MGCH Chapter 855

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (25)

Bai Weiwei: “Wake, did you hear that?”

Wake had just resolved himself to kill her when he heard her call.

He didn’t know if it was guilt, but his heart tightened. He quickly loosened his fingers, worried that she would discover his bad intentions.

That action only lasted a moment, yet a strange doubt appeared on Wake’s delicate face.

He could kill her if he wanted, but why did his heart feel empty?

Bai Weiwei carried the merfolk’s luggage, “Okay, let’s go.”

Wake heard this, and stood up, water falling off of him.

His dazzling muscles, beautiful abs, and slender limbs were all on display.

He had his legs out again.

Merfolk should be unable to exchange their tails for legs, or at least that’s what her merfolk information says.

Maybe because Wake was a genetic mutation, he could make a pair of legs that looked as beautiful as a model’s.

Bai Weiwei’s complexion didn’t change. She took him a set of men’s clothes that she had just bought to prevent this merfolk that didn’t have shame from going out and scaring people in broad daylight.

She had a maternal smile, “Come, I’ll get you dressed.”

Wake glanced at her coldly. Then he reached out his claws, snatched the clothes from her, and changed himself.

When he killed those researchers, he also sliced up their bodies.

And in doing so, he memorized the shape of the clothes they were wearing.

As well as remembered the order in which they were layered.

A simple T-shirt on him was as heaven-defyingly and eye-catching as the best dressed top model of fashion week.

His blond hair was tied up, and fell behind him. His beautiful ice blue eyes held an indifference as deep as the ocean.

When he didn’t move, if someone said he was some country’s prince, others would believe it.

Bai Weiwei was accustomed to seeing his beautiful eyes, but even she was amazed.

Her serious, expressionless face softened a little, and there was a gentle admiration in her eyes.

Upon seeing her expression, Wake inadvertently raised his head and couldn’t help but pose handsomely and proudly.

When merfolks courted, they would always unconsciously show their best appearance.

If his fishtail were out, he would have flicked it too.

Of course Wake soon reacted back, what grand stature was he facing a slave with, ah?

Bai Weiwei reached out, “Come, Wake, let’s go.”

Wake pursed his lips and looked at her indifferently. He held out his hand, but when it was about to be placed on her hand, he took it back.

Then, with an apathetic appearance, he walked to the door with the steps that Bai Weiwei taught him.

Bai Weiwei sighed in resignation to her fate, and carried the luggage behind her like a middle-aged mother.

The mermaids in the fairy tale were gentle, beautiful, and innocent.

Here the merfolk were cruel, shameless, and frigid.

Sure enough, fairy tales were just that.

Once she stepped out the door, she saw the commissioned car.

Bai Weiwei walked over, and the driver took out a form. 

She signed her name, then quickly got in the car.

The car was large enough that a huge water tank was placed in the rear compartment.

Originally, she didn’t predict Wake was going to walk on his own, so she planned to put him in the tank with his fishtail.

It would take at least two hours for the car to reach the nearest seaside.

Furthermore, it wasn’t enough to just get to the shoreline, because the coast was covered in military defenses. She could only hire a ship to go over the deep sea for him.

The car arrived at the port very smoothly.

Bai Weiwei jumped out of the car as Wake followed.

The sound of the tide echoed in his ears like an ancient song.

Wake’s eyes became a bit more excited. It was the breath of the sea, the wind blowing off the ocean, and the familiar sound of the waves.


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