime. Besides, Yuanyuan isn’t so easily fooled.” Chen Linjing sighed. “I feel a bit more relieved, knowing his identity.”

“Why’s that?”

“Although I haven’t exchanged many words with him, I can see that he’s not a muddle-headed person.”

Song Haiping silently cursed, this was not being muddle-headed?

“I just think that the emperor’s brain is cleverer than ordinary people, and his intelligence is greater. At the very least, he should know what he should and shouldn’t do, and he won’t change because he lost his memories.” Chen Linjing paused, frowning. “Logically speaking, it’s unreasonable for him to have to cut off his ties to us and act as the real Xie Heng because he lost his memories of being the emperor. Say what you think. The both of you are men, and many men think similarly.”

Song Haiping twitched the corners of his mouth. “What do I think? Let me tell you, this kid absolutely has those kinds of intentions towards Yuanyuan!”

“Are these intentions bigger than the Xie Family’s wealth?” Chen Linjing was puzzled.

She’d seen many things in the business circle. Certainly, there were many seeds of infatuation in this world, but no matter how she looked at it, she didn’t feel that this Crown Prince Xie was a good man.

[1] 福大命大: great fortune and fate

[2] 富贵险中求: if you seek riches and glory, you must take risks that ordinary people would not

[3] Not blood-related

[4] 掉链子: to let somebody down; to screw up

[5] 油嘴滑舌: oiled mouth and slippery tongue; a smooth talker

Cheese: I hope everyone had/is having a great winter break! I know I enjoyed my extra time off 🙂

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    1. Yuan yuan’s mother, you’ve a great institution! He’s indeed not a great man for deceiving and forcing your daughter to marry him despite having a bunch of concubines! Stop giving excuse! Don’t you know how sad she must be having a ‘husband’ like you?

  1. Yuan yuan’s mother, you’ve a great institution! He’s indeed not a great man for deceiving and forcing your daughter to marry him despite having a bunch of concubines! Stop giving excuse! Don’t you know how sad she must be having a ‘husband’ like you?

  2. It is only an hypothesis but I think the emperor pretend to have lost his memory in order to make Yuan yuan drop her guard: the emperor might have a chance to start a new relation with her if he can use his “memory loss” to clear himself of his past error / wrongdoing toward her…But if that’s the case then tht’s very low of him and I will be disappointed if it work… 😤 Anyway thanks for your hard work, happy holydays every one !

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