MGCH Chapter 861

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (31)

He had accounted for the merfolk to sing, not to mention diving into the ocean to escape.

He snapped his fingers, and a huge net rose from the sea.

The huge sea net was wrapped in a ball.

They caught…… Bai Weiwei?

Chen Mo’s expression was all over the place. They put the net down, and tossed Bai Weiwei to her feet.

Bai Weiwei was nearly strangled to death, she coughed with an unsightly complexion and a furrowed brow.

Chen Mo: “Where’s the merfolk?”

Bai Weiwei raised her head, and coughed while laughing: “It escaped, you can only fish up a poor, weak woman without strength like me in your broken net.”

Chen Mo hehe laughed, and suddenly picked her up.

Bai Weiwei was powerless to resist, she watched him vigilantly, “What do you want to do?”

Chen Mo: “The merfolk ran, but you can’t escape. I heard that this merfolk can grow legs, really strange. I’ll hand you over for military interrogation to dig out whatever little intelligence is found in your brain, and have you hanged.”

When he said this, his tone was incredibly gentle.

Pervert, Bai Weiwei concluded silently.

Chen Mo summoned a small boat over, then took Bai Weiwei back to the big ship.

The merfolk was shot so it couldn’t dive too deep into the sea.

When the venom bullet strikes, 90 percent would die without medication.

So Chen Mo wasn’t anxious. He hated merfolks, but he was even more disgusted with Bai Weiwei’s unapologetic attitude in the face of death.

The sky abruptly darkened.

A song, a cold melody of resentment sounded, different from the seductive song of before.

The song this time was terrifying and powerful.

Chen Mo was carrying Bai Weiwei when he saw the frighteningly heavy clouds surge in the sky.

Then there was the roar thunder and flash of lightning as raindrops the size of beans fell all at once.

The waves turned black, the sea was growling like a horrific beast.

Everyone panicked, “A storm? Why did a storm suddenly come?”

Bai Weiwei saw the scene and immediately remembered.

Merfolks could call the wind and rain.

But, not all merfolks had this kind of ability.

A huge wave came head on, covering the ship, and the raging water hit everyone over the head.

Chen Mo was knocked down and Bai Weiwei also fell over.

She had almost drowned before, so she couldn’t regain her balance quickly.

The ship rocked violently.

As though it was the squall of an angry sea god, the surging waves capsized all the ships.

The helicopters also crashed into several boats and were blown down by the hurricane force winds.

The surface of the ocean seemed like the end of the world.

While she tried her best to stand up carefully, Bai Weiwei suddenly heard someone calling her.

She grabbed the railing and walked step by step, as if looking for something in the sea.

In the waves of the black water.

A touch of gold appeared.

She stopped and hoarsely called, “Wake.”

A tall, fit figure emerged from the water. Wake’s golden hair floated in the sea, his blue eyes had been replaced by gold, as chilling as the eyes of a beast.

He reached out, his thin lips gently moved, before he indifferently said: “Come down……”

Icy sea water was surging everywhere.

Bai Weiwei forcefully straddled the railing, just as she was about to jump down, Chen Mo clung to one of her legs.

Chen Mo laughed so hard he was shaking, as if he saw a joke.

“Are you really going down? You know what? He’s poisoned. He can cure it by devouring human flesh, if you go down, you’ll be his meal.”

Bai Weiwei sighed, “You are truly a man that talks cheaply. I would be honored to die for him, you’re just jealous, ah.”

With that, Bai Weiwei kicked him away.

Then jumped into the sea without hesitation.

The cold water engulfed her head and face, she couldn’t breathe, and her chest and lungs were going to burst.

When the darkness struck, a figure like the god of the sea broke through the water and took her into his arms at once.

Bai Weiwei vaguely heard him say, “I…… Poison……”

She also didn’t think too much about it, she only remembered that the merfolk was poisoned and needed to eat human flesh, and so she spoke generously.

“Then you can eat me.”

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 20.

Piper: What idiots would create a venom where the cure is your own flesh? That’s like giving the Merfolk all the more reason to attack you with everything they have. Smh, the scientists in this world aren’t very smart.


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